Thursday, January 31, 2008

I still love you

Its in times like this
That when you worry about something constantly
That you suddenly realize
How much you love it.
When they threaten it
With withdrawal of aid
They even suggest coup as the only way
And we know we will  pull out of all this
We will work it out
With/out their help
Look at where we are from
Look at where we are going
There is a whole many hundred's of years
Now we know
That you my country
Are the most precious
And we shall treat you like an egg
We shall endeavour to get out
Anyone or anything
That threatens you
Our Love
We cannot be without you
You cannot be without us
We are One
Kenya our country, our love

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


. Watching R.O speak on National Television was a good one. And he quoted one of the finest ones "Violence begets Violence".
It is inevitable that attacks on any community will prepare that community for revenge and must be highly discouraged.
HOWEVER, there is one thing i don't understand. That of Ilegitimate Presidenc├┐. Is there such thing? Rigging an election does not make a president illegitimate. And thats the plain reality. Rigging elections only exposes the other party to contesting it. Rigging is supported/argued against by facts not law.  

Legitimacy of the presidency is determined by Section 8 of the constitution thus;

A person assuming the office of President shall, before entering upon the office, take and subscribe the oath of allegiance and such oath for the due execution of his office as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.

And as one of my commentors said
My biggest disappointment has been the justification of the initial killings with a wave of the hand and the qualification that they were 'spontaneous' .I was not aware that killing in the name of spontaneity and anger somehow made it justifiable. The 'look what you made me do!!' is a cope out.
We could have done better.
We could start by stopping being emotional about issues and look at them as they really are. Only then can we move to greater things like constitutional review (urgent) & forming peace & reconciliation instead of pussy footing on moot issues.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Everyone knows by now that a Member of Parliament for Embakasi has been shot, His name is Hon Mellitus Mugambi Were [edit]. Whoever did that killing should be rest assured that he is the greatest enemy of Kenya this today. I don't know that it is not a political killing, anyway RIP Were.
However i am deeply concerned at the level of insanity that is prevailing in Kenya. I hear the violence has spread to Thika & Nyeri. People have taken upon themselves to evict others out of their places of living. Dare i ask who is it that was given land for free that could be still alive?
Who has shown people that the only way out of their misery is to evict others who have nothing to do with their kith & kin being evicted.
It is a sad day we are having. May God help us!


I have people mainly from the Diaspora coming to insult me. Let me tell you. There is only one reason why when someone is murdered people call the police and have the person arrested and charged. Because they know killing the person they suspect of stealing is savagery. The courts save us from savagery.
If you don't understand that part, i guess you need to move out of your comfort zone and fly back to Kenya and live in Naivasha/Nakuru/Eldoret/Kisumu and have yourself shot because you are not a Kikuyu/Luo/Kalenjin.
Everyone led by ODM has refused to go to court. Now the law looks like just another piece of paper written for beauty purposes. There is why there are courts. Even in our traditions, there were council of elders.
That is why there are retaliatory attacks that have hit town. Because no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the first violene. You will not come to my blog and insult me because you don't understand that even in the country you live people go to courts not because they believe in them but because it saves the country a lot of anguish.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Would giving Raila & Ruto. Government positions not be legitimizing the death of the many people (reported & unreported)? We need to charge them for leading one of the country''s deepest & longest massacres. Until we establish their non role in the wide spread violence i think it would be against justice to make them part of the government.

Who is your Neighbour?

Indeed this is a time tested question especially by the courts. Just to provide an answer i will quote directly from the Donoghue vs Stevenson case

There must be, and is, some general conception of relations giving rise to a duty of care, of which the particular cases found in the books are but instances. ... The rule that you are to love your neighbour becomes in law you must not injure your neighbour; and the lawyer's question: Who is my neighbour? receives a restricted reply. You must take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which you can reasonably foresee would be likely to injure your neighbour. Who, then, in law, is my neighbour? The answer seems to be — persons who are so closely and directly affected by my act that I ought reasonably to have them in contemplation as being so affected when I am directing my mind to the acts or omissions that are called in question.

 Anyway i have just seen a very funny placard


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Even in my own village there is a division especially of the poor [the one whose mud hut went last] and the rich. Of course being rich means you own a 1200 cc which breaks down so often but can get the pregnant woman to the hospital just before delivery. The rich man will probably be a primary school teacher who has access to Sacco funds and has managed to get done a stone house [never mind there are red bricks with concrete on top]. His wife will wear the latest kitenge or just say the smartest on sundays. She kinda pulls of a head gear much to the admiration of the rest of the folks. She gets to be the chairlady of Women's guild or Catholic Women's Association or lets say mainly is an inspiration.

During the days of birth control and soil erosion campaigns, she is basically the first to be approached because what she says goes. Her man on the other hand may land the Chairman of the church, could even be elected councillor or chairman of local KNUT branch.

Their children are the envy of the village, though they will eventually go to boarding schools later, the village children are asked to be like so and so children. The mother most proudest will be the one whose girl get to date the boy of the so and so's.

