Wednesday, December 28, 2005

KBW Hook up

If you are still in doubt that 9 bloggers met;then i am confirming we did actually meet. Nobody is allowed to blog about it but if you are a blogger living,residing,visiting Nairobi,this is your only chance meet the KBW members.

I could have told you a little about Guess (the night nurse), Nick (hell no, that would be like opening a pandoras box), Thinker,Blue,Gishungwa, Kipepeo (the butterfly), Machozi,Wanduma (appearance, a spiky image of Blue),Milo with a little bribes here and there i will tell you all their names and even where they were born (huh).

Some of you must be dying of envy..yeah we are still looking for Nakeel,Moments, Kidada, Ms K.,Prousette,Kenyan Pundit.
Gishungwa,said she can make nice pilau and as it is we have accepted the offer.

Mental is surely back to Nairobi after a sojourn to KK (werocamu)

I hope you are all enjoying the post xmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Santa Comes to town

I often have little about to celebrate during Christmas; mainly because; no new clothes; truly there has never been Santa. Early celebrations of Christmas were wishing that I could attend church at Christmas Eve; those who went could almost swear that the child was born or at least my cousins confessed the same happened.

With growth comes change; and with celebrations at least something new has to happen; making chapattis, spending the day with my not so favourite relatives has never been my idea of fun. Sometimes I wish I could just fly away at least to Brazil and do some samba dance or something.

Either way I am glad that the year is over; I am glad God has brought me this far without any major events. I could have wished it would have been better. I have been able to achieve more than I did; I am truly indebted to God. Have learnt to believe me God, He talks to me and I listen to Him and always ask for his guidance.

Ps. The Godfather is in town.

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Slow start

I am hearing this for the umpteenth time “he only wanted me for sex” of course he did.. I am looking surprised/sympathetic and how could he? despite the fact that I want to laugh and loud and confam ooh yeah girl he only wanted you for sex and dammit you knew it and allowed him.

Hoping this is the last of these sob story....i offer hints that strongly indicate that they only wanted her sex.

He asked for it on the first day you met
He looked hot..all of them do, he talked to you like no one else has ever… he was even interested in your kindergarten stories and when he said outlandish words like “lets go to heaven” , you thought it was a good thing only that you didn’t know coming back to earth was never gonna be soft landing. He was gone before you could say “so when are we meeting next. And yeah you deserved it because didn’t your mama tell you well if she didn’t then “asiyefunzwa ….”

It is time to style up…if he asks for it on the first day you met then the truth is he does that every so often and you are no different. So if you want us to believe that you are the nice girl you are and that you actually liked/loved but most probably lusted for him then steer clear of this types. He is a loser, cannot maintain a woman and just want his few minutes of fame.

Hazard Control
Don’t ask for his number, just do your thing and leave before he could, then he will be played in his own game. Don’t ask any details about him, if you have to talk then it has to be “do you have any condoms”

He picked you up on the road
You are walking on the road and this car goes past you and for a moment you wish it could stop. Then suddenly it stops and the owner is looking at you if it is a sports car the more reason you should be worried. You are walking on the road, the guy pulls off the road and starts chatting you up commenting on your God given gifts. Of course anything that can provide a night full of passion is good/hot looking. These types are usually who are married and whose willies will look everywhere but to their wives.
Why do you want to be picked up on the road anyway…

Club flirts
Most of them lie here…..that is their mission to get some that night.

I call them this because they will relently pursue you, buy flowers do all those things, call you a thousand times a day. They will vanish as soon as they get some. The calling will suddenly stop and will be replaced by the word “busy”. The day you hear this word girl run……go… go because that is it.

Hazard control
My two cents for this girl I am talking to is take your time. Anyone who is interested in night activities is a loser. Dig up his past even if it is hiring investigators. You will be shocked that one of your best friends is a latest ashamed beneficiary of this treatment.

Be wary of perfect men because they are all gone. Most nice guys do not even know the price of chocolates that is why to you they are boring but for good purposes at least they can be trusted to bring the next generation.

Friday, December 09, 2005

My hand bag says

Kindly switch off that vibra call or as most say vibrator off you are making me mmhh

I live in an utopian love world, i think the person who should marry can't live without me and i shouldn't live without them. Ms K says it better here, I love perfect.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Its Friday

I will do this every friday..hey what do you do when you start running out of ideas?? You device ways to get more ideas..i

Some posts/poems i keep reading
Today i will start with a poem

In your arms

Written by none other than Life Moments,if you didn't see the name before sorry.

Everyone enjoy your Weekend, as for some of us who are having exams next week..wacha tukasome

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


There are several things about myself i care to admit

That i can be incredibly lAzy
I would rather sleep
I am imperfect
I hardly tolerate HUman imperfections
That i don't act my AGE.
If i cared to WOrk HArder, i would regret LEss
THat if i wasn't a bit BRIght, everyone WOUld realize that I AM laZY
THat is the REAson i am browsing at WOrk
I hardly LOve
I PROtect myself ReaLLY,THat is WHY the above is TRue
I hate being told I AM laZY
BECause it is TRue
I am on MY Way to recovery
I EAsily get DEPressed
I taKE THIngs personally
I wish i was born in a RICH famiLY
I am a bit SELfish
It is hard to notice the ABove
I can hardly keep quiet
IF I am not talking, i am writing
I THink a LOt
I easily drift away during sermons
That is why I WOULD easily forget where i just placed my keys
OOH I FOrget a lot
I only Lie when i have a reason
I like people
I don't like most of my relatives
But i know they are important
That i have been lucky at least for most of my life
That my biggest fear is POVERTY
That i can be a MORALIST
That some parents tell their daughters to look upto me
THat i was called to a school to encourage KCPE candidates
I am not a conformist
Hence the worst employee you will ever have, but i didn't say this
The word PLANNING only appears in the dictionary and have no bearing on me
That i hadn't planned to write this
KBW is like home
I can be a best friend
People trust me easily
That cannot be said of me, i hardly trust anyone.
That i also have a blogcrush
I wrote this to get it out of my chest.

Monday, November 28, 2005


A moment of silence for Peter F. Drucker, didn't know he succumbed on November 11th. The father of modern management best known for his influential quotes on management.
He separated what he called as "Managers" and "Leaders"

A malawian friend of mine tells me if there is one thing Kenyans are good at is lying. Wella, when a Kenyan man says"I Love You" you can never be sure what he loves...say nothing i don't know just how Malawians are but ...

A good number of work going Kenyans in the morning opened their windows to receive a free copy of advertiser. Ooh how we love free things.

The last time i checked there were deodorants costing around 100 bob, but this guy i was seated next to in a mat couldn't resist not using man..It was the longest journey to town.

Have a virtuous week

Friday, November 25, 2005


Today is my Bros birthday . He is turning FOUR. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows I LOVE MY BRO. I will post pics of him next week. He is a lovely boy. One day i will tell you why he is so special to me.

For all those KBW members who are having their birthday this month. Enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I am not talking, not at least in our office. Everyone here is screaming some unintelligible words like " Kikuyu Oriti". I fail to understand how one tribe is a thorn in the flesh for a whole 50+ tribes in Kenya. So what is the celebration, Kikuyus lost or what?

Well i am not going to be spare my words here, it is fairly simple, it is a shame that 40+ tribes in Kenya could only deliver 1M more votes, meaning if we all voted we could have done it alone. I am sorry i am getting all tribal now but you know i have realized this damn process was all about tribe and tribal affiliation.

Either way someone is DAMN LYING and that man's name is RAILA. He has proved to me , that a person can fool the same people ALL THE TIME. Whatever MEN! I didn't believe that YES was going through but for totallly different reasons which had nothing to do with tribal affiliations.

Anyway Kenyans you were to lose,either way you voted. If you voted well you would have ended up with a Wanjiku Constitution, who said Wanjiku can make a constitution??? WTF does Wanjiku know about making a LAW? By voting NO you were voting for PERSONAL INTERESTS. No one of those LUMINARIES or whatever they are calling them? SAME OLD SHIT. You need votes, hook up tribal BIGWIGS (IS IT?). I am so grateful that Kibaki went this all alone, at least he can get rid of all those BUFFOONS he calls ministerswithout any FEAR OR FAVOUR. No one will ever say that he owes him a favour.

Some people argue if Kibaki went it alone, he could have lost,. True but think of it this way IF Raila was the chosen candidate, he couldn't have gone past LUO Nyanza!!

That is Tribal Politics and i hate it but that is how it is.HATE IT OR LOVE IT.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Still Around

Hey guys, i am sorry i am not able to post regularly as i used to. Just a bit busy, last time when i was around Nick Boo, was claiming that he has declared war on Sandman but it seemed him and Saurabh were getting the best of each other. Guess had a blog crush in none other than the indefatigable Milo...wewe seems this is not going well with Nick no wonder he is having that IMS, sorry bro pamoja jo.

Anyway just up and about, a bit disoriented but will get there. Miss all of you, the wise words of Poi and Prousette. See MJY is back to business, but she didn't say where she was, don't we all demand an explanation. Anyway word has it that after dissing her about her clocks, she didn't take it all too well. This is what at least Akiey thinks and all this was Mshairi's doing. Thanks people she didn't execute her threats.

