Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All things Ugandan

There are two things that will make Kenya salivate in Uganda

You don’t have to travel to the coast to get good hotels. They are spacious, next to the lake, with beautiful views. Awesome. You haven’t seen the Kampala Serena hotel; had some time there and all I can say is Heavenly place.

There is still too much land in Kampala town. I mean you can hardly walk Nairobi.

Disappointing things

That Celtel connection thing is a fake. No calls were going through; I could only send Text messages.

The buildings are largely like those of a small town in Kenya. For some reasons they reminded me of Embu town. They are too basic. Architects are needed in that country. Obviously the town is largely disorganized and 1001 roundabouts!!!

Business savvy is lacking. The private hire taxis; if you don’t call the driver Ssebo, they decline to take you where you are going.

Reminded of an episode I had at Mombasa. I called the woman selling the stuff “we!” coz when the Nairobians don’t know your name we use the word “We”. Needless to say I had a bit of tongue lashing from her.

Generally, there is no aggressiveness in business is lacking and everyone is just too slow.

When a Nairobian asks for a beer, he/she wants it immediately!!!

I visited one club since I had only one free night. Ange Noir. Boy ooh boy the Ugandans can club. And they don’t go to sip beer and sit down like all these Nairobians; They Dance. The entrance is 15,000 Ugandan Shillings.

A snide remark was made that Kenyans are proud; Ati we were dancing with maring’o. Now how?


Jay Z and Beyonce are about/have broken up. Listening to the song Lost Ones from Jay Z saying she loved work more than she did him. I just thought; either way we look at it Work is a bitch; would never love work more than I do him.

Ugandan Blog to make your day


Hats tip White African

Ugandan Designer with a helluva talent; Sylvia Owori. I saw her designs in a magazine that I believe she publishes and I can say they are ultimately breath taking. I want some of those.


To learn all crimes commitable in Uganda. Read Gish version


Any more Uganda?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Time to post

First Happy Belated Birthday to



A while ago i never saw birthdays having so much ado, but after realizing that life is not to be taken for granted, well i turned the leaf.

I have lately discovered something very not flattering. I have been accused of "katiaring men".

Last week, an acquitance of mine came and asked me "when shall we?". Now me who is slow to understand things asked him "What do you mean?"

He is like ati "Si the way you look at me"

The truth is if i ever looked at him in whatever manner, i didn't not intend to pass on that message knowingly or unknowingly.

So we had this convo with a friend of mine (a dude) after just having the same experience with a guy i hardly know. That one accused me of "being h**ny".

This is the how the conversation went
Him: You must have been high last night at the club
Me: No i wasn't.

Him: I wish yu had agreed to stay a little bit at the club
Me: Why?

Him: Because you would not have slept at all
Me: Why do you say that?

Him: You looked quite ho**y

Obviously and honestly i don't remember been/looking or even thinking or moreso we can't have been in the same wavelength with this guy.

So having this conversation with my friend. He told me that because i look at men straight in the eye, make them feel comfortable around me (well thats with everyone) and they think i want them.

I don't even understand the situation i am in, in the first place!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Street Economy

You never know what tomorrow will bring; so act today. That’s how I am feeling today. I was going to write a post on the street economy. The economy that the majority of our country’s sons and daughters thrive on.

That brings me to the question of street traders (call them hawkers). In the last 2 days we have witnessed to what to me seems like a public interest exercise. I witnessed and saw on TV some GSU hammer a street trader mercilessly as if the person has committed a crime against humanity. There is now a public declaration that anyone buying merchandise from the hawkers is to be fined 10,000 Ksh. or spend their days in some cell for 3 months. How enforceable that is, is a question for the courts.

Street trading is a two by two enterprise. They bring what they have on the streets and we buy their wares at cheap prices. Either way we all gain, if you think about it. Whether we like or not, street traders are here to stay. We engage in buying and selling in their wares in sheer pleasure. Infact the truth is many families are today being fed off the street.

What we should be asking ourselves then is “why do persons engage in street trading?”. The reason is simple; Convenience. The wares are on the street, I can pick the items after work. Second reason; Costs.

