Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The girl in the meadow

The Girl in the Meadow
the original story

A short story for young children and their parents

Early one morning Samar set out to spend the day at her favorite place with a dear friend who lived there.

As she started on her way, she met the Teevee Tots who lived next door.

“Hi Samar”, they said.

“I am watching movies on the downstairs TV”, said the younger Tot.

“I am playing video games on the upstairs TV”, said the eldest Tot.

“Later on, we will go to the store to buy more movies and video games”, they said.

“Come spend the day with us”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

Next she met the Toy Twins who lived a few houses down.

“Hi Samar”, they said.

“I am playing with my new dolls”, said one twin.

“I am playing with my toy tanks and guns”, said the other twin.

“Later on, we will go to the store to buy more toys”, they said.

“Come spend the day with us”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

Farther down, Samar met Lil’ Kid Candy.

“Hi Samar”, she said.

“I have lots of candies and cookies and chips and soda”.

“Later today, I will go to the store to buy more candies”, she said.

“Come spend the day with me”.

“Thank you”, said Samar, “ but I am spending the day at my favorite place with a friend who lives there”.

After a long walk, Samar at last, reached her favorite place. It was a peaceful meadow with trees and bushes and soft, green grass. Near one corner of the meadow stood Samar’s friend: a tall, shady tree. She had called it her “Best Friend Tree” ever since she had first seen it.

Samar sat under the tree and wrote short stories and poems in her diary. She read her favorite books. She drew the clouds and the sky in her drawing book. She made a postcard for her grandmother, who lived now among the clouds above.

She ran fun races amid the trees, touching the flowers in her swift path. And after she had won her races, she sat under her tree, and ate ripe raspberries.

A few days later Samar once again set out to her favorite place and her tree.

Once again she met the Teevee Tots next door. Again they asked her to join them as they watched TV and movies, and played video games.

Again, Samar politely said No. But before she moved on, Samar added: “Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place? I know you will like it”.

“Can we bring a small TV with us? We don’t go anywhere without it!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

The Tots, with their beloved small TV, set out with Samar.

Next they met the Toy Twins who again asked Samar to join them as they played with their new toys.

“Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place? I know you will like it”, she added.

“Can we bring our toys? We don’t go anywhere without them!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

The Twins, laden with toys, soon set out with Samar.

Finally they met Lil’ Kid Candy who asked Samar to join her as she ate candies and snacks.

And again, Samar said: “Why don’t you come with me to my favorite place. I know you will like it”.

“Can I bring some cookies and lollipops and some chocolate bars? I don’t go anywhere without them!”

“You can, if you want to”, said Samar.

And Lil’ Kid Candy, with a sackful of sweet snacks, also joined Samar and the others.

After a long walk, the children finally reached the meadow. At first, Samar’s friends did not know what to do. They quietly followed Samar as she walked towards her tree. Slowly they began to touch and smell the flowers. They gazed at the clouds drifting gently above them. Next they sat around Samar’s tree and listened to her read. Then they took turns reading books and writing poems. Their beloved things lay forgotten in one corner. They sang and drew the clouds and ran fun races. And when all of them had won the races, they sat under Samar’s tree, and ate ripe raspberries.

Many, many years later, Samar started out one morning for her favorite place and her best friend tree. With her was her little granddaughter, Jhanavi.

They reached the meadow after a long while, for Samar walked slowly now. They sat under Samar’s tree. Jhanavi drew the clouds and Samar made postcards for her mother and father, who lived now among the clouds.

With them were scores of other people: Samar’s friends from long ago, and their friends, and their friend’s friends. There they lingered, drawing clouds, reading books, making postcards, running races.

And in the soft evening light, Samar saw the little girl who many, many years ago read, drew, wrote, ran races, and ate ripe raspberries under her tree in the meadow. She closed her eyes on the memory and smiled.


My president's gone crazy

i was unable to comprehend this one yeah but it was in the news yesterday Biwott is going to join the Government word has it that the grand old man can no longer pass any bill any parliament. And so some MKM has advised him to bring good old Biwott in the scene for me that is a kick of a dying horse nothing more nothing less. Not that i hold anything against TOTAL MAN. I think my President is now officially suffering from an old age problem which i forget, but i'm still hoping that the news tonight does not confirm that actually he is sick.

Monday, April 25, 2005

the four agreements

been a good weekend though uneventful .