Everyone seems to be doing that what do you want to know about me, if you don't believe me, that is exactly what Thinker has been upto. At least there is one thing i wanna know about this guy, what did Chris Murungaru do to him?

So guys have a nice week. Hope to be back soon

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

God My Father

If you have no father, don't worry God is the father
If your father neglects you, you have nothing to be depressed about, God your father will never neglect you
If you have no job , no godfather to help you get one, Ask God to be your God father
Walking alone in the dark, your father says 'don't be afraid for i am with you'
Feeling hurt and you have no one to talk to, tell it to God, He will take away the hurt
Your deepest secrets tell them to Him and he will never tell anyone

When all hope is gone, He will give you hope
When all your friends have deserted you, He will be your friend
You have done something terribly bad and you are worried, ask for His forgiveness
You are not sure about something , ask Him He will guide you
He says I am the Lord

All you have to do is seek Him, pray to Him and be humble before Him
Do what He tells you to do
Listen to Him
Learn to love Him 'with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength'
He will be your shield and strength when you will oftenly need Him to be
He will protect you from all dangers
Have reverence for the Lord and you shall live well


Monday, October 24, 2005

After the Race

If you meet a chic in town limping in town, walking like a freshly cut jamaa, then that is me. In my wisdom, i braced the stanchart Marathon like i was gonna win the 1.5 M. So what was it like? It was my debut marathon (you would think i will be running the Boston next)

The good news is that i Shiro did complete the marathon, apart from my ligaments, nobody else is complaining. The day started well, me waking up earlier than usual and hoping into a mat to town. Usually Kenyans must look at you either they are wondering what is the occassion, many thought i was not going past Railways, others curious

Luckily no rain, guys were there all charged up but all looked content to just go for the marathon of course seeming oblivious of what an M can do to their broke life! Corporates and their so called CSR turned out in huge numbers, talk about marketing via charity. Anyway i was set, unaccompanied for good reasons that i knew i was gonna meet guys i haven't met in a long time and how company will have limited my ability in that area.Of course it is also sometimes hard to meet your objectives with some tagging along to do.

I took 1hr 19 mins almost an hour after the first guy in our race. My leg hurts badly

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why the Hell do you

I am ignorant of one factor; i.e. racism,tribalism,sexism does actually exist. I have had a dose of tribalism sometimes like when i went to a college and most staff, from the lecturer i can bet to the tea girl predominantly belonged to one tribe.My former president put all his tribesmen to head parastatals and that my immediate president proceeded to sack all of them and put most of his tribesment to head them. I mean to me it actually appears polite coz it doesn't interfere with the way i do my things at home or wherever.

As for racism , i know for a fact that as a black African i cannot live in certain parts of the estate i live in because they can only be occupied by vegeterians read Asians. What perhaps i never get to understand is how being in my house can actually affect an Asian living living in their house. Anyway i still don't feel so incensed.

As for sexism, apart from that i know many law firms partners are male and it is not for the part of trying for the females that they are not in management, i still won't say i know so much about this one.

Apparently someone forwarded to me an email that reads that BLACKS DON'T READ.Read the article here, it's everywhere in the net. Quoting a personality the article goes on to say "if you wan't to hide something from blacks put it in a book: I felt like i had been pierced, it was not funny all i could say YOU IDIOT! To make the matters worse it is an anonymous article.

Of course after the bitterness and cursing i actually sat down and thought could it actually be true this is how we potray ourselves, kinda beggars. I will be careful not to attract the wrath of some people outa there. For those who don't know Nairobi has been declared the 24th University in African beaten by Makerere and Dar. Having attended University of Nairobi, i can tell you for sure the place sucks like hell. The place is run like some Kiosk, nobody cares ( I am not going to please anyone) , Lecturers do favour some students, there is some resemblance of learning, the library has irrelevant books if you ask me as for ICT lets not go there. I am suprised they even made it to the top 50. That is besides the point , some of the best lecturers in Yale, Harvard, lets say top 50 universities in the world you will find are Kenyans. What i am saying is we have lost our best out there,...that's may be one would say we are selfish. For all good reasons Kenya is not favourable to professionals i.e. economically. would someone be classified as selfish to seek greener pastures abroad..To say while Kenyans offer first world service as for example doctors to Americans, it's own are here dying of many diseases and have to fly out to be treated? Are you the talented 10 who are suppose to help out the untalented 90. I am not in a position to answer that. I have been in a brink of wanting to get out of this place really fast but for a second i am not going anywhere.

You cannot even start counting the benefits of having Kenyans in the Diaspora. I mean why stick out at home whereas you can make it better for others while you are away. But that is beside we must urge people to go out there and come back. Africans have the best brains , as for whites i am not ashamed to say they are all smoked out. That is why they will issue green cards and highly immigrant schemes to only the best of us you know. They are actually afraid their professionals are running out, they would rather play bball and such.

Bullets has quite some things to say on this, only suckers in England work or something like that. It is a pity that while our cotton industries have closed, Exhibitions with foreign clothes continue flourishing. Of course someone is up in arms protesting that the clothes were damn expensive...of course there must be a reason for everything...yeah we keep giving reasons. You i cant do this becoz of that , you know if i did that the economy is down..It just sucks. From now on me and my tailor are best friends..someone tell me of a nice one. Our sugar industry almost went down coz of cheap imports, i don't refuse we are poor but how does saving 5/= help you whereas you can save a whole industry.

Let me give a very practical example of how cheap Kenyans can be. I wanted to sell my phone so i went to some dealer. After selling it to him, he offered me a very nice phone but the market value was like 1500/= more. So i was a bit tempted by the offer but after some deliberations i thought what the hell! I left and went and bought a new phone. So what happens, you buy a second hand phone, kumbe the owner has reported to the police and safaricom is tracking the line. Woe unto you if the phone was stolen where a person died or someone was seriously injured, you will go in for robbery with violence or murder, yet everyday a Kenyan buys a second hand phone with that great risk. When i went to replace my sim card i was shocked, the queue was long, it is so sad. We steal from our own, kill our own. All this time NOKIA, MOTOROLA are making huge profits from us.

Bankelele couldn't have made it worse by highlighting the Illegitimate Parliament stuff , you know.
We we kill each other asking for a new constitution and when it is finally here we kill each other too you know. A Ugandan journalist called the whole process shallow. Our NGO'S shout loudest from Nairobi, so how do you fight from Nairobi while your purpoted activities are supposed to help rural Kenya. No wonder they are NOTHING'S GOING ON. When we will we ever rise beyond personal and selfish interests and tell the truth?

But whoever wrote that "YOU ARE STILL AN IDIOT!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Finally i will do it

Prousette said that i was a victim of her tag, almost didn't do it but i have succumbed now.

Ten years back…
I was thirteen and in class eight. What was happening? Exams craze, i got the beatings to last my entire life.
I got to Kisumu for the first time in for participating in Drama Festivals ( i almost made it as an actress) in first term. Our drama teacher loved me to the extent he fixed an acting sort of place when what i was doing didn't make it to the nationals. I am still grateful.
Had the first flop in my entire upper primary life 480/700, dear brothers and sisters wasn't i in trouble. While some boys were actually happy for beating me in class, my teachers were not amused. Conversion to woman hood happened then and i really cried, I had dreaded this for so long coz it meant having to look for know every month.

5 years back…
Was in a middle level college, just cleared fourth form, pure bliss i tell you. Had my first serious boyfriend then (is it) right ..i think it was just a joke . Started raving seriously now, as in Friday to Sunday. Everything risky i did it at this time. I hooked up with some player seriously, was hurt badly,,,learnt how not to trust boys and men. I started consuming alcohol then ( so happy fifth anniversary to the bottle) never stopped unfortunately. Hurt a pal of mine deeply by flirting with her boyfriend ( forgive me i was just 18) , she almost chomad me (huh), she even got into depression. Learnt how to keep off people's men however strong the desire is not to. I mean i can't really put it all here, coz basically i did nothing good apart from pitaing my CPA 1.

2 years ago
I was in campus 2nd/3rd year. My parents separated then (it was and is still the worst day of my life) if what i have experienced after that is to go by. Learnt to play mummy, at that time, i didn't understand the magnitude of mum walking away fully. It was not to be undone until today,so i am still mummy. Learnt to be strong. Did my CPA part 11 and my campus exams together, twas crazy i say but i survived. Owned my first business, learnt that whatever may never do buzna with your friends. Learnt business is dirty cheap tricks, almost swore never to go back there. At one point i was making supernormal profits, the next time somebody had bought me out of the stall. (may they rot in hell) i just thought the other day by now i would be a rich 23 yr old.

1 year ago…
Off campus, relocated to Nyeri for a me i needed to get out of the family circus. I was tired of being everything. I think i did make a mistake relocating but well. Learnt being a lawyer is not after all anything so great. Became independent minded, achieved peace for a while. Struggled to kick out laziness ( i am damn serious) . Began cultivating good habits like doing things on time ( apart from getting late) .

After a long trip to Naivasha this weekend (the post disappeared, damn blogger) i still made it to class i am currently doing my Sec 6 finally , told you i am calculating good habits, went to Giks and bought a bag and then home.