When the Government kicks out the street traders from the streets in the manner they do; I see a violation of a basic right. The Economic right. The Middle class everywhere in the world would love to stay in a good environment, forget the poor, and do nothing about it. Ignore the problems of the poor and you will forever put on those concrete walls several inches that Wangari Maathai was complaining about.

Anyone who has tried to do business in town can tell you; Rent per day could be as high as a Thousand Shillings. Count taxes and council fees then you end up with no profit. Doing business in town is a preserve of the rich, period! Yet you have a mass that is highly educated, yet there are no jobs to do. The number soars everyday you hear there is a graduation at some college or university.

The government then gives them an alternative of going to the backside of the Ngara Market. The street traders may have gone to no Business School but they no for sure their customers will not go to that side of town. That is why they refuse vehemently to go there. What Musikari Kombo & the city Hall Fathers sitting in their privileged leather seats see is a crime cartel. To me, it is just someone protesting against apparent denial of a right to live and earn.

I for one will admit to opposing the street traders for one fact. They breed crime and that is my main worry.

But think about it critically. What about their children? What about their daily living? Would you go to the streets to trade if you had an alternative? How would you like your friends seeing you shouting “Mia, Mia , Soo, ya mwisho, bei ya jioni” Obviously you wouldn’t ! it is not easy for anyone. Yet many have been rescued from committing crimes by engaging in street trading. Can you brave the merciless whipping from the city council askaris?

The City hall fathers should look for an alternative inside town where many can reach them. Convert a building into a hawkers market and place them there. Location, location, location is important to any business. Let them live and Earn!!!

The Mayor of Nairobi Goes Mad

Just what would be the justification of hiking the parking fees from 70/= to Ksh. 140 everyday? That is totally ridiculous. Whatever it is they are taking at City Hall should be withdrawn.

Monday, October 16, 2006

How to the Kenyan Way.........Part II

How to the Kenyan way ………….Part II


One day I was feeling quite patriotic (like I do most of the times when I am not in a goddamn jam for 2 hours!!! ) so there is a shop just next to Rock Collection at 20th Century. For those who don’t know Rock collection is the duka you go to when you have a date at 20th and zoob at all those clothes at amazing prices. Talk to the shop attendant and promise to “come back soon”. When you are zoobing at 20th you have the option of

Going to that jewellery shop and asking the price of every gold ring, silver rings, bracelets et al to the mhindi bargain as hard as you can then leave as soon as you see your date. Also promising to come back soon.

There is a cyber café on the corner that charges 80 cents for non members and 50 cents for members. Eiish this members thing. But for some of us who the www is like home window shopping is the alternative. Once I get into a cyber, you might have to wait for an hour.

I digress

Now just next to Rock collection, there is a shop (whose name I forget) that sells Kenyan Music CDs. So I go ready to buy a Kenyan CD for the first time in my life (what with KISS FM). I am told Jua Kali and that brown haired guy pilipili have both released their album. I think “great!” It is going to be easier than I thought.

So I pick up several Cds, unfortunately most of their songs have already been over played by KISS. I get a bad feeling and leave without buying any. I might just go back there for the Kevin Wyre one. But I was very disappointed.

What I am saying is “the only way to sell your music, is NOT GIVE it to KISS. Or, give them just one single or release your album simultaneous to the releasing the single to KISS.

I do not care for the damn Excuses. I don’t care really!!!!! Just get the album ready in time, stop being Lazy!

Thinking of it, can any good Kenyan tell me where the hell I can get Acolyte a Jua- Cali T-shirt? I thought it was easy business until I started looking for one.

How to break Up a Great Kenyan Music Crew






These three kids disappointed me in no way any other group did. Whatever differences you cited, you are still wrong. Great Opportunity=Wrong people. That is the way I see it.

Unnecessary Noise

We loved you but you still broke up. How many artistes make it to the front of the newspapers? But you did, it wasn’t enough I guess.


Is it me or Kenyans are down right a mediocre people sometimes!!!

True Love VS Eve Magazine

TL is a South African magazine literally even their names sell them. What I am saying. TL hits the streets like one week to the next month. As in by end of September, the October issue is on the streets.

Eve is Kenyan owned. The magazines hit the streets one week later. WTF!!!!