This code of life is rather exhaustive i had nothing to add


Agreement 1

Be impeccable with your word - Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

Agreement 2

Don’t take anything personally - Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Agreement 3

Don’t make assumptions - Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

Agreement 4

Always do your best - Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

attitude is everything

something sensible .self development is a part of me and a part of many people either, i have been trying to figure out what attitude is all bout and i got this cool article

your attitude activates the other keys to success:

Confidence. Can you be confident and persuasive if you're not optimistic? I don't believe so. The confident person believes in his or her abilities and strides forward with the expectation of success. Others can see and feel that confidence. Negativity breeds doubt and hesitancy.

Persistence. We all know the value of making repeated attempts until we reach our objective. Why on earth would you persist if you didn't believe you'd succeed in the long run? Optimism leads to persistence. Negative people give up at the first sign of trouble because they feel there's no use in making further efforts.

Resiliency. Getting back on your feet when you've been knocked down - that's surely one of the most important success principles. Those who are negative get even more pessimistic when things don't go as planned. Positive people get frustrated temporarily … and then they look for the opportunity or learning that comes from adversity. I've also discovered that those who are extremely positive don't resist life's events, curse their fate or bemoan how bad things always happen to them. Instead, they believe that everything happens for a reason. This approach helps them to overcome setbacks and "go with the flow."

Courage. There's no sustained success without courage. When you believe you can do something, you have the courage to move forward despite being afraid. Negative people, on the other hand, tend to back away from their fears and thus sabotage their potential.

Enthusiasm and Energy. Show me a person with a dynamic, positive attitude and I'll show you someone who is energetic and, in all likelihood, enthused about what he or she is doing. These people have a spring in their step and you feel better just by being around them. How many negative people do you know that you'd describe as energetic and enthusiastic? How many negative people do you look forward to being around … just because they give you such a boost each time you're with them? None, I'll bet. Negativity is an energy drain, while optimism is an energy enhancer.

Health. This is one of those relationships that you have to experience for yourself to appreciate. We all know times in our lives when we got sick because we were under significant stress and consumed with negativity. The truth is, the cells of your body literally come alive when you're positive.

Encouraging Others. As you begin to see and use more of your own potential, you're also able to see the greatness that lies within each individual. You have faith in the ability of others, and they pick up on that! Furthermore, the positive person is a far more effective leader. Would you want to follow someone who didn't believe in what they were doing … or who expected a negative outcome? Of course not.

Gratitude. When your outlook is negative, you tend to focus your attention on what is "wrong" with your life and you don't appreciate the beauty that is all around you. As you become more positive, you're in awe of the beauty and you walk around with a sense of wonder. Positive people appreciate everything more. They also find that they feel better when they're dwelling on their blessings, rather than complaining and finding fault.

Perspective. This is a logical progression from your increasing feelings of gratitude. You appreciate the many positives in your life and recognize that they far outweigh any problems or temporary inconveniences. You don't make a big fuss over a flat tire or a lost sale because you know that they pale in importance to your health, your freedom and your friends and family.

"Approachability." Think of the negative people you encounter every day. These individuals have a frown and you don't feel any warmth emanating from them. They create distance. The optimistic person, on the other hand, initiates a smile, and you tend to smile right back! You feel a certain connection with positive people and enjoy the time you spend with them.

Spiritual Growth. People who make the commitment to develop their attitude invariably experience heightened spiritual awareness. Negative, unhappy people simply do not find a meaningful connection with a Higher Power. However, when you're filled with positive thoughts and feelings, you begin to appreciate yourself and others more. You begin to sense that there's a purpose behind everything and that you are part of a bigger plan. You also trust your intuition more and realize that you're receiving guidance on your journey.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Today I feel like some politics. These are the main players in the scene in the ascending order

These are just a bunch of lakeside mafias(marionettes is only for the Mt.Kenya club, I ain’t sure if they qualify to be mafias but I will give them the benefit of doubt) who due to either their physical, emotional or social orientation cannot make the right decisions for their people . I don’t know what drives them for sure, but power must be one of them. As far as I am concerned the only thing I remember hearing them say is that the Govt broke their M.O.U and from that time hell broke loose.

My one pence advise to the man in state house is give these guys their M.O.U so that this country can proceed to more important things. I have no problem with our lakeside brothers and sisters, (Ker, much love) infact I think they are very bright everywhere else but when It comes to politics guys, pumzikeni you are better off as professors, deans ,scientists, and all other things a bright person can do but politics LOL you score ZERO.


This is where I belong ,not because we are the custodians of power (this still could be the reason) but because I don’t want to complain because if I choose to be in ERO NDI PI
I will be complaining all the time and against the MKM. If you can’t beat ‘em, join’ em
But the main characters in this club can make an interesting movie

1. Kibs the prezzo
This is my role model. Doesn’t react to anything even when insulted . To quote from a mashadite, Some People Act Out of Fear or Greed But Our Prince Charming Doesn’t Act At All.