5 places I’d love to be in right now…
Home, cleaning.. i rarely get any time coz of my schedule
With My small bro..
When is the German Beer Festival

If I had a million, I would…(al assume dollars, that makes it Ksh.80m
Invest in stocks offshore
Build a nice home for mum
Ooh get a nice car
Some villa

5 greatest joys…
My small bro
My family
Being at peace with God
Ice cream

5 Pet Peeves
Loud mouths..
People who get little money and think they own the world Yes you wannabes (living in a middle sized estate i know lots of them
Those people who hijack every conversation even when they don't know what is being talked about
People who don't care about their appearances

Favourite line
Never give up, with time everything falls in place.

Here i come

Nairobi and his wife decided to relocate to Naivasha. As we drove in through Naivasha, something crossed my mind, there lies the beauty of Kenya. We drove through a rugged road if only to enjoy the sight of the country side. Off i was away from the hustles and bustles of the city, in a moment i felt the whole world of me, it was a beautiful experience. Not the one you go to a club called Bananas and the waiter wants to disappear with your change and suddenly there is a bout. No...its watching as the sun goes to where it goes, i was taught to imagine it sets in the west or some crap like that.

Anyway i will confess, having being brought up in a strict family, the joys of spending the nights outside the confines of your home are only an illusion (as in legally). So camping is an idea which i wish for. So now that i can go at my own pleasure, i wont waste a moment.

We arrived Naivasha at around 5.30, 6 ish,looked for a place to eat .None at all apart from the famous La Belle Inn though Nyama Tayari joints ni mingi though we were a bit more interested in your magomano kind of joint i.e . eat to your full.

Naivasha is a town of mixed activities , you get the two most famous places in the town ie Fisherman's camp and Crayfish. We settled for the latter and boy wasn't it fun. Its kinda not the activities that were happening for me, but the fact i was away from everybody else, i even loaned out my phone!

The only sad thing there is that Kenyans ideas of having fun is drinking beer. At the boat ride there was no one, 7 people are needed to ride for an hour but we would rather our bottle, you know.

Glad i did go, i can now endlessly smile.

Friday, September 30, 2005


Syndrome-The group or recognizable pattern of symptoms or abnormalities that indicate a particular trait or disease. This is the web definition.

Today i have had an encounter with people with SMS to mean Short Men Syndrome and others with IMS that is Irritable Male Syndrome. What about this woman who thinks she can bully people on the phone? Do we say Irritable Female Syndrome no i think it's just a bitch problem or may be lack of sex syndrome i hear it's bad enough to make some old women irritable.

Now that is a rant. I hate every time our department secretary is not in. You get to deal with a lot of number of people some who think they control the world or some are just in authority and so should bully everyone who comes in their way.

I love the syndrome naming describes a lot. Yours please

Friday, September 23, 2005

Digging up the Archives

I set on digging the archives and this is what i found.


Saturday, October 09, 2004
hi everyone.

i guess this is new for me and am so clueless on how to go about doin this but slowly and surely we shall work out this shizzle and before soon will be crackin u up soon.

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....of movies and tv....

so my dream is to make this an ultimate tv and movie website where we can critique them raw and nasty.why not its free fun!
at the moment am going thru this phase of watchin any tv series on dvd! Have gone thru Oz,Sopranos,CSI,24,Alias,Frasier,Six Feet under,Will and Grace,Roswell,Smallville.....

yes too much time on my hands. yes no life whatsoever...but guess what? your're hear readin this-ur just a big loser as i am.
so guys lets make this website rock!!!!!!!!


about me
Marcel Proust’s Questionnaire
Know thyself. I am reliably informed that this is a way of getting to know what drives me. So here I go

Your most marked characteristic?
The need to be respected and accepted rather than loved
The quality you most like in a man?
Tenderness and honesty
The quality you most like in a woman?
Strong will and fortitude
What do you most value in your friends?
What is your principle defect?
Blowing my top over trivialities
What is your favorite occupation?
Finding solutions
What is your dream of happiness?
Am living it now!
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Losing my mind
What would you like to be?
In what country would you like to live?
Kenya Anytime!
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
The one that wakes me up every morning at 6.00am
Who are your favorite prose writers?
Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, Grace Ogot
Who are your favorite poets?
Anything goes for poetry
Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Mama Day in Mama Day by Gloria Naylor
Who are your heroes in real life?
Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai , my parents
What is it you most dislike?
People who make it their mission to cause pain and misery to others. And am not talking about surgery or pinpricks.
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
The gift of garb
How would you like to die?
At peace with those closest to me and with my maker
What is your present state of mind?
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Human ones.
What is your motto?
Vive la difference

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jeudi, avril 07, 2005
His/her...?? Wife??

Oh lala there are some things that no matter how many times I read them never click into the right vestiges of my brain. And am left wondering am I daft or something. This lady claims she wanted a wife -my grammar teacher would have beaten the living daylights out of you if you had constructed a phrase like that in her class. but then that was then. This is now. So on the day of the wedding voila!!! the groom is a woman. am toootally confused

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This can't be Guess first post. But it might be....
Tomorrow is my birthday (happy birthday to me :)), and I thought the easiest way to remember tomorrow today is to write today what I think of tomorrow. What will I do tomorrow, where will I be, who will I be with and how will I feel. I have had enough birthdays already to really be fussed too much about the thing so whatever happens sans the norm is a welcome diversion - apart from bad news of course, wouldn't want that.

I think a birthday is a day to spoil ourselves in the name of celebrating the day we were born (or so we were told) whether we actually do anything about it is sometimes determined by what other people like our friends, family and/or colleagues suggest or insist or push us to do. Take me for example, people at work think my birthday is seven months from now (since they dont have access to my file) so when its my birthday nobody comes round with "Where is the cake?" or "What did you get?" or those bland 'anyone will do' birthday cards (sigh). The most I get off my family is a birthday card/text message/phone call (delete as appropriate). I dont mind, they are all abroad, albeit different continents.

My friends (if they remember, which I very much doubt they will) send me a card and the nearest weekend we have to the day we have a party. So you see, I use my birthday as an excuse to get my friends together and catch up, otherwise everyone is always so busy with their own stuff and cant get as many of them together as I would like. Its always nice because like everyone I have different friends from different arenas. Friends I met in college, at university, from back home I knew from back when, from back home I have known here. So it makes a change to see how the people who mean something to you get along with each other, or not.

So, back to the main question. What about tomorrow? Well, apart from work, gym (debatable), home, I dont see myself doing anything different. I havent planned for the day, no one has said anything about it. I even think my boyfriend has forgotten (tssk), he was talking about what to get me for valentine's day like my birthday didnt exist. Ve Vait en zee. Having said that, when you were born five days before the V day, then what do you expect of S/O's. I get one card from my sister (a happy birthday, with happy valentine included like an afterthought and have always got one present for birthday/valentine from whomever I happened to be dating. Not fair, not fair ;(.

This year, when I reflect on how the last year has gone and what I have done, I feel blessed. So much good has happened to me that I really cant complain. Plans made came to fruition, dreams were fulfilled, stuff I was seeking was found, and God has blessed me in ways that I keep thinking that he must have a "Yes" default on my name for any of my prayers - must be how often I ask, and the persistency must have made him think "That's the only way to get her to go away". But who am I to complain. Dont get me wrong, I do get the no's as well. Many. 2002-2003 was part of my "no" years. But I think we have established a rapport now that makes it easier for me and HIM to filter stuff and get down to the nitty gritty.

So tomorrow, I suppose apart from thanking God for letting me have another year, and keeping me healthy and sane and with basic needs and more, I will not be singing from the rooftops that its my birthday. I will not even be telling anyone that doesnt know that its my birthday, and I will not be reminding anyone who forgot. I will just chill, sigh happily and do what I would have done if it was another day of the remaining 325 days of the year.

Don't be so happy, next Friday is yours. Haven't we all come from far.

M where the hell is your first post. My insistence led No files Found. Cmmon! So here is the link M


Things are a bit better today,the moods are gone. Now i am hoping to stop letting all of you suck in my problems. I will be linking my blogger mates's first post unless of course it was to welkam yourself. Don't delete it please. This is life enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's one thing to experience loss, it's another thing to move on and it's another thing to realize you are all on your own. I am a bit hesitant to ask for help from anybody and sometimes including my folks. This is not because i am too proud to but it's purely because i don't want to deal with the eventuality of being lied to. While i may not be in somebody's budget stymes earning power of a person makes it too obvious to assume how low they view you in their lives.

Certainly now things are not looking too good for me. I am in a state of affairs that require a financier i.e. to say purely for money. Strong as i have always been in the thick of things strength can be lost in the way. I am not in some cc debt or something like that but basic survival people and i mean it. It saddens me further to realize that i basically have no friends, that your friends are important when you are having fun and it ends there.
And since the realization is so sad it has to take me quite some few days to get over it.

Fast forward to the future. There are people who will celebrate with you and any signs of sickness will be treated with utmost urgency, flowers will flow from all quarters i.e. if and when one is successful. Why are people so superficial?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Forgive me

I lost my everything on Friday. That doesn't mean my house was stolen, i mean my bag got lost. It is my everything as far as things are concerned. Sitting at 680 and having the best of my evening only to realize my bag is stolen
There was a conversation like this
M: Check your bag you might have a message, your sis is asking me where you are.
A bit intoxicated confused Shiroh thinks M has taken my bag and is joking with me.
M: I am serious and she is saying something about your dad. My sis always informs me when my dad is home and i am out late so that we can come up with a suitable plan.
Shiroh doesn't care this particular evening. Blame it on alcohol.
I go like please give me my bag, now a bit serious that i can't find it and looking all over.
Then it is said there were 3 mamas sitting just next to us. It turns out i can't get my bag yaani it was gone. No fight, not aware just like all it's predecessors. I for one will accept very fast when something has happened and i am not about to ruin this night becoz IKIIENDA NDUGU YANGU IMEENDA " When it's gone, its gone.

