Tuesday, November 29, 2005


There are several things about myself i care to admit

That i can be incredibly lAzy
I would rather sleep
I am imperfect
I hardly tolerate HUman imperfections
That i don't act my AGE.
If i cared to WOrk HArder, i would regret LEss
THat if i wasn't a bit BRIght, everyone WOUld realize that I AM laZY
THat is the REAson i am browsing at WOrk
I hardly LOve
I PROtect myself ReaLLY,THat is WHY the above is TRue
I hate being told I AM laZY
BECause it is TRue
I am on MY Way to recovery
I EAsily get DEPressed
I taKE THIngs personally
I wish i was born in a RICH famiLY
I am a bit SELfish
It is hard to notice the ABove
I can hardly keep quiet
IF I am not talking, i am writing
I THink a LOt
I easily drift away during sermons
That is why I WOULD easily forget where i just placed my keys
OOH I FOrget a lot
I only Lie when i have a reason
I like people
I don't like most of my relatives
But i know they are important
That i have been lucky at least for most of my life
That my biggest fear is POVERTY
That i can be a MORALIST
That some parents tell their daughters to look upto me
THat i was called to a school to encourage KCPE candidates
I am not a conformist
Hence the worst employee you will ever have, but i didn't say this
The word PLANNING only appears in the dictionary and have no bearing on me
That i hadn't planned to write this
KBW is like home
I can be a best friend
People trust me easily
That cannot be said of me, i hardly trust anyone.
That i also have a blogcrush
I wrote this to get it out of my chest.

Monday, November 28, 2005


A moment of silence for Peter F. Drucker, didn't know he succumbed on November 11th. The father of modern management best known for his influential quotes on management.
He separated what he called as "Managers" and "Leaders"

A malawian friend of mine tells me if there is one thing Kenyans are good at is lying. Wella, when a Kenyan man says"I Love You" you can never be sure what he loves...say nothing i don't know just how Malawians are but ...

A good number of work going Kenyans in the morning opened their windows to receive a free copy of advertiser. Ooh how we love free things.

The last time i checked there were deodorants costing around 100 bob, but this guy i was seated next to in a mat couldn't resist not using man..It was the longest journey to town.

Have a virtuous week

Friday, November 25, 2005


Today is my Bros birthday . He is turning FOUR. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows I LOVE MY BRO. I will post pics of him next week. He is a lovely boy. One day i will tell you why he is so special to me.

For all those KBW members who are having their birthday this month. Enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I am not talking, not at least in our office. Everyone here is screaming some unintelligible words like " Kikuyu Oriti". I fail to understand how one tribe is a thorn in the flesh for a whole 50+ tribes in Kenya. So what is the celebration, Kikuyus lost or what?

Well i am not going to be spare my words here, it is fairly simple, it is a shame that 40+ tribes in Kenya could only deliver 1M more votes, meaning if we all voted we could have done it alone. I am sorry i am getting all tribal now but you know i have realized this damn process was all about tribe and tribal affiliation.

Either way someone is DAMN LYING and that man's name is RAILA. He has proved to me , that a person can fool the same people ALL THE TIME. Whatever MEN! I didn't believe that YES was going through but for totallly different reasons which had nothing to do with tribal affiliations.

Anyway Kenyans you were to lose,either way you voted. If you voted well you would have ended up with a Wanjiku Constitution, who said Wanjiku can make a constitution??? WTF does Wanjiku know about making a LAW? By voting NO you were voting for PERSONAL INTERESTS. No one of those LUMINARIES or whatever they are calling them? SAME OLD SHIT. You need votes, hook up tribal BIGWIGS (IS IT?). I am so grateful that Kibaki went this all alone, at least he can get rid of all those BUFFOONS he calls ministerswithout any FEAR OR FAVOUR. No one will ever say that he owes him a favour.

Some people argue if Kibaki went it alone, he could have lost,. True but think of it this way IF Raila was the chosen candidate, he couldn't have gone past LUO Nyanza!!

That is Tribal Politics and i hate it but that is how it is.HATE IT OR LOVE IT.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Still Around

Hey guys, i am sorry i am not able to post regularly as i used to. Just a bit busy, last time when i was around Nick Boo, was claiming that he has declared war on Sandman but it seemed him and Saurabh were getting the best of each other. Guess had a blog crush in none other than the indefatigable Milo...wewe seems this is not going well with Nick no wonder he is having that IMS, sorry bro pamoja jo.

Anyway just up and about, a bit disoriented but will get there. Miss all of you, the wise words of Poi and Prousette. See MJY is back to business, but she didn't say where she was, don't we all demand an explanation. Anyway word has it that after dissing her about her clocks, she didn't take it all too well. This is what at least Akiey thinks and all this was Mshairi's doing. Thanks people she didn't execute her threats.

Everyone seems to be doing that what do you want to know about me, if you don't believe me, that is exactly what Thinker has been upto. At least there is one thing i wanna know about this guy, what did Chris Murungaru do to him?

So guys have a nice week. Hope to be back soon

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

God My Father

If you have no father, don't worry God is the father
If your father neglects you, you have nothing to be depressed about, God your father will never neglect you
If you have no job , no godfather to help you get one, Ask God to be your God father
Walking alone in the dark, your father says 'don't be afraid for i am with you'
Feeling hurt and you have no one to talk to, tell it to God, He will take away the hurt
Your deepest secrets tell them to Him and he will never tell anyone

When all hope is gone, He will give you hope
When all your friends have deserted you, He will be your friend
You have done something terribly bad and you are worried, ask for His forgiveness
You are not sure about something , ask Him He will guide you
He says I am the Lord

All you have to do is seek Him, pray to Him and be humble before Him
Do what He tells you to do
Listen to Him
Learn to love Him 'with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength'
He will be your shield and strength when you will oftenly need Him to be
He will protect you from all dangers
Have reverence for the Lord and you shall live well