2. Then there is the guy who has been nicknamed the pig
This one was a powerful broker before his utterances became unbearable to the big man and he is since the transport manager of the club .He is well known for his story of rags to riches . Well the pig idea must have come from the book of Animal Farm.

3. Then there is the guy who can’t rape a woman especially when she is too willing
When this guy opens his mouth we call it verbal diarrhoea .

aluta continua…….

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Red light in Kenya a.k.a Koinange street will no longer be the hub of prostitution, the city fathers have declared. By hounding the prostitutes also known as hookers , maluch, twilight girls, malaya, whores, and any other name you would want to call them, is there any thing that has been solved. We would all be assuming that all chics in K-street are there by choice the truth is that they are not. Who would want every chuma of any size, smell and shape to go through them.

The truth is being a prosti is the easiest business you can do consider you don’t need any capital or do you? Pundesh haishi sio sabuni au sio? I’m thinking a mama whose life has lemead her would easily and cheaply start the business of prostitution and the only thing they lose is reputation (reputation is heck the most important thing in a person’s life even the bible says Proverbs 22:1),but if your kid is starving at home what the fcuk would you care about reputation?
If you can sell it ha! And willing buyers then!

The real issue here is there are no equal opportunities for women so, as a guy the minute you accepted going to school at the expense of your sis then she ended up a hooker what did you expect. That your sis should hustle and become a mama mboga while you swing your executive chair and go for the same goods in the same street but whoever’s goods you are going for should belong to somebody’s sis, cmon!

By hounding out the prostis from K-street , the only thing we are doing is making them look for better secretive places to continue with their profession.

In short a woman with the right education will not become a prostitute.

To borrow from a song
What would do you if your……at home
Crying on the bedroom floor
That he is hungry
And the only way to feed em
Is to sleep with a man with for a little bit of money
And the dad is gone……

Boys love em they teach them the game, some guys have told me they learnt the game from either their mboches or hookers (even in the novels) and as for married men they adore them (when your woman is too tired to give you the goods). Little wonder the earliest profession will continue surviving.

They should actually file an injunction, the city askaris are threatening to eject them from the place of their trade.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t want anyone to be a luch but I’m saying they also have their rights and in deciding that they should move out of the city centre even when the consumer wasn’t consulted, Isn’t that the greatest autocracy?


I feel privileged to be a Kenyan, where else would you experience and the following:

1.Matatu drivers –they will hassle every motorist and manoeuvre even the worst of traffic jams. Have no manners on the road and they have no apology to offer .

2. Lake Siders- they will talk of the Mercedes Benz which they only dream about . remember when the mobile phones just chucked they would ask for two glasses one for the purpose of putting the mobile for everyone to see.

3. Kyuks – this genre of human beings is known only for affinity for money, they are seldom known for romance. Remember, umekula thambutha, tena ya pilipili , na si umekunywa fombe tena baridi, razima shuma irare ndani . And now, they are been blamed for corruption and everything else , what did you expect?

4.Obs- these are the guys who will come to the club at midnight too drunk to see. And guess what they are high on cheap sachets of Kenya cane and such other lethal concoctions. They are mostly associated with fights in clubs, they speak a language only themselves can understand, ati “Oti si we ndio unaumanga chuma” and such other languages, anyway keep your drink from them because as soon as you go to the dance floor they will, yes they will, drink from your glass ama waigawe. They don’t like queing, sorry wasee wa eastie but they are mostly from the Eastland’s part of Nairobi.

5.Politicians- I don’t know what to call them. This is the breed of people that I have no kind words and most Kenyans feel nothing for. They all attend parliament when there is a motion to hike their salaries, but will not even if threatened with death attend parliament to pass a Forest Bill. They only comment on issues of personal importance and those that will give them political mileage .Why would I keep giving them airtime on my blog? God rescue us from them.

6.Hawkers- these are the people who move this economy. They had invaded the city centre until the Hon . Minister intervened. We thank the Hon. But exactly where do you want us to shop? What puzzles me is the fact no one touches their goods even when the city askari hound them they ran away and their goods remain intact I don’t what kind of wrath they would unleash but still I don’t want to find out.

aluta continua…….. …..

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

who is this girl in the meadow anyway?

You can call me anything you feel like, I won’t care but the way m seeing things m not considered marriageable poor me! Yaani and the way I have tough culinary skills but I have been dismissed ab initio, ha ha ha I have been intelligent in my recent past, this days m no longer sure .