Now back to what i should have been doing on that Friday, I should have been in class by 5.30 upto 7.30 then go home. I didnt do any of those now my good old dad will have to go back to his pockets and fork out some good cash to restitute me at least . Because i cannot live without my spects and phone. So forgive me father for i have sinned.

Monday, September 12, 2005


When i said i wanted to go to a country where there were no dirty streets , rapings ..somebody said i should be content. Of course i have been content for more than 20 years.
But you know what in those 20 years
1. I have been mugged was really bad i lost everything.
2. I have lost friends to rising insecurity.
3. I have lost friends in Traffic Road Accident that could be avoided.
4. The women who are raped may not be my friends but my heart cries out every time i hear a woman has been raped.
5.I go home at around 8 and i have to practically run coz if i walk slowly i will of course attract a thug. Mind you i live in a place considered safe by many.
6. I have to hug my handbag otherwise i am helped by some Kenyan to carry it.
7. I cannot wear real jewellery , somebody "might cross" with my ear or neck.
8 The worst thing nothing is being done about it.

In short past and present Governments have failed in protecting its citizenry however you look at it. Whether ORANGE OR BANANA i am not just secure in this country.

Yet one solution of dealing with crime is lighting up the streets. Look at this judgement the court gave to shoot down Esther Passaris efforts Go to case of the week and read the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others

I actually found every minute i am out of the office , i am in fear. I am not discontented for nothing.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Might this be a joke?

The Draft constitution at a glance resembles Kibaki on a wheelchair, on closer look it seems twisted like the mouth of Kiraitu and has everything to do with the character,conduct and association of chris Murungaru.
The message ends with a request to send it to three people as a campaign to the NO VOTE.
That is what the constitution review has been reduced to , a butt of jokes like it is not what is supposed to govern this country for the next so years.
Of course this low politicians are not interested in the welfare as usual , so we all say the draft constitution is 20% wrong ,Ladies and gentlemen shouldn't we be campaigning to have the 20% changed to make it 100%. Do you remember my wish list. TRUE i am tired of this country and one day i will say it is not my fault that i was born in this country but i am not confined in it & so will my children not be.
Somebody give me reasons why they think i should continue watching siasa kidogo right under my own very nose. I am beaten , i have no voice.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Literacy Day

Today is the World Literacy day. Observe a minute of silence for the illiterate for more details.
Tufukuze ujinga

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thank God it's Friday

Thank God it's Friday though for me it makes no difference.Thank you for those who prayed for me. I am well now. I am having drama with browsers. I think i will stick to Mozilla now, Opera my favourite just sucks. I wanted to change the outlook of my blog, i got bored with all those things in the previous outlook and in every attempt opera just frustrated me.

Now i want to pick a template elsewhere, i have been trying to do it but to no success . Poi , some advise please.

I am officially looking for a job ofcourse not as a dentist, I have no business interfering with people's dental formula.

At this moment in life i feel all of these things

1. Changing Career............. to what?

2. Relocating to another world where there are no
i. Traffic Jams
ii. Rape cases
iii. Dirty streets
iv. Lower than low politicians
v. A bad economy

3.Going back to school
Of course you cannot be an eternal student but i think it would be a happy feeling on one condition NO EXAMS

4. Having a nice House

5. Loosing weight
Dear Friends, i will never go on top of a weighing machine again!

6. Money Money.....who said that money is like the sixth sense without which the other 5 cannot function. Absolutely right.

7. Getting Married...i would be lying.

8.A nice car..........

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Nick knows very well that he doesn't have anything to say and that's why he blames the telephone. I want to help him pay the bill or better still i can start a fund if he can disclose how much is owing to Telkom. Sio uchokozi but after lying on it a few days i am convinced that in modern Kenya Telephone lines JUST DON'T GO DEAD, they are disconnected due to bills. You know Guess left in the days when Phones just went dead for no reason and when she came back for a visit mobile phones had taken over and there were no house phones any more.

My back aches and aches badly is that a reason enough not to post.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Alone But not Lonely

A while ago when i was still in school, i was confident that daddy would run to my rescue when anything went awry. Now that i am out of school, i realize that daddy can no longer come to my rescue, I have to look after myself and sort out my domez alone.

It doesn't amaze me that no wonder many galz go through college, finish and get married. Somehow, women need male protection all the time. And i am sure though feministas would not want to agree, women cannot exist without men. As for the vice versa men need women to reassure that they are important and this we do by running to them any time we are in trouble.

For some reason i feel tired.I feel like something is bogging me down.The worst thing is i don't know what it is.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

For the sake of it

I am so proud of Farmgal,she is done something i look forward to doing one day. Opening her own business.Surely after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, i know for a fact that being employed can never make any one rich or wealthy for that matter.

BTW, In my country belonging to a minister's province is bliss. Raila allocated the biggest budget to Bondo constituency. Ngilu allocated 10 ambulances to Eastern Province and the rest of us 2 ambulances...Am i the only one realising.Ooh why is my MP not a minister?Next time, one will have to make a promise that they possess skills and are close enough to the president to become a minister,No less.

Since Nick already has wifey and mistress, i wil take the position of concubine. I am very content now what i need is to know the benefits that accrue at the third position. We all know that the youngest woman on the block always has the most least i hope Nick knows that.

Well here it goes a fixation with Mt. Etna....

Monday, August 08, 2005


On Saturday i met two different people,one was 40 going fifty and another just 18. The former was a guy who i spent about two hours with and the latter a chic who i spent well over 5 hours with .
The Guy
He is already a wealthy man i can tell. He wants to relaunch a product in the market you would be better off not wondering what is my stake in his relaunch. NO less than a connoisseur with women he tells me.
The Chic
She is in college. Has dreams, wealthy dreams. She is set to get her masters by the time she is 22. And retire by the age of 25 having made money (i guess loads of it) and then settle her family.
i am not wealthy, and i don't even have those dreams. Life is handing me some experience i seriously don't know where i am going. I just wake up every day, go to the office, do some stuff then go home.
i feel in between.

They get to tell me about their relationships
The guy is married with six children. He loves his wife very much but tells me a man must dog because he is a man .
The chic tells me that she is bored with the college blokes and can't stand them they are immature.She accounts for the man she ever felt for as a bad boy who treats her badly. "Imagine i knew he was playing me but i didn't know i was the other woman...She should have talked to me nicely then i would have left her man alone but now that she was rude i wont leave him." Deep down i am thinking that i have been there done that. Yet i silently watch her as she talks, NOT SAYING A WORD. I better let her experience first hand. When it comes to men i better be quiet.

The guy tells me that all women need is GOOD SEX . That he has learnt to treat women badly apart from in the bed. That if you treat a woman well she uses you . And he has discovered that Nairobi women cannot be with you if you are not paying for her flat, her car you know.
I know for a fact that i don't want to be treated badly but paying the flat looks like a good idea. (did i just say that)

My sis says i behave like i am 30. I am 23 years of age but not of experience. I have lived the age of a 30 year old from as young as i can remember. Now i want to be 23 somebody tell me how!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do they know

Things parents should know

That I am a gal just like any other
Just like any other girl, I can get pregnant
Just like any other gal I, men can look at me with intentions
Not every man I talk to is my boyfriend
When I go for a night out, it is not that I have been sleeping with anyone
It is not everyday that I must pass exams
My friend is not spoiling me, I am spoiling them
Telling me not to do something doesn't mean I won't do, I will only be more careful
Being home early doesn't mean I am innocent
That when I say Yes, is to please them
One day I will be married.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Playing by the Rules

There is the much celebrated sexual liberation, gender empowerment cum freedom, and on the other hand, the ever increasing/decreasing men to women ratio 6:1. Is it true anyway. The not so long ago, hard to get elusive African woman is gone making the good girls have their day in this strange world of dating .

Men on the other hand are having their field day or so I believe with the number of available women at least trying to get them walk down the aisle. The number of a woman sob story of (how he married that bitch) is becoming common. The sorry man obviously caught in who do I marry now is seizing the opportunity to get as many women in bed as he can before the d-day or what they call sanctioned sex day. (Huh)

Tony Mochama on a Sunday Standard (Men Only claims that the birds these days have lost it. And in his one of his rare sober article attributes it to not playing by the rules. Being there at the right time whatever that means. How do you explain how a man will date a woman for seven years and abandon her only to marry the girl he has only dated for six months.

While many women these days will not hesitate to give their men a call at any opportune time, Michelle she of the Irresistible Woman book, states a woman should by the rules that her mama taught her. Women do not call , do not propose, do not chase after the man. And blah blah. I And to add to Tony Mochama’s article, he says that laughing and mingling with his friends will only make you one of his boys and not his missus.

