Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Madeline Test

She is one of your girlfriends , she is hot yet she is a real Madeline. I call her Madeline from a movie i once watched. The Madeline test is that which you take your boyfriend to be through to make sure that your future around him and your girl friend is secure.This woman will make sure she flirts with every man that is in your life or is about to enter your life. Her major quality is that probably unlike you she fronts what she has because she is hot.
It took me a friend of mine to realize how the Madelines of this world are dangerous. Babe would endless flirt with all her current, future and past boyfies.And yet she retained her as a friend. Reason "she is forever happening." So now every dude had to pass this test to go to the next stage. And you know what they all failed the test. What do i say?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kenyan Meme


1. Who do you think is to blame Kenya’s economic and political woes?
I have no particular person to blame

PERIOD FROM 1963-1978
Kenya was still a young country still enjoying a lot of aid. It was at this time Kenya must have experienced most economic growth. At this time what faced Kenya were the 3, Ignorance, Poverty and disease.

Kenya was then ruled by the former president Daniel Arap Moi. I would like to blame the economic woes on this guy but it would be all unfair. At this time there was wide population growth and lower mortality rates thanks to better health. However the Mzee deliberately by immense corruption, nepotism run down key Government parastatals which were highly important for farmers especially as Agriculture is the main stay of Kenyan economy. Political woes in this era were occasioned by totalitarian ways of that regime. We saw political oppression of great persons like Matiba and anybody else who tried to open their mouths against that regime.

I am convinced there is slight economic growth. However, the economic growth has not tickled down to the ordinary mwananchi who feels that there are worse off than when the previous Government was in power.

Slow economic growth is occasioned by incessant wrangling among the members of the coalition Government and a weak presidency hence lost investor confidence.
Political woes of this regime are constant bickering, Self defeating nonsensical politics, money mindedness of the wakubwas and selfishness. It is to be noted that this goes to individualism of our current crop of leaders rather than oppression from any quarters. Do we call it immature democracy?

2. If you were to be the president of Kenya what would you radically change?
I have a feeling that infrastructure is lacking in Kenya; by this I mean the Road Network, Telecommunications sector, and Technological advancement. It would be effortless to try to fight poverty without looking into these sectors. Trade would tremendously improve if the costs of communication went down.

Dealing with the attitude, replacing, “I am here to eat” with “I am working for my country”.

Health- A country must have a healthy nation to enable it grow.

POVERTY: this would call in strategy mission in eradication of the same by for example

Education – it would go a long way in self empowering Kenyans

Small Micro Enterprises- this would enhances growth in small enterprises which are always in great danger of being swallowed by the big. Imagine trying to compete with Price Water House Coopers as a small accountancy firm, (only LAWYERS have been able to do that).

Business conducive environment- Kenyans still pay high taxes ( can you imagine in the small Barbados VAT is 7.5%) compared to Kenya’s 16% corporate tax is 30% out of 10 bob, you give the Government 3 bob and there is nothing to show for it, red tape and bureaucracy would have to go.

3. What do you think Kenyan leaders are lacking in terms of leadership quality?
They lack commitment, eloquence and selflessness.

4. Have you gone to through the new constitution?
Sincerely just a few parts, now I have to endeavor to go through it.

5. If so, how do you think it could change people’s lives?
See number 4.

6. Is G8 going to make poverty history in Kenya for example?
I don’t think so. Until they stop interfering with my country and cancel debt and still I don’t know how they could change my country unless they agree to do some little things for my country like for example Technology Transfer. I am sorry if I am underscoring it but I visited www.makepovertyhistory.org and my blogmate MOCHA says not any black artiste will be allowed to perform. I am the least convinced that it is not just a gimmick “We Love Africa”.

7. How can you as a Kenyan make a difference in this country?
Avoid corruption
Keep environment clean by not polluting it.
Promoting Work Ethic
Voting wisely

8. Who would you like to be your next president?
I have no one in particular, but I think I will yes, be voting for Kibaki man.

9. I love my country because……..
We are a unique people, no extremely cold winters, nor hot summers. People are truly warm and care about each other. I love it, when I don’t think about those undeserving politicians running it down.
And, as Michael Joseph said….We are a peculiar people.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Women are.....

Women are
Warm hearted

Women are also……

Women can
Make you extremely happy
Love you unconditionally
Make you successful

Women can also……..
Ruin your life
Love you for your money
Rip you of everything you have

And the list is endless…be careful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mexican soaps

Kenyan women and Mexican soaps. Let me confess i have watched these soaps; Camilla , Maria De los Angeles, La Muher de Lorenzo, The Promise and i guess i will be watching The Long Wait.
I guess why i love mexican soaps is the plotting and bad women. This women represent what we all want to be Powerful , Beautiful , Manipulating, and the men handsome, wooi they cry and are stupid do not seem to know about their bitchy lovers/wives.
I can't even start to believe The Promise is about to end, to be honest for the last seven or so months i have been held hostage by this soap at about 9.45 p.m every mondayand Tuesday.
Long live Mexican Soaps.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Ms K's wisdom

He who angers you controls you, thanks Nicho and of course Ms k for your wisdom.I am not plugiarizin am i ?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

what the hell?

Two things that have left me bewildered this week

1. A comment by Raju Umaheshwar in the Watchman Daily Nation
Women in the Nairobi club now have voting rights 104 years after it’s establishment.

2.The marriage of a 15 year old
“She is now ripe for marriage”, the men were heard to say.

Meanwhile a fight ensued at a roadside involving a man and two women who were heard to say “wacha turarue mwanaume’ let us tear off this man.

Are we having a battle of the sexes. To me all it looked like the women were
committing assault (a crime in Kenya) but to the men it was almost abominable that a man was being beaten by women.

I would like actually love to think that Men are the cause of women’s problems but the truth glaring at me, is that women are actually the biggest cause of women’s problems. Look at the case of the 15 year old, if her mother never wanted her to get married she could have what was there to be done to ensure that did not happen. After all she is a direct beneficially of whatever problems early marriages cause. It is actually arguable.

Meanwhile I continue to sit here, keep working for MY BETTERMENT and like everyone else curse those who did that to poor little girl and within a week I will have forgotten. Infact she got lucky that the press highlighted her situation because donor aided NGO’S will move with a supersonic speed to rescue her. That will be good press for them.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Walking Away

If you walk away,
Will I be strong enough,
To let you go,
Will I be friend enough,
To let you have what you want,
And that is not me.

Will you hear me cry,
Will you remember what you promised,
That you will never leave me,
Or will you follow your heart,
To be with the one you have always loved,

If I say goodbye,
Will you say , I never loved you enough,
To let you walk away,
That I should have fought for what I had,
I can only have yesterday
For today is no more
And I don’t want to let you go