I see life in a different way as something to be enjoyed .I don’t take things seriously, not even when somebody is about to slap me, the best I ever scored was with my high school teacher she had sent me to call someone for her I went to class and forgot about so when she came to class with her hands akimbo I just smiled dumbly at her, and everyone held their breath she was known for her slapping skills, but she just looked at me and went away, wow that was a fast one I thought but it worked. I have had my fair share of frustrations , sure I have but I don’t like feeling sorry for me becoz I don’t need it I have survived and will continue surviving ,

The best thing in my life is my 3 year old bro, that boy has beautiful large eyes, though he is a bit stubborn, I can’t wait to go back to Nairobi and hear him ask me “umeniletea nini?” The best was when I was called and so he asked me “ni nani huyo?’ And I said ‘ni uncle’ then he asked ‘uncle ya nani?’ I was thoroughly amused whichever uncle he thought I was talking to, the uncle unajijua.

I have since given up sulking for no good reasons do I have to be reminded that I’ m grown up, as my mother might retort by ua age I had u and ua sister and I managed, I was working blah blah, talk of my sis she is the most complicated person I have ever met , lakini that’s for another day.

Organization flew out of the window as I was born, unlike other kids I refused to dive and instead stood up (call me I will explain), poor woman worse still I think I was 4kgs plus so that’s when I started disobeying the nature of organization , but I’m trying ,but m not saying I am all cluttered up I think its what they call the sanguine type just a bit of it , or maybe I need a perfect melancholy to organize me! I could have been a sanguine but God had it all figured out and decided to add a bit of choleric.

For movies and music please spare me scientific fiction and any kind of robot movies, I don’t want to watch the rise of the machines and such kind of things I would prefer a hilarious teen movie with dumb white girls, like white chics or something like that I have enaf books in my life and I don’t want to start figuring out exactly what the movie if it ain’t gud in the first five minutes then I forget it, the boat trip was perfect, ten things I hate about you ,good, the story of the girl who couldn’t remember anything good, I cant stand Bridgett Jones. Traffic must have been the disaster of movies, blah blah.. I think a movie should make you laugh not think.

I HATE BAD FOOD , BAD MUSIC, BAD MOVIE, you would end up sick.

For the guys who cheat on their wives (not their girlfriends hiyo ni kawaida) I suggest Blu Cantrell you know what hit em up style.

And the hottest actress has to be Angelina Jolie in Gia .Haven’t seen any hot actor in the recent past , fill me in case I missed out, but Cuba Gooding Jnr is pretty.

Somebody jana said Kenya is divided into 3 tribes super rich, rich and poor, I wouldn’t mind been in the super rich tribe ha!

Any sensible person should read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I hate guys who think they know everything, busy bodies, Obs( I would rather a shady person who appreciates that they are shady and are true to themselves) and blubber mouths.

Mr. Mafioso of www.askmen.com- if you are a man you should read his articles please.

wedding in Ukambani

Today I was 10 minutes late to go to the office coz I decided to do my washing in the morning, With all these articles I have read.

Wedding In Ukambani

I’m not going to forget Kaus in a long time, on Sato were to a wedding of a guy in our head office, we set out well only but the distance ulala this guys can walk long, distances little wonder they have not tried long distances marathon. The place was as dusty as ever , a whole stretch of 10+km without tarmac. God bless Ukambani that the next president be a kau! otherwise these people are in a bit of a problem no roads kids walking barefooted in yaani they were carrying their shoes in their hands! All they told us is sio mbali wen a kau tells u a place ni mbali, just turn and go back home.

I wasn’t shikain anything in that weddin, it was all in kau, so some crazy guys thot we should go and take lunch (God forgive them) , should have been wiser because there was nothing like lunch! So for most of the wedding we were drinking, anyway who in his wisdom should put a bar next to a church! The pombe in ukambani has kamuti I swear the first bottle and that was it, No muthokoi for me , no pilau for me, even worse no cake for me. And I even claim I went to the wedding , but the nyama was tamu I can go back for some more, somebody wiling to go to Ukambani soon?. The bar man told me he used to work in the army, and he prayed that more weddings be brought to that church I agree with you sir, more weddings in Kau land near your bar. did I believe him well the bar was almost better than my locals . Better still a room could be rented for 100 bob and 150 bob and 6 condis then after that the rest are free (just kidding).Wat can beat that?

At the end of the day, all I wanted was to go home and sleep.
Compe ni compe ,mtu aje ajitetee roho safi - Bamboo

Friday, April 15, 2005

men ulala

i was having this discussion with some guys from the office. About women and marriage ati guys want the traditional woman in the house well i dont agree with them but neither can i say that they are entirely wrong considering the Kenyan man half the time is looking for someone to sooth their egos. i don't think as a career person you can be the traditional woman as the only reason women in the past were submissive is that the men fed all their needs all the time. Now that i'm also paying the house rent and the school fees surely why do i need to worship a man.