And such is the folly of division.

Human anatomy should make nonsense of divisions. Because basically we are the same. We are born using the same process, the day we die it will be all the same stuff really.

But no human beings find time to distinguish themselves, i am white, you are black, i am beautiful, you are ugly therefore you don't deserve me,  i am rich, you are poor,  i work for the greatest company, your company is a non starter, your grandmother was a witch, i will not associate with you.

Thats whats practically killing our country.

We enjoy divisions. let me tell you divisions make the ruling elite a happy folk. The only divisions we have is that which exist in our head and our socializations. Nobody would make a better businessman than another because the basics of doing business is the same. If that was the case nobody would bother to write on business because it is only a certain group that understands business.

The white man has identified blacks as people who could not live in a civilized manner. But anyway maybe civilization is not meant for us.   Every individual posses different talents and abilities despite of the affiliation. Even the poor man in my village has hope if only his socialization was different.

I love this one. .

Monday, January 21, 2008


For Your Information, just because i support President Kibaki's re-election (otherwise known as the MP for Othaya masquerading as a President), it does not mean i support rigging. It however makes no sense to condemn a man and hang him unheard.
I simply hate Violence. I cannot believe there is someone in their right mind
1. Who will slaughter another
2. Do away with a Railway line because NO Raila NO railway
3. Not value peace because NO Raila NO peace
Jesus what do these people smoke?
For R.O to call himself Jesus is nothing but pure blasphemy. What of us who belief that Love & Peace is the foundation of any Christian. Is Kalonzo a Judas (Kalonzo jumped out of the R.O's group a long time ago and run his own election campaign and on top of that said publicly he would work with anyone who won).
Let us remember
WE are one Nation
WE are One People only
Different Tribes
Different colours
Different political Views
The blacks in US were one, the black in SA were one all fighting a common enemy who had oppressed them. We are all blacks in Kenya who are we fighting?


1. If you are a KIBAKI supporter you are a TRIBALIST
2. If you believe there are other ways apart from mindless violence you are a TRIBALIST
3. If you don't support Raila & ODM you are a TRIBALIST
4. If you don't believe in mass action you are a TRIBALIST
5. If you voted for KIBAKI you are a PIG TRIBALIST
Keep the insults coming.

Friday, January 18, 2008


When you speak; speak for your country not for individuals.

When i read many people's sentiments i amaze at just how we have made individuals godly. In the sense that even knowing what we know about these politicians we still want to associate with change and deliverance. Further from the truth we cannot be.

I refuse to fight for people whose reputation and integrity is at question. I refuse to fight for people who have no real agenda apart from assuming power. We know Ruto, we know Raila, we know Kibaki, we know Michuki et al, why do we then behave like we don't?

When you write a comment on my blog and tell me Kenyans were denied change, revolution, etc what do you know? And tell me mass action must continue because this is the only way you can get what you want? I know i would fight but for the right reasons.

I do believe in many things but i don't believe we can destroy a whole country to defend people we so know well.

We know they are not clean, we know they have never been clean. We most definitely know they are not Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela because those two would never allow the kind of madness that has happened in this country. I am sure they must be sick in their belly just to imagine what has gone down and accountability is not forthcoming.

Martin Luther had a mission, Nelson Mandela had a mission, just what are the mission of our country destroyers?

Why do they evoke such negative feelings in the people that they would say something as unspeakable as "we would rather go the Ivory Coast way? And for what?

The law is clear remains to be clear of which i have been searching, an election dispute can only be determined by a High court,  we have no provisions for an interim Govt. Why the turmoils?

Quite a number of Kenyans support R.O., quite of them support MK, and others supported KM, so when someone stands up and says "Kenyans" will. Which Kenyans do you refer to? Which will of Kenyans because we are so fucking equal and no grievances, theatrics, mass actions will solve an election dispute.

Kenyans are living in morbid fear countrywide, you should see their scary faces every time there is a sound however innocent. We have police on the streets, something i had only seen when international news of Sierra Leone, Somalia were aired on TV.  But are the police in the streets in vain, towns have been brought to ashes, people's lives are in constant danger, and you blame the police? The whole of Kenya belongs to any Kenyan, as until now, if Kisumu town is destroyed, a part of Kenya has been destroyed and thats a loss to every Kenyan.

Speak for Kenya.

