Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Basic Needs

The culture of clande is upon us. Indeed upon many nations. It is not long time ago i read that Arnold Schwarzenneger was spotted wearing a Tshirt, I survived Maria Shriver, all pun intended!

Again there were men complaining no matter how much they provide for their women, they never appreciate!

Dear men and women, save yourself all the stress. Either don't get married as the bible says or if you do just realize;

1. Money cuddles a woman not! So you have given her all she needs, taken her/your children to the best schools, and what's the problem?

2. Taking care of his children/ironing his clothes, cooking his food does not equate to loving him- anybody can do that! You have a permanent headache every other day and then you are livid when you discover that he has been looking elsewhere wow! You must credit the man a healthy dose of self control. Any woman, ok most women can bear children, cook for the man and wash his clothes and better than you can do, Wake up!

3. You should take all my bullshit after all you are my wife/husband- To many, once you marry someone it is time to get all your worst side, unleash it on the poor guy/girl and expect him/her not to flinch. I was once in a car with this couple and the lady was talking down the man. She went to the extent of calling him a whiner, all in my presence. They are in their first year of marriage. Ok, so you start calling your SO names and expect their loyalty, trust forever, because the Bible said so. Guess what, the Bible says a lot of things, mostly contradictory.

4. The Emotional abuser- It's easier to heal a physical abuse than to heal the emotional abuse. Days, years of putting down a person and withholding sex, food for whatever reason/mood/emotions you feel like..Don't be shocked when the man/woman walks without looking back. Get all your claws out all you want.

5. Fulfill a person's basic needs and he will probably not look elsewhere. The basic necessities of food, love, compassion, sex, the feeling of being wanted (not needed! ).

That said, I am not an expert here . There are some hapless souls who no matter what you give them, they will still look elsewhere. Maybe the first basic problem is Why did you marry? To complete your life. If the answer is yes, that's where you get it wrong. You are complete, you only need to be complemented.It takes a lot of work to work on yourself. Do it before you get into the complicated institution that is marriage!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Being African (poor) can be good for your health

There is a guy called Muli Musyoka. A trichologist, i am sure...He works for Haco Tiger Brands! If you have watched that cheesy Miadi advert, you probably have seen his salon which only uses Miadi Products.

It's this guy giving instructions in these video;

Anyway, that is not the reason why i am writing this post...neither is he the reason of this post. He is cute, yes. I read an interview of his in the True Love Magazine, August edition. Anyway, this guy used to walk from South B to Ashley's back in the day when he was in college, these days though he flies and drives everywhere.

The one horrible thing that happened to our writers and indeed most of us Africans is taking our behaviours, traditions and customs as a sign of being poor. Indeed, such a contrast of Mr. Muli Musyoka having to walk to college vis a vis the fact that he now drives and flies everywhere. The consequences of the former is good health and bones, of the latter, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Statistics which i don't have for now shows that lifestyle diseases were non-existent in Africa. Unfortunately that may not be said today. Lifestyle diseases are catching up with most at the tender age of 40 years.

With the lifestyle we live, Kuku porno, chips, choma, no wonder the increase in these diseases . And guess what, it is because our indigenous food such as cassava, nduma, sweet potatoes all healthy foods are deemed "poor foods". On the other hand bacon, sausages, biscuits and manufactured juices are the "rich foods", forgive everyone for wanting to be "rich".

Ditch the rich and join the poor diet and your body will thank you for it, years on. And ooh it's never really healthy to drive and fly everywhere!

To read more on Health and Nutrition, Arimi is actually more qualified to give advice especially on why your tomato sauce does not really need tomatoes.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Weight issues

Look at this man! Now look at me:). Anyway, this man has just been adding weight day by day while a crisis looms. It is interesting how the mainstream media chooses its villains.

Did you know that there has been a National ID crisis for the past one year. This means that;
No passports for students who would like to study abroad. A "Waiting Cards not accepted" notice is non display at the Immigration House passport office.

No opening of bank accounts

No visit to some buildings

No identification of whatever kind

No admission to college

In brief, we have an identification crisis and it has just gotten lip service on the mainstream media.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Nairobi Drivers

Every time i am on the road, i always imagine if i had road rage, i would be forced to shoot someone! These are just some of the characters i encounter-

1) Mr Adventure
This guy loves the adventure of being on the wrong side of the law. He can tell you tales of playing cat and mouse with the police. In many cases, he will tell you of all the wrong turns he has made and the police chases. In fact, there is a high chance his driving licence has been confiscated by the police. Keep away from this guy. He will probably have a hit and run some day.

2) Mr. Idiot

This guy is simply an idiot! He tries to overtake on corners, speeds up just when you are about to overtake and would rather die (ahem Kimunya) than give you way.

3) Mr. I don't care

This guy simply does not give a damn on the kind of snarl up he causes when he obstructs traffic. You will often find him blocking other vehicles from accessing the main road while he only is going to a side road.

4 Mr. I don't really know

The guy you really wonder if he ever stepped to the inside of a driving school. He may show tendencies of Mr. Idiot and Mr. I don't care at the same time.

5. Mr. my car knows its way home

1...2....7...............10 too many drinks and the car knows its way home. This guy will probably wake up next to one of those large heaps placed by the Chinese contractors on Thika Road. Those that help you discover the STOP sign just when you break infront of the large heap of red soil.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Top 5 pop hits

Must say i love the music.

My top 5 favourites pop hits.

Love Lockdown- Kanye West

You know I'm no Good- Amy Winehouse

Britney Spears - Slave 4 U

Nsync- This I promise you

Usiende Mbali - Juliana Kanyomozi

Thursday, August 04, 2011

What's Love Got to do with it?

Britney & Kevin Federline

1998- 2000 Britney Spears was the pop princess. She broke record after record. Everywhere you went there was the "Oops i did it again". She married her dancer Kevin Federline, now called K-Fat in 2004. 2 years later, 2 babies later, she filed for divorce. In February 2007, Britney shaved her head. Her era was over. She was then committed a psychiatric ward (2008). It has been downhill since then, with her father controlling her estate as her conservator. Well, the troubles of Ms. Britney Spears are well documented.

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Whitney was the greatest star i knew of when i was a child and teenager (well apart from MJ). She married Bobby Brown who was a star himself in 1992. In the late 90's several reports of Whitney engaging in drugs and Bobby being violent towards her surfaced. By mid 2000 i received an email which asked us to pray for Whitney. She has never really recovered from her drug problem. It is rumoured she has emphysema.

Amy Winehouse & Blake Civil Fielder

The two who believed were made for each other were married in 2007. Amy had a very successful back to black album. From there it went south as Amy engaged in brutality, drugs. She was to die alone in her apartment this year. Blake is still in jail.

Closer home Esther Arunga and Timberlake

She was a fast rising TV star. I loved Esther Arunga. Her demeanour, presentation and softness. She broke many hearts when she declared her love for the phony Timberlake, quit her job and well into oblivion.