At the risk of sounding a feminist which i am partially but not radically the only reason why a woman can be submissive is for the future of her children and has all to do with the fact all of us want our children to go to nice schools,wavae vizuri so if i can afford to provide all these to my kids i cannot stand an irresponsible man in my house if you can't get your act and behave then bounce!

A feminist is a person who understands that women suffer and are discriminated against in the society just because of their gender.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i made it

today u can't guess wat i made it 3 minutes earlier.what more do i have to say?

Monday, April 11, 2005

its monday again

i promised myself not to be late to the office again any success no but today i had to travel 150+km to get to the office. I will tomorrow promise diary.

the weekend was ok though nothing interesting got to do some things. disappointed some people but well dealing with important things first ha!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Smile all the way............

i have come to realize that for life has to be good you must keep smiling .

Friday, April 08, 2005

right attitude

I have been wondering about this thing called attitude. Someone has actually said its everything. Now they even say you can have a positive and negative attitude. iI'm even told you must think well of everything even when everything sucks.Now apart from overcoming my usual 8 hrs of sleeping to make them 6 i'm advised that i should not gossip . Well now i'm going to change and sleep for 4 hours in protest. No more sucking , im even happy about it already, who doesn't want to be a changed person.What is more pertubing is even after i posted that a problem person is a latecomer blah blah i only made to the office 10 minutes later. Monday i will be there 15 minutes earlier . I'm not a habitual gossiper so that has no problem. Until next week my battle with this bad habits has just began lets see

are you a problem person


1. The Latecomer 13. The Backseat Driver

2. The Early Leaver 14. The Busybody

3. The Broken Record 15. The Interpreter

4. The Doubting Thomas 16. The Always Complaining

5. The Head shaker 17. The Clock Watcher

6. The Drop-out 18. The Always Angry

7. The Whisperer 19. The Teacher’s Pet/Balimbing

8. The Loud Mouth 20. The Very Sensitive (Balat Sibuyas)

9. The Attacker 21. The Self-Righteous/Always Correct

10. The Interpreter 22. The Suspicious

11 The Gossiper 23. The Fault Finder

12. The Know it All Attitude 24. The Great Pretender

Thursday, April 07, 2005

seven habits of highly effective people

Seven Basic Habits of Effective People

Deuteronomy 8:18 “ Remember the Lord your God, for it
is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and
so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your
forefathers, as it is today.”

habit 1 - be proactive

This is the ability to control one's environment, rather than have it control you, as is so often the case. Self determination, choice, and the power to decide response to stimulus, conditions and circumstances

habit 2 - begin with the end in mind

Covey calls this the habit of personal leadership - leading oneself that is, towards what you consider your aims. By developing the habit of concentrating on relevant activities you will build a platform to avoid distractions and become more productive and successful.

habit 3 - put first things first

Covey calls this the habit of personal management. This is about organising and implementing activities in line with the aims established in habit 2. Covey says that habit 2 is the first, or mental creation; habit 3 is the second, or physical creation.

habit 4 - think win-win

Covey calls this the habit of interpersonal leadership, necessary because achievements are largely dependent on co-operative efforts with others. He says that win-win is based on the assumption that there is plenty for everyone, and that success follows a co-operative approach more naturally than the confrontation of win-or-lose.

habit 5 - seek first to understand and then to be understood

One of the great maxims of the modern age. This is Covey's habit of communication, and it's extremely powerful. Covey helps to explain this in his simple analogy 'diagnose before you prescribe'. Simple and effective, and essential for developing and maintaining positive relationships in all aspects of life.

habit 6 - synergize

Covey says this is the habit of creative co-operation - the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, which implicitly lays down the challenge to see the good and potential in the other person's contribution.
habit 7 - sharpen the saw

This is the habit of self renewal, says Covey, and it necessarily surrounds all the other habits, enabling and encouraging them to happen and grow. Covey interprets the self into four parts: the spiritual, mental, physical and the social/emotional, which all need feeding and developing.

what have i been up to

well nothing much just lazing about the slopes of Mt. Kenya though i have decided to abandon my obvious habits of laziness, its not that easy it can get hot here


do you have the right attitude,well i don't even know what is attitude


all of us when we die we would like to be remembered as people who touched people's lives in a great way.Our attitude goes a long way in saying who we are. Rest in Peace dear Pope