For a long time I believed that a relationship is a mutual thing and doesn’t matter who did what, hang up the phone first crap. I believed and still do in gender empowerment. That women have a right to get what they want. But I am told I am wrong .

But tell me should a woman play by the rules?

The only solution a sexually liberated woman is to separate her feelings of love and lust. A woman can't still understand how a man will bed her and not feel anything for her. A woman, (unless you are a twilight gal) might lust but at the end of the day still think that at least you should call her the morning after.

I am at loss. At this point, I wish my blog was anonymous but since it is not , I will rest my case there.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This Girl and her Baby Sister

I have a compassion for children. Just imagine what this girl goes through.

Eleven-year-old Fatuma is so desperate to finish her education that she would rather take her ten-month-old sister to school with her than remain at home looking after her while their mother goes to work. She describes what is, for her, a typical school day.

I will be 12 this year and I know there is something not right about the way I go to school. As my classmates carry their books, I have to carry my baby sister Joyce. Holding my other hand is Chacha, my six-year-old brother.

My mother goes to Komarock Estate to wash people’s clothes for money to feed us, leaving me with no choice but to go to school with the baby. Sometimes I find myself praying silently to God that the day will go smoothly so I can concentrate on my lessons.

Our school is in Maili Saba in Kariobangi. People say that only children of single parents, or Aids orphans go there but I love it and have been coming here since I was in nursery; now I’m in Standard Three.

We have five classrooms, each accommodating two classes. My class shares the same space with a Standard Two class. We are taught in turns and only a small space divides our benches. While our teacher, Mr Mwangi, is teaching the other half of the class, I am able to catch up on my assignments. I also grab the chance to take the baby out for a stroll because she gets cranky when we have to sit for too long on the hard benches.

Most of us do not have notebooks and have to write on shared pieces of paper. My friend who sits next to me helps as much as she can by jotting down most of the notes while I cradle the baby and try to keep her as quiet as possible.

During class time it is hard for me to pay attention with her crying and wanting me to carry her, but what do I do? I can only give her the porridge my mother has prepared before she leaves for work. Sometimes she continues to cry even after drinking the porridge. At such times I feel like crying, too.

It is difficult to write and carry Joyce at the same time, so a couple of weeks ago I changed my position and went to the back of the class. It is more comfortable as I can rest my back and the baby against the wall, leaving my hands free to write. But I have to be extra careful so that she doesn’t slip off the bench and fall down.

Joyce has become accustomed to sitting on the hard bench but when she gets tired I have to use my left hand to support her. When she gets tired of sitting upright, she places her head on my lap and tries to sleep but only for a few minutes before the noise of the other students wakes her up again.

When she has had her porridge she becomes jovial and loves to clap her hands. The other children love her and play with her when the teacher steps out. I think when she starts school she will be very bright because she will have already learnt her Standard Three work!

I change Joyce’s nappy during break-time, at around 10:30 am, when everyone else has gone out to play. I put the soiled nappy in a polythene bag that I keep in the corner of the classroom. This is also the time that I feed her porridge. She holds the plastic bottle to her mouth and quickly gulps the contents. I’m sometimes forced to pull it away so she will have some left for lunch. When I told my mother this, she started packing some boiled rice as well, but only when she can afford it.

My brother Chacha is in Standard One and he gets hungry too, so once in a while I have to share what little there between him and the baby. Once I was really hungry and felt tempted to sip the porridge. Finally, unable to contain myself, I took a gulp from the bottle and there was not enough left for Joyce afterwards. When it was time to feed her she drank what was left but wasn’t satisfied. She cried all through the rest of the day and the teacher eventually had to send me home early.

Another time there was no porridge so my mother cooked some ugali and sukuma wiki and left it in a hotpot for us at home. I had to leave school at lunch time and take the baby and Chacha home to eat. I have a plan for the day there will be no food. I’ll give the baby some water to drink and walk with her outside to distract her.

Even though I am in school, I miss a lot of class time because of the baby. When she cries too loudly and interrupts the class, I have to take her outside and soothe her to sleep. It is worse when she has a cold and her nose gets blocked, like now. She cries because she is unable to breathe properly. But I have come to accept that Joyce is a part of my life both at home and in school.

I am also thankful that my teacher agreed for me to come with the baby to class because he understands that I do not want to miss any lessons. He even met with my mother when she came to the school to explain the situation.

I know there are cases worse than mine in our school and this gives me the courage to carry on learning with my baby sister beside me. In nursery class there is a child called Mercy Akinyi who is only two years old. She is taken care of by her three-year-old sister in the same class. But the teacher is always ready to step in when the baby’s crying becomes too much.

I understand that my mother has to work to be able to provide for us, but how I wish she would take Joyce with her sometimes. It feels like I have this big bag on my shoulders and it is weighing me down.

When Joyce finally falls asleep in the afternoon, I place her on the floor by my feet and cover her with a shawl. I cherish these moments and try to get as much of my class work done as possible, occasionally checking to see that no one steps on her.

Sometimes she wakes up hungry and there is no porridge left to give her. To drown out her crying at such times, I drift into my make-believe world in which I am rich and able to afford to buy my mother a big house and my siblings all the food they can eat.

But as it is, I do not see any hope of being able to sit the final exams in Standard Eight because our school only goes up to Standard Five. Teacher Mwangi looks for schools to take in the brighter students so that they can continue learning. I hope he does that for me too, so I can have a chance to finish school and find a way of providing for my mother so she won’t have to work long hours and can stay at home with the baby.

Another day comes to an end and I strap Joyce to my back and pick up the polythene bag containing her things. By this time she has cried herself hoarse and is asleep. With Chacha beside me playfully kicking a stone, we set off for home, hoping against hope to find some food, even if it is last night’s ugali.

Article courtesy of the Daily Nation, Wednesday Living Magazine 20th July 2005.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I had a dream

Today i was late to go to the office, REASON i overslept. I woke up looked at my watch, consoled myself that despite it was past reporting time, i could still make it. As i took a bath, it hit me that i had a sad dream in a woman like myself's history. I had a catfight in my dream.

No fractures or scratched faces. But it worried me to the extent i had to blog about it. I had gone to this guy's house who shall remain nameless. And when i arrive this girl is lying on the couch (sheesh) and the man is sitting just next. She looked at me in a manner that i should take an early exit.

Being a woman's hope for intervention in such a case "that this is a cousin of mine or such crap" the guy said nothing. It was at this time the girl hit. I have never fought any one in my entire life. But i beat this woman senseless. The guy in question just looked at us of course muttering some question like why are we fighting over him. The thing was i wasn't fighting over him but i had been hit.
And for whatever reason i had a right to avenge.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The cry of a destitute child

It is a chilly day on the streets
The children hum happily as they run to school
They look at me gleefully
Hoping that i don't get close to them
I will soil their clothes they say

Who could my mama be
The smartly dressed woman that put a few coins in my cup
Does she probably know that i am here
Does she miss me
Why did she leave me

What does my future behold
Who do i run to
The gangster just shot yesterday
Do i have a choice
The police are here, ready to take me
What is my crime
The gangster was the only hope i had
At least he shared what he got

Is there a brighter day tommorrow
When i will be protected
The child in me has left
I now hassle for bread to eat
Are you safe letting me starve
Can you hear me
Protect me, I cry for help

Monday, July 11, 2005

LIFE 101

It is said Image is everything. How you walk, dress, sit almost everything you do in your life, including the colour of your underwear define you, but what about your thoughts which no one can access.

What do you talk and think about beer, sex, parties. I love to talk about them too. What we watch on TV in dear Kenya tells us that this is hip. This seems to be a preoccupation of the west. But wait a minute aren’t these the same countries that inventions ranging from information technology, management, medicine happen everyday. These are the countries that your everyday 25 year old is a PHD holder. Where your script writer, film producer, artiste goes to every extent to make the movie sell beyond borders.

I could be wrong but to say that the majority of young people in this country probably I included waste most of their valuable time thinking and talking about sex, parties and beer. It is in this country where a person can describe a beer drinking session with friends for a whole hour. It is ok to drink beer, but to talk about it endlessly should be left to hormone charged teenagers.

Anyone who is thinking of being a PHD holder in modern day Kenya is viewed as a geek. Yet we have intelligent people in this country. People, who can triumph in their lives, people who could be the next Jack Welch if they just put a little more effort. Yet this talent and brilliance is going into waste. What is important is no longer important but a new culture of drinking till you drop, that studying and working hard , diligence and integrity is for certain boring people . All the while, we could be making new inventions.

Do I hear an interjection that we have not been given the chance?

John F. Kennedy should be here to remind us again. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

What you say defines you. At this stage in life I mean is time to grow . It is time to do the things that are important in life , get a college education, think of how to progress your career, mend relations with your God. It disheartens me to note that this is the age that many young people want to drink as if there is no tomorrow. The thing is we have all drank beer at some stage of life but is that what should define you?.

For heavenly sake don’t go into drugs. They have ruined people’s lives why do you think they can’t ruin yours. You run into a young person with blood shot red eyes these days and you don’t need an expert to tell you that they are doing drugs.

How many parents want slobs for children? And when you get into your forties you have to beg everybody (hook up me up with your ride, kind of thing) and then think they are obliged to help you out.

What would you think of a person who goes for an interview in jeans?