I have a choice every month to buy either of the two magazines. Young Eve now and TL. At least for Drum, it is automatic. So your bet is as good as mine.

During the first week, people like me are buying things like magazines and all. By second week we are almost broke, having paid bills et al., we are thinking of surviving the next two weeks. And in their wisdom and I guess lack of tact they release the Eve magazines then?” By then even the salons have their copies and will read it there.

A simple marketing strategy is lost to them, as simple as watching what your business rival is doing and beating them at it!!!!! We have a problem

As if not enough, get Yvonne Wamalwa to do your cover model. Are there no other stories. Kwani that Mike story will be told for how many years? Ingalau the 24 sexiest Kenyans IMHO, however annoying

The Making of Kenyan soaps

I don’t hide my love for Cuandos and co….soaps. I however refuse to watch Wingu la Moto and other Kenyan soaps before and after it. The only Kenyan show that jazz me apart from Vioja and co. is Makutano Junction. It is friggin funny. If you haven’t watched it., get you ass down and do. Evey Thursday on KBC station at 7.35 p.m.

Lets be realistic, Actresses can not look like me and you. The women in Cuandos are off the hook. They look like work of Art. Looks in actresses cannot be overstated, make it up if it doesn’t exist. We cannot have an actress who looks worse than we already look or wearing clothes that look quite out of “the street escapades we engage in after work”.

I don’t think we can over emphasize but to be really an actress, the power to be extra ordinary (look Halle Berry) at whatever lengths should not be ignored.

And i love those dudes in Better days.

How to spoil a good blog

Aka Nick quits bloggin (pun intended).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


After a 2 year Wait . Sometimes you wait for something for too long. I am being admitted to the Bar.

I cannot say how a major leap that is in my life. Some will ask is it for financial, material gain. I say No, it is the satisfaction that you could change somebody's life.

So will you pop that champagne.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Elusive Equality

Women continuously seek equality with men. There are many sayings coined to the effect “What a man can do, a woman can do better” I do agree and in fact many women are testimony that women are as brainy/excellent as men if not better. But there are some things women do that make me wonder if in fact the woman is an inferior being or what it is that could be wrong with them. Without further ado;


I have very few CLOSE female friends for this very reason. Women love to backstab others. If you hear someone under estimating the achievements of another, it is likely to be a woman. Women will backstab anyone, their sisters, mothers, friends, best of friends et cetera. They have little regard for friendships and why you cannot backstab your best friend because they are your best friends. Enough said


There are in fact some women who think the power is in the vagina. They have no regard to common working hard theories. If at all the promotion is held up by your thighs, common sense dictates that you move to another company. I mean if your company doesn’t appreciate your hard work and your boss thinks the only way you can move up is by sharing a leg, move!

Do not punish the rest of the female folk in make men believe the only way women can move up is by sharing a leg. Shame! Shame! Shame!


There is a verse in the bible that says “Gossip is so tasty, how we love to swallow it” Nothing justifies gossip whoever is involved in it. Gossip only creates enemies it has never ended well. Avoid it the same way you avoid fire. Gossip of especially your friends should end. Many boyfriends will admit having to listen to endless gossip of her chic’s girlfriends. I wonder if that makes him love them or hate them, you make him curious.


Gosh! The only time you sleep with your mates’ boyfriend or husband when you are trapped in a house, which has collapsed, and you have a few hours remaining and you both share a dream that you would love to die in ecstasy. I know a couple of girls who share their friend’s man to prove they are prettier or whatever shit they want to prove? If it’s your mate’s, sister’s boyfriend, leave him!

INCEST is a crime in Kenya. So you are not allowed to have your brother. In the same light, respect your sisters in law. When your brother wanted to marry he probably did not ask for your permission, in the same breath, you cannot continue accusing your sisters –in- law of poisoning, witchcraft and whatever else you wish to. It is wrong to cause your asisters-in-law a nightmarish life just because they married your brother.

Whether she trapped him, is a standard two drop out, dresses shao, misplaced dental formula, as fat as a bull, your brother chose her to be the wife. Stop it!!!!

