Monday, March 09, 2009


Stuff sitcoms should be made of.
Girl: I want you all to myself
Boy: mmmh (ignores)
Girl: Really, I am serious. I mean we have kinda been dating and we have already kissed enough times. C'mon
Boy: Laughs (ignores)
Two days later
Girl: Ooh God, when did i get to Page 20 while you are still at the preface
Boy: What?
Girl: Yeah i mean you make me feel so stupid and like i am the only one who wants you. You think i am so naive...(words get lost)
Boy: (Yawns) What do you want?
Girl: You
Boy: Silence
Girl: Ooh God, shall we write the epilogue already
Boy: Tell me when you are done
****End of monologue****

Friday, March 06, 2009


If you are going to seek justice for an outlawed sect, you must also seek justice for the families whose lives have been destroyed, for Kenyans who are extorted daily by these groupings, for us who have had to walk long distances because of transport disruptions and for the millions in the slums who live every day in fear of being killed or maimed by others whose only strength is the force they use against others.
That is all.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Some weekends are a blast, some are laid back, some are quiet...
Just sleep- totally zoned out of the world. I love sleeping
Visit friends/family- i just realized that some wonderful time with friends is cool
Climb Ngong HIlls- I haven't been there for a lil while but i like to push through the six hills once in a while. Yet to do the steep seventh hill
Just sit in my room and think, organize
Read- This normally alternate betwen sleeping and reading
Hang out- despite the crunch, some hanging out doesn't hurt especially with novida (lol)