Look at how many young women are living in the comfort zone of rich old men. I don’t earn pretty much myself as yet and those temptations of having somebody pay your rent, meet your everyday expenses are very much alive. But what do I gain in exchange? lack of ambition to ever survive comfortably on my own. I will live in this man’s shadows forever. And of course I have my dignity to preserve. Why should my present woes overshadow my life purpose.

Yet this is the kind of life many young women have adopted my friends included. I could love to tell them to give up this kind of comfort zone life but you know what I have to mind my own business.

Could it be the reason we blame our woes on everybody else and seldom on ourselves? What are our dreams anyway.

Time and tide waits for no man we have heard on several occasions. The sooner we realize the better.

If I could write this words
With the pen of my heart
I would say that your love
Is but the sweetest my love

If only you could feel
How good I feel Inside
You could hum a beautiful song
Only but thee could feel

If you could walk in my dream
You would smile all the while
Knowing but thee
Keeps me dreaming

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pumwani Hospital

I am concerned about women in Kenya most of the times and one such concern is safe delivery of babies. You know, I was born in Pumwani myself but the truth is i never ever went back there after that .I have always wondered if it was in the present day i would have survived. In Kenya today the cost of delivering has gone so high . A friend of mine spent Ksh.174,000 to get baby and mother out of the hospital. I for one can bet the most my mother could have spent during my delivery was Ksh.500.
With the high cost of delivery services, this is where Pumwani hospital becomes important . It is the only hospital that largely caters for maternity services.

I have always had the idea that one day when i am rich (huh) enough, i would initiate a Friend of Pumwani kind of outfit (hey don't steal my idea) to help some poor women of Korogocho to deliver safely. It is a tall order but i guess it could be worth a trial.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Madeline Test

She is one of your girlfriends , she is hot yet she is a real Madeline. I call her Madeline from a movie i once watched. The Madeline test is that which you take your boyfriend to be through to make sure that your future around him and your girl friend is secure.This woman will make sure she flirts with every man that is in your life or is about to enter your life. Her major quality is that probably unlike you she fronts what she has because she is hot.
It took me a friend of mine to realize how the Madelines of this world are dangerous. Babe would endless flirt with all her current, future and past boyfies.And yet she retained her as a friend. Reason "she is forever happening." So now every dude had to pass this test to go to the next stage. And you know what they all failed the test. What do i say?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kenyan Meme


1. Who do you think is to blame Kenya’s economic and political woes?
I have no particular person to blame

PERIOD FROM 1963-1978
Kenya was still a young country still enjoying a lot of aid. It was at this time Kenya must have experienced most economic growth. At this time what faced Kenya were the 3, Ignorance, Poverty and disease.

Kenya was then ruled by the former president Daniel Arap Moi. I would like to blame the economic woes on this guy but it would be all unfair. At this time there was wide population growth and lower mortality rates thanks to better health. However the Mzee deliberately by immense corruption, nepotism run down key Government parastatals which were highly important for farmers especially as Agriculture is the main stay of Kenyan economy. Political woes in this era were occasioned by totalitarian ways of that regime. We saw political oppression of great persons like Matiba and anybody else who tried to open their mouths against that regime.

I am convinced there is slight economic growth. However, the economic growth has not tickled down to the ordinary mwananchi who feels that there are worse off than when the previous Government was in power.

Slow economic growth is occasioned by incessant wrangling among the members of the coalition Government and a weak presidency hence lost investor confidence.
Political woes of this regime are constant bickering, Self defeating nonsensical politics, money mindedness of the wakubwas and selfishness. It is to be noted that this goes to individualism of our current crop of leaders rather than oppression from any quarters. Do we call it immature democracy?

2. If you were to be the president of Kenya what would you radically change?
I have a feeling that infrastructure is lacking in Kenya; by this I mean the Road Network, Telecommunications sector, and Technological advancement. It would be effortless to try to fight poverty without looking into these sectors. Trade would tremendously improve if the costs of communication went down.

Dealing with the attitude, replacing, “I am here to eat” with “I am working for my country”.

Health- A country must have a healthy nation to enable it grow.

POVERTY: this would call in strategy mission in eradication of the same by for example

Education – it would go a long way in self empowering Kenyans

Small Micro Enterprises- this would enhances growth in small enterprises which are always in great danger of being swallowed by the big. Imagine trying to compete with Price Water House Coopers as a small accountancy firm, (only LAWYERS have been able to do that).

Business conducive environment- Kenyans still pay high taxes ( can you imagine in the small Barbados VAT is 7.5%) compared to Kenya’s 16% corporate tax is 30% out of 10 bob, you give the Government 3 bob and there is nothing to show for it, red tape and bureaucracy would have to go.

3. What do you think Kenyan leaders are lacking in terms of leadership quality?
They lack commitment, eloquence and selflessness.

4. Have you gone to through the new constitution?
Sincerely just a few parts, now I have to endeavor to go through it.

5. If so, how do you think it could change people’s lives?
See number 4.

6. Is G8 going to make poverty history in Kenya for example?
I don’t think so. Until they stop interfering with my country and cancel debt and still I don’t know how they could change my country unless they agree to do some little things for my country like for example Technology Transfer. I am sorry if I am underscoring it but I visited and my blogmate MOCHA says not any black artiste will be allowed to perform. I am the least convinced that it is not just a gimmick “We Love Africa”.

7. How can you as a Kenyan make a difference in this country?
Avoid corruption
Keep environment clean by not polluting it.
Promoting Work Ethic
Voting wisely

8. Who would you like to be your next president?
I have no one in particular, but I think I will yes, be voting for Kibaki man.

9. I love my country because……..
We are a unique people, no extremely cold winters, nor hot summers. People are truly warm and care about each other. I love it, when I don’t think about those undeserving politicians running it down.
And, as Michael Joseph said….We are a peculiar people.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Women are.....

Women are
Warm hearted

Women are also……

Women can
Make you extremely happy
Love you unconditionally
Make you successful

Women can also……..
Ruin your life
Love you for your money
Rip you of everything you have

And the list is endless…be careful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mexican soaps

Kenyan women and Mexican soaps. Let me confess i have watched these soaps; Camilla , Maria De los Angeles, La Muher de Lorenzo, The Promise and i guess i will be watching The Long Wait.
I guess why i love mexican soaps is the plotting and bad women. This women represent what we all want to be Powerful , Beautiful , Manipulating, and the men handsome, wooi they cry and are stupid do not seem to know about their bitchy lovers/wives.
I can't even start to believe The Promise is about to end, to be honest for the last seven or so months i have been held hostage by this soap at about 9.45 p.m every mondayand Tuesday.
Long live Mexican Soaps.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Ms K's wisdom

He who angers you controls you, thanks Nicho and of course Ms k for your wisdom.I am not plugiarizin am i ?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

what the hell?

Two things that have left me bewildered this week

1. A comment by Raju Umaheshwar in the Watchman Daily Nation
Women in the Nairobi club now have voting rights 104 years after it’s establishment.

2.The marriage of a 15 year old
“She is now ripe for marriage”, the men were heard to say.

Meanwhile a fight ensued at a roadside involving a man and two women who were heard to say “wacha turarue mwanaume’ let us tear off this man.

Are we having a battle of the sexes. To me all it looked like the women were
committing assault (a crime in Kenya) but to the men it was almost abominable that a man was being beaten by women.

I would like actually love to think that Men are the cause of women’s problems but the truth glaring at me, is that women are actually the biggest cause of women’s problems. Look at the case of the 15 year old, if her mother never wanted her to get married she could have what was there to be done to ensure that did not happen. After all she is a direct beneficially of whatever problems early marriages cause. It is actually arguable.

Meanwhile I continue to sit here, keep working for MY BETTERMENT and like everyone else curse those who did that to poor little girl and within a week I will have forgotten. Infact she got lucky that the press highlighted her situation because donor aided NGO’S will move with a supersonic speed to rescue her. That will be good press for them.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Walking Away

If you walk away,
Will I be strong enough,
To let you go,
Will I be friend enough,
To let you have what you want,
And that is not me.

Will you hear me cry,
Will you remember what you promised,
That you will never leave me,
Or will you follow your heart,
To be with the one you have always loved,

If I say goodbye,
Will you say , I never loved you enough,
To let you walk away,
That I should have fought for what I had,
I can only have yesterday
For today is no more
And I don’t want to let you go

Monday, May 30, 2005

What to do

I have thought of situations and how to solve them.

somebody has borrowed your favourite book and you have no any intentions of loaning it to them because the last time you gave them something they never returned.
Just tell them that the book is at home and you will bring it the next day, for the next one week keep forgetting . They will get the hint but won't hate you for it because the only one to fault here is your bad memory.

Your girlfriend has caught you pants down with the girl next door.
pretend nothing has happened and do not follow her even when she seethingly walks out screaming its over and do not even try to communicate or say sorry.
Reason; She will now start to wonder if the girl next door has taken over her place and come running asking if anything is wrong. To which you must have a ready answer.

You have lost somebody's expensive book and you have no money to replace it.
Tell them you are going to replace it as soon as possible when a cheque you have been waiting for is cleared. Buy time but keep promising that way they will realize your good intentions to replace it.

To end a fling

Simple, try taking it to the next level.

any more....