Women are their own worst enemies. It cannot be overemphasized. And that keeps women down, pulls them to the bottom and they then blame men and lack of laws to protect them.

Be wise, stop being the ordinary woman by at least stopping any of the above.

I am reading this book The Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl now. Interesting stuff.

Building your reputation

This post is lifted out of www.askmen.com.

To race on the autobahn, would you choose to drive a 6-cylinder jeep or a Ferrari? Obviously, a Ferrari would win over a jeep, even the fastest jeep, right? Ironically, although decreasing their odds of winning, many smart men are choosing to wear jeep-like clothing when racing around conducting business -- even in today's highly competitive business environment.

Business is a game. What you wear is one of your first moves, a fundamental strategy in order to win. Just as the best sports equipment can help an athlete gain the competitive edge, stylish businesslike apparel adds horsepower and panache, giving you a leg up in your career.

Let’s not get naked

Unless you work in a nudist colony or you're a porn star, wearing clothing is not optional; it's compulsory. As Mark Twain said, "Naked people have little or no influence on society." So why not let clothing work in your favor, like an advantageous asset? Your odds of winning raises and promotions -- of getting ahead in any career -- only increase when you pay attention to your workplace image.

The road signs have changed. Today's business environment calls for a man to be "Situationally Sensitive" to diverse ways of dressing. Traditional business attire lives on. Yet, business casual has never been so popular. Watch out, however, as dressing down has its pitfalls.

Millions are suffering from Casual Confusion Syndrome (CCS). The afflicted are mistakenly buying into the "casual" myth that their attire, or their overall image, makes no difference in their success potential or their performance on the job.

You are the force

Like bald tires on a car, another popular fable that endangers your power to get ahead is this thought: in today's digital dot-com world, how you dress doesn't matter. If that's true, why are millions of dollars spent on web site visuals? In fact, you are the walking "home page" of your personal web site.

Your image is also a web page of your company's site. Do others click on you for the answers, the ability to get the job done, or do they surf on?

First impressions and the visual aspect have never been more critical than they are today. Thanks to the technology explosion, business moves at a faster pace than it did even a decade ago. Harry Beckwith, author of Selling The Invisible, says that people do not simply form impressions, they become anchored to them.

Beckwith claims that busy people -- almost all people today -- are apt to make snap judgments, and then base all their later decisions on them. Can you afford a negative impression? No, not when you consider that your success is often tied to others' perceptions of you. A prominent CEO recently said, "If people only knew that it can take two years to undo one negative impression, surely they would try harder."

In less than thirty seconds, you've been judged

As people, we like to know what's going on around us. With antennas up, we continually seek data about our environment, including other people. Whether conscious or not, we consistently read other people; usually not to be judgmental, but to gain information about them.

Based on visual clues from others' attire, grooming, posture, and demeanor, we unconsciously assess who we think they are. Then we decide how we are going to respond or treat them -- all in a matter of seconds.

Communication statistics show that in only five to thirty seconds, three things are determined about you, whether accurate or not: 1) Your Socioeconomic Status 2) Your Educational Level 3) Your Desirability.

Although this process may or may not be conscious, in the end we all tend to associate well-dressed individuals with intelligence, attractiveness and achievement. Thus, those folks are granted more opportunities to prove themselves.

What are you wearing?

What exactly does that mean for ambitious men who want to get ahead in their careers? Start by thinking of your goals and just how fast you want to achieve them. In the race for success, do you want be perceived as ordinary or extraordinary?

If your favorite workplace-wear includes jeans and T-shirts, you are at risk of stalling out, getting pushed into the slow lane or off the road completely. Even wearing khakis and golf shirts can relegate you to the ordinary zone. Dressing casually, being comfortable, and appearing exceptionally well-dressed and businesslike is not an oxymoron.

Faced with more apparel choices than ever before, many men feel puzzled over how to put together a casual outfit that sets them apart. To command respect and add an air of authority to your overall image, follow these five power-up tips when dressing down for business.

Add power to your casual image

Tailored jackets

Jackets can always be removed if you want to appear more casual.

Quality shirts

Shirts speak volumes; they take center stage when you're not wearing a jacket. Tumble-dried collars do not place you neck and neck with the winners in the race for success.