Friday, May 27, 2005


Nicko tagged me on this one

1. Total number of films I own on dvd/video:
i once owned owned a lot of movies but thanks to Kenyans who do not return borrowed things i now own only like 15.

2. The last film I bought:
i don't remember well but it must have been Ocean's Eleven

3.The last film I watched:
White chicks at Village Market.

4.Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
1.Boat trip- it still amuses me
2.Chasing papi
3.Bad Company
4.Not another teen movie- damn a Kenyan didn't return it
5.of course,Harry porter
A movie is that which makes me laugh.

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal:
Mocha ,kymbrr, thinker,MJY,MsK tough luck on my side

Monday, May 23, 2005


Ever gone to shop for goods in some markets like Gikomba you find a long list of people all waiting to sell the damn thing that you are looking for and at last you end up paying bloated prices.The thing a different person shows you what it is you are looking for, somebody else tells you the price and then you pay some other person.At the end of the day you pay for the goods and you pay the broker.Where did the concept of brokering come from and why can't i wish it away?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

imagine me a poet

i saw this article(comments section can't seem to link it) about love and i thought i could be a love poet , don't laugh at my poem it is my first so moments spare me sawa.

I dream of love like this
Where I will wake up with you by my side
When every day will be a day to look forward,
To your loving arms and smile
I will be by your side to love and cherish forever.

One day I will be yours
When we shall watch the sun as it sets
And wake up to an early sunrise
You by my side
When my soul will be your soul
When your soul will be my soul
Because I will be from your flesh.

One day you shall be mine
All mine to cherish
Everyday will be a day to celebrate
Our love for each other
And I will love you forever

Kenyan Artistes

Ogopa Boys and girls-criticized for the kapuka beat, the Ogopa crew have managed to keep their presence in the Kenyan music market. E-sir was the greatest musician that came out of that stable. Their future is not very stable in the Kenyan market as evidenced by the CHAT awards held sometimes back. Of course if they can get more talent like Jerry Jo they much just go somewhere, who says kapuka won't sell

Calif Stable - I recognize their ability to churn lewd lyrics, Nonini , Jua Kali Rat a Rat, Pilipili, Flexx. If you like being naughty their lyrics are very theatrical. How do you explain
“Nashindwa nizame wapi , nyundo yangu sasa itauma wapi, sijui niachilie cheza nalo mpaka aseme jina zote ninalo— sijui niseme sijui niseme not sure if those are correct lyrics about it goes something like that.

Though they are not party songs unlike kapuka you cannot ignore their presence in the market, actually I can say I appreciate the Calif beat than the so obvious Kapuka beat.

Underground Artistes
What comes out of these artistes? No idea.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what is in a name

Really what is in a name? When i was in high school i had to lie my name was Tess or some other name to jamaaz, did it really matter what my name was. Back then,i thought it was cheap for me to tell a jamaa what was my real name before we even knew each other well.I'm sure many guys did that in High School.

When i go to the chat rooms i look for some funny name and not my name, so what would it matter if i used my real name.Chances are that i'm not even that known by anyone in that chat room that they would identify me if i used my real name. So i ask my self why is it really that i don't use my real name all the time especially to people i don't know. Even now i still find myself telling somebody i'm Susan especially if i'm not interested further in the person. Does it really matter to me that maybe Susan is busy telling somebody else that they are Silvana. Really what is in a name.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Kenya Unlimited

Question 1
Why do you blog?
i dont know how to answer this one but i really have time to talk to myself.
Question 2
How long have you been blogging?
3 months now
Question 3
What prompted you to begin blogging? What motivated you?
i was suffering from what they call writer's block i could write damn a thing.And the only way i could develop writing skills was by writing so i guess that's it. Actually my first posts suck but i won't delete them coz i want to see where i started , haven't perfected the art of writing but as time goes by i think i'm getting better.

Questions 4
Which situations prompt you to blog?
when i am mad about something, when i'm passionate about a topic, even as i am talking to people i could be thinking of blogging what they are telling me, many instances i guess can't list them all here

Question 5
How frequently do you blog?
depends sometimes i don't have anything to write about, sometimes i can write upto five posts one day in my computer and read through them to see what i will post what i will not , actually i have so many posts which i just don't post so.
Question 6
Who do you write for (who is your intended audience)?
anyone but i'm more concerned with what is happening around me, about myself basically everything

Question 7
What do you find enjoyable about blogging?
i have met people though i don't know them i feel good talking to them.

Question 8
What do you find difficult about blogging?
waah this is a hard one, but mainly getting something to write which will be of any interest to anyone reading including yourself, you post, read and delete.

Question 9
How important is it to you that your readers leave their comments on your blog
it's important, but i guess it's enough that some one reads what you are writing ,some people reply by email

Question 10
How do you deal with a commenter who respectfully disagrees with you
i would take in their comments and evaluate what they are saying and then reply saying why i agree or disagree with them.i am not an expert on what i write so any one who disagrees with me is ok

Question 11
How do you deal with abusive comments?
haven't seen any abusive comments on my blog

Question 12
What in your opinion are the important knowledge and skills required for blogging?
Know thy audience, thy grammar,
but most important do it for thy self

Question 13
How would you rate your knowledge and skills regarding the above?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kikuyu bashing

Should I apologize for being a Kikuyu woman
I was talking to some guys some time and at one time they made a reference to the way Kikuyu women look. Wella, I know we are not God’s gift to mankind read men, and not all Kikuyu women have that look which most girls of other tribes love to bash Kikuyu women about like my friend above but all the same is there any reason why anyone would want to make you feel that mother nature had them as favourites when designing them.
I’m quite tired of Kikuyu women bashing.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Law Male?

Carol Smart's (a feminist writer)article on the Man of Law, says that the Law is Male and that Male is white,it really got me thinking ,i could actually say Law is Male as to whether that Male is white is for another day.

Why is it that once a widow marries again the estate of the late husband ceases to devolve around her.This quote would make any woman cringe from Williams Commentaries on the Laws of England.
"By marriage, the husband and wife are one person in law that is, the very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband: under whose wing, protection, and cover, she performs every thing; and is therefore called in our law-french a feme-covert; is said to be covert-baron, or under the protection and influence of her husband, her baron, or lord; and her condition during her marriage is called her coverture"
Is Law Male

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

what are we up to?

weekend super, just a few things to laugh and be happy about like a First lady disrupting a bash for a world bank representative i will not bitch about Lucy all i'm suggesting is that she needs to be confined promptly! i think this country has become short of stories so mama lucy has to keep entertaining us voila!
She has given us reason to talk about her the whole week , you know like the Wambui -Mbugua story when she married a jamaa fit to be her grandson, and you get the whole nation to talk about the same thing at the same time, such moments are rare. Meanwhile we forget that Biwot wants to join Govt and some LDP are not happy about it who cares all we want to talk about is Lucy and her latest stunts you know like walking around to all the News rooms at night, i was almost forced to think that she is a night runner, no she is not, she is just unhappy that some mistress is getting airtime in the news for giving out 10M and you know what she has to get her attention, you see we have already forgotten Wambui gave Othaya hospital 10M haven't we.
You know i love Wambui, even after she was denounced by the Prezzo, she took her body guards and walked around shoppin, actions speak louder than words, hell hath no fury like a woman denounced by a man and more if that man happens to be a prezzo.
This is not saga i want to end quickly two women, one man and the man is president.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The girl in the meadow

The Girl in the Meadow
the original story

A short story for young children and their parents

Early one morning Samar set out to spend the day at her favorite place with a dear friend who lived there.

As she started on her way, she met the Teevee Tots who lived next door.

“Hi Samar”, they said.

“I am watching movies on the downstairs TV”, said the younger Tot.

“I am playing video games on the upstairs TV”, said the eldest Tot.

“Later on, we will go to the store to buy more movies and video games”, they said.

“Come spend the day with us”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

Next she met the Toy Twins who lived a few houses down.

“Hi Samar”, they said.

“I am playing with my new dolls”, said one twin.

“I am playing with my toy tanks and guns”, said the other twin.

“Later on, we will go to the store to buy more toys”, they said.

“Come spend the day with us”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

Farther down, Samar met Lil’ Kid Candy.

“Hi Samar”, she said.

“I have lots of candies and cookies and chips and soda”.

“Later today, I will go to the store to buy more candies”, she said.

“Come spend the day with me”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

After a long walk, Samar at last, reached her favorite place. It was a peaceful meadow with trees and bushes and soft, green grass. Near one corner of the meadow stood Samar’s friend: a tall, shady tree. She had called it her “Best Friend Tree” ever since she had first seen it.

Samar sat under the tree and wrote short stories and poems in her diary. She read her favorite books. She drew the clouds and the sky in her drawing book. She made a postcard for her grandmother, who lived now among the clouds above.

She ran fun races amid the trees, touching the flowers in her swift path. And after she had won her races, she sat under her tree, and ate ripe raspberries.

A few days later Samar once again set out to her favorite place and her tree.

Once again she met the Teevee Tots next door. Again they asked her to join them as they watched TV and movies, and played video games.

Again, Samar politely said No. But before she moved on, Samar added: “Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place? I know you will like it”.

“Can we bring a small TV with us? We don’t go anywhere without it!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

The Tots, with their beloved small TV, set out with Samar.

Next they met the Toy Twins who again asked Samar to join them as they played with their new toys.

“Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place? I know you will like it”, she added.

“Can we bring our toys? We don’t go anywhere without them!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

The Twins, laden with toys, soon set out with Samar.

Finally they met Lil’ Kid Candy who asked Samar to join her as she ate candies and snacks.

And again, Samar said: “Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place. I know you will like it”.

“Can I bring some cookies and lollipops and some chocolate bars? I don’t go anywhere without them!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

And Lil’ Kid Candy, with a sackful of sweet snacks, also joined Samar and the others.

After a long walk, the children finally reached the meadow. At first, Samar’s friends did not know what to do. They quietly followed Samar as she walked towards her tree. Slowly they began to touch and smell the flowers. They gazed at the clouds drifting gently above them. Next they sat around Samar’s tree and listened to her read. Then they took turns reading books and writing poems. Their beloved things lay forgotten in one corner. They sang and drew the clouds and ran fun races. And when all of them had won the races, they sat under Samar’s tree, and ate ripe raspberries.

Many, many years later, Samar started out one morning for her favorite place and her best friend tree. With her was her little granddaughter, Jhanavi.

They reached the meadow after a long while, for Samar walked slowly now. They sat under Samar’s tree. Jhanavi drew the clouds and Samar made postcards for her mother and father, who lived now among the clouds.

With them were scores of other people: Samar’s friends from long ago, and their friends, and their friend’s friends. There they lingered, drawing clouds, reading books, making postcards, running races.

And in the soft evening light, Samar saw the little girl who many, many years ago read, drew, wrote, ran races, and ate ripe raspberries under her tree in the meadow. She closed her eyes on the memory and smiled.


My president's gone crazy

i was unable to comprehend this one yeah but it was in the news yesterday Biwott is going to join the Government word has it that the grand old man can no longer pass any bill any parliament. And so some MKM has advised him to bring good old Biwott in the scene for me that is a kick of a dying horse nothing more nothing less. Not that i hold anything against TOTAL MAN. I think my President is now officially suffering from an old age problem which i forget, but i'm still hoping that the news tonight does not confirm that actually he is sick.

Monday, April 25, 2005

the four agreements

been a good weekend though uneventful .

This code of life is rather exhaustive i had nothing to add


Agreement 1

Be impeccable with your word - Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Agreement 2

Don’t take anything personally - Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Agreement 3

Don’t make assumptions - Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

Agreement 4

Always do your best - Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

attitude is everything

something sensible .self development is a part of me and a part of many people either, i have been trying to figure out what attitude is all bout and i got this cool article

your attitude activates the other keys to success:

Confidence. Can you be confident and persuasive if you're not optimistic? I don't believe so. The confident person believes in his or her abilities and strides forward with the expectation of success. Others can see and feel that confidence. Negativity breeds doubt and hesitancy.

Persistence. We all know the value of making repeated attempts until we reach our objective. Why on earth would you persist if you didn't believe you'd succeed in the long run? Optimism leads to persistence. Negative people give up at the first sign of trouble because they feel there's no use in making further efforts.

Resiliency. Getting back on your feet when you've been knocked down - that's surely one of the most important success principles. Those who are negative get even more pessimistic when things don't go as planned. Positive people get frustrated temporarily … and then they look for the opportunity or learning that comes from adversity. I've also discovered that those who are extremely positive don't resist life's events, curse their fate or bemoan how bad things always happen to them. Instead, they believe that everything happens for a reason. This approach helps them to overcome setbacks and "go with the flow."

Courage. There's no sustained success without courage. When you believe you can do something, you have the courage to move forward despite being afraid. Negative people, on the other hand, tend to back away from their fears and thus sabotage their potential.

Enthusiasm and Energy. Show me a person with a dynamic, positive attitude and I'll show you someone who is energetic and, in all likelihood, enthused about what he or she is doing. These people have a spring in their step and you feel better just by being around them. How many negative people do you know that you'd describe as energetic and enthusiastic? How many negative people do you look forward to being around … just because they give you such a boost each time you're with them? None, I'll bet. Negativity is an energy drain, while optimism is an energy enhancer.

Health. This is one of those relationships that you have to experience for yourself to appreciate. We all know times in our lives when we got sick because we were under significant stress and consumed with negativity. The truth is, the cells of your body literally come alive when you're positive.

Encouraging Others. As you begin to see and use more of your own potential, you're also able to see the greatness that lies within each individual. You have faith in the ability of others, and they pick up on that! Furthermore, the positive person is a far more effective leader. Would you want to follow someone who didn't believe in what they were doing … or who expected a negative outcome? Of course not.

Gratitude. When your outlook is negative, you tend to focus your attention on what is "wrong" with your life and you don't appreciate the beauty that is all around you. As you become more positive, you're in awe of the beauty and you walk around with a sense of wonder. Positive people appreciate everything more. They also find that they feel better when they're dwelling on their blessings, rather than complaining and finding fault.

Perspective. This is a logical progression from your increasing feelings of gratitude. You appreciate the many positives in your life and recognize that they far outweigh any problems or temporary inconveniences. You don't make a big fuss over a flat tire or a lost sale because you know that they pale in importance to your health, your freedom and your friends and family.

"Approachability." Think of the negative people you encounter every day. These individuals have a frown and you don't feel any warmth emanating from them. They create distance. The optimistic person, on the other hand, initiates a smile, and you tend to smile right back! You feel a certain connection with positive people and enjoy the time you spend with them.

Spiritual Growth. People who make the commitment to develop their attitude invariably experience heightened spiritual awareness. Negative, unhappy people simply do not find a meaningful connection with a Higher Power. However, when you're filled with positive thoughts and feelings, you begin to appreciate yourself and others more. You begin to sense that there's a purpose behind everything and that you are part of a bigger plan. You also trust your intuition more and realize that you're receiving guidance on your journey.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Today I feel like some politics. These are the main players in the scene in the ascending order

These are just a bunch of lakeside mafias(marionettes is only for the Mt.Kenya club, I ain’t sure if they qualify to be mafias but I will give them the benefit of doubt) who due to either their physical, emotional or social orientation cannot make the right decisions for their people . I don’t know what drives them for sure, but power must be one of them. As far as I am concerned the only thing I remember hearing them say is that the Govt broke their M.O.U and from that time hell broke loose.

My one pence advise to the man in state house is give these guys their M.O.U so that this country can proceed to more important things. I have no problem with our lakeside brothers and sisters, (Ker, much love) infact I think they are very bright everywhere else but when It comes to politics guys, pumzikeni you are better off as professors, deans ,scientists, and all other things a bright person can do but politics LOL you score ZERO.


This is where I belong ,not because we are the custodians of power (this still could be the reason) but because I don’t want to complain because if I choose to be in ERO NDI PI
I will be complaining all the time and against the MKM. If you can’t beat ‘em, join’ em
But the main characters in this club can make an interesting movie

1. Kibs the prezzo
This is my role model. Doesn’t react to anything even when insulted . To quote from a mashadite, Some People Act Out of Fear or Greed But Our Prince Charming Doesn’t Act At All.

2. Then there is the guy who has been nicknamed the pig
This one was a powerful broker before his utterances became unbearable to the big man and he is since the transport manager of the club .He is well known for his story of rags to riches . Well the pig idea must have come from the book of Animal Farm.

3. Then there is the guy who can’t rape a woman especially when she is too willing
When this guy opens his mouth we call it verbal diarrhoea .

aluta continua…….

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Red light in Kenya a.k.a Koinange street will no longer be the hub of prostitution, the city fathers have declared. By hounding the prostitutes also known as hookers , maluch, twilight girls, malaya, whores, and any other name you would want to call them, is there any thing that has been solved. We would all be assuming that all chics in K-street are there by choice the truth is that they are not. Who would want every chuma of any size, smell and shape to go through them.

The truth is being a prosti is the easiest business you can do consider you don’t need any capital or do you? Pundesh haishi sio sabuni au sio? I’m thinking a mama whose life has lemead her would easily and cheaply start the business of prostitution and the only thing they lose is reputation (reputation is heck the most important thing in a person’s life even the bible says Proverbs 22:1),but if your kid is starving at home what the fcuk would you care about reputation?
If you can sell it ha! And willing buyers then!

The real issue here is there are no equal opportunities for women so, as a guy the minute you accepted going to school at the expense of your sis then she ended up a hooker what did you expect. That your sis should hustle and become a mama mboga while you swing your executive chair and go for the same goods in the same street but whoever’s goods you are going for should belong to somebody’s sis, cmon!

By hounding out the prostis from K-street , the only thing we are doing is making them look for better secretive places to continue with their profession.

In short a woman with the right education will not become a prostitute.

To borrow from a song
What would do you if your……at home
Crying on the bedroom floor
That he is hungry
And the only way to feed em
Is to sleep with a man with for a little bit of money
And the dad is gone……

Boys love em they teach them the game, some guys have told me they learnt the game from either their mboches or hookers (even in the novels) and as for married men they adore them (when your woman is too tired to give you the goods). Little wonder the earliest profession will continue surviving.

They should actually file an injunction, the city askaris are threatening to eject them from the place of their trade.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t want anyone to be a luch but I’m saying they also have their rights and in deciding that they should move out of the city centre even when the consumer wasn’t consulted, Isn’t that the greatest autocracy?