Dressy trousers

Power up with well-balanced, high-quality trousers; avoid cheap polyester varieties unless you want to signal that you don't mind being walked on. Polyester's main claim to fame: carpets.

Stylish all-leather shoes

Shoes reveal your secrets and are primary indicators of your socioeconomic status. To look like a winner, buy quality shoes and keep them in mint condition.

Leather belts

Choose belts that are expensive -looking -- in the same color tone as your shoes.

You are what you appear

Like it or not, your image is linked to your success potential. Clothing is a primary communicator with its own coded language. It can signal that you are a leader with winning potential, or it can scream that you're a loser.

If your clothing is waving the loser flag, the brakes are on. You have to work extra hard to command respect and inspire trust.

Steer your career into the fast lane. Maximize your horsepower by powering up your image today. Be consistent, power up every day, and enjoy being a winner. What's more, be a magnet for success and greater acheivement.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things that could possibly turn off any woman

In bed……………

In the usual style of G.I.M. (Girl in the Meadow) which I am sure by now are accustomed to, anything goes. She has been avoiding controversy and men baying for her blood since the post that declared Kenyan men cheap and the Artur fiasco of the gold (en) brothers, she is back with a not so bad one, just a few tips. Don’t take it personal please!

Shiroh had edged out G.I.M. It’s her time back?!

This post earned G.I.M many names gold digger just being one, Milo and Nick insisting I buy them lunch to prove that I never meant girls should not foot the bill (Which I did at a Nrb West restaurant) and ooh much more. Haiyaiii I was only saying the truth but still…….. I suffered!

Most of what I write here is from my girlfriends experiences as narrated to G.I.M. Resemblances to any characters…….you know how it goes.

Complete Turnoffs


There are things we call “Cosi”, I don’t know what it means maybe costume or something. They go by many names but one of the most notorious ones is the COWBOY. For friggin sake, Cowboy? Wearing cowboy is an effective family planning method. One of my sources (yes, I do research!) says it is a complete turnoff. A grown man in Cowboy! What you say?

Boxers, boxers, boxers., Period!

Sweaty armpits

When they said a man should have a natural scent, did they really mean sweaty armpits? I dunno what’s the solution to this but c’mon wash up or do something! Just don’t suffocate her with your sweat. There are sweaty bodies everywhere, in the buses, co-workers and now you!

Your Super Ex-Girlfriend

Every man has this frigging story of the super-Ex bedroom super tactics. You know what brothers, sometimes she fak’d it till she made it. We are like that, it pleases you. Whatever rock n’ roll, up and down acrobatics moves she made is over! If you are not pleased now, say it! Super hints don’t work here. Talking about your super- ex, everyone has a supposed super –lover even if it’s just an imagination doesn’t say anything. If you don’t know this talk tortures the gals. How is it if the chic could tell you about my super ex was such a stud and he did elbow discovery (KM 2006) and much more. And you still haven’t discovered the insides of the thighs as yet?

Leaving the CD

CDs should be on reach. Enough said!

There is a forward email that advises men to leave the CD in the cars or rather that’s the moral of the story. Now that particular situation saved the day. Lakini how serious can a man be to leave the CDs in the wardrobe or somewhere else. Aaiih please. Unless of course it is unexpected but even so…..

Love first not lust fast

This one was inspired by this post by Supaflyshi


Some men are greedy; others are not, most pretend not to be (which is all good).

It is the greedy ones that I am talking about. We spend about 6-7 hours cultivating hunger to eat a meal. And when the meal is finally on the table, we spend another 10 minutes giving thanks. Then finally consumption happens

Now there are some men (obviously they don’t blog), who like going for the meal first. They don’t want to cut the carrots, the kitunguu, fry the mafuta, and agonizingly wait for it to be cooked. They want the food immediately!!! Washindwe hao!

Obviously the hunter has to move slowly only pouncing on the victim when it’s quite unaware of the danger.

Anything else spoils the broth. Patience!!!!

Now over to the men, say IT! Just the way it is. I wish I was on both sides of the divide but I am not!!! Yeah I am as straight as the Babylon Tower.

(Peace out) What?

Side Bar

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