Now this is better but the worst joke i have heard. Boycott

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I don't know how to put when a million of people shout that the judiciary systems don't work. It makes feel nauseous and makes a whole joke of a whole institution.
I agree the judiciary doesn't work.
My fellow blogger Prousette says the AG and CJ were in the thick of things.
But just so you know; here is a list of the new MPS you will quite a handful have been in the Parliament for a long time.Lets just say all involved players have been in parliament for a long time.
They have ALWAYS known there is a problem with separation of powers. Our judiciary is a toy for the executive, that is as much as i will agree.
But what has anyone done to correct the situation. if you go to, you will realize parliamentary attendance is hit by a constant lack of quorum.
So i will say you are all estopped from blaming the judiciary when you have been a Member of Parliament for several decades and have done nothing to deal with the problem of judiciary not being independent.
The reason Kenya is where it is is because we have a respect for Rule of Law. You heard Marende our new speaker say we don't use the law AS IT OUGHT TO BE but AS IT IS.
The current law says that an Election Dispute shall be determined in a Court of Law. That is the law as it is my folks.
Even wars have rules. if it didn't have, we would all end up in the situation that the Battle of Solferino led to. 40,000 dead in 9 hours. In radical departure of the Rules of War we have killed women and children and/or people who could not equal our match.
Even if President Kibaki would step down today, we would still have another election.The Vice President would end up being a president for 90 days. He could even proceed to win the elections.
An election is not definite. It produces losers and winners. How would we account for the deaths and lost property and more unseen our mental anguish?

we are the ones to save KENYA

When police asked guys to leave the town,  i did not know if to go home or not or to stay in the building; to stay safe. It does not help that live broadcasts have been banned so nobody knows what is going down.

So i joined the rest of the folks walking back to their homes. You know what they were walking in droves peacefully. They didn't look bitter that they had been forced to go back home.

I don't know what to make of it but it hit me; because we are hardworking we will save Kenya. Because we want to live, we will save Kenya. We do not understand what is going on or why it is going on all we know is that we are the grass that is hurt.

My question is why can't this demonstrations be organized over the weekend. Why are the lives of all Kenyans be disrupted? Is there any reason enough to disrupt our lives? When people say this country is bigger than anyone; what do we mean.

It has been 19 days since the election dispute began. NO one has gone to court. The rest of Kenya has no way to determine an election dispute. We have no such powers. That is why we have institution called the judiciary.

Someone has to go to court to stop this madness. As long as the dispute does not go to court then us the common mwananchi will continue being the judge and adjudicator of an election dispute. We voted. That was our divorce with the election. Any issues after that are not in the public control.

Our livelihoods are at risk; our jobs highly tied with perfomance cannot continue to hold if we keep being disrupted. The mental anguish Kenyans are suffering is untold. And for what?

One question i heard several people asking as we were walking is what battle are we fighting. The issues before us i.e. an election dispute are not our mandate; we are powerless.

I heard someone say we should organize a demonstration for citizens of Kenya and camp outside State House and Karen. Maybe just then someone will know we are serious about living in Kenya & making a living.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The PENTAGON are at the Serena.
The police have asked people to go home, tear gas is about to engulf the town.
They are going round town shouting
Thank the rains; it will quell any fire automatically, it will prevent the chaos.

I miss days when i used to do posts like this DEAR diary

the RAINS have spoken

Waking up today to a torrent of rains today is the least anyone could have expected in the dry January.
Just yesterday i was thinking just how dusty it has become and how taking a jog would expose one to the ills of chest problems. But no more.
There were no traffic jams on Thika road where madness reigns during the rainy seasons.
I finally felt peace for the first time this year. I dunno why;
Maybe it is because our Brand New Speaker proved to be a professional much more than anyone had expected. Someone has good spot for talent.
Maybe it is because the 10th parliament will be prove to be one of intellectual arguments (yesterday's showdown on whether the word president should be expunged has been the subject of conversation the whole of the morning)
Ababu though lost some marks.
It was a good show because Mudavadi was seen exchanging jokes with Michuki so it is just a plain way of telling everyone; while we are political rivals; we are not enemies. And the fact that they sat down less than 100m from each other and exercised restraint from boxing each other.
It seems finally The Rains bring peace.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Don't say it here.

In the past few days i have decided to blog on what i feel not what everybody thinks its right. I sometimes reflect and wonder if it is the correct thing to say or after having read people's comments wondered if my arguments were sound or not. However that doesn't give some individuals right to insult me or my qualifications.

Yes i am a trained lawyer but that does not have anything to do with the violence in this country.

I am sick and TIRED of you;

Who cannot SEE that we can REPEAT an elections but cannot wake the dead

Who cannot REASON that we can REPEAT an elections but we cannot restore the property that has already been destroyed

Who cannot APPRECIATE that the right to LIVE and OWN property anywhere in Kenya has been forever destroyed

Who cannot sympathise with those children whose mental lives have been destroyed.

I am not gonna fight with anyone any more; i don't fight meaningless battles.

I didn't say anywhere that all ye' supporters of ODM are involved in the violence; infact that would be further than the truth.

Other forms of violence have since surfaced; police abuse and mungiki's. Violence is violence wherever it comes from and violence is dangerous.

The position we all begin to differ is who is to be responsible for all these mindless violence.

There are two ways you can commit an act; by act or omission.

While the ODM leadership may not have asked their supporters not to commit violence they FAILED to stop the mindless slaughtering and cleansing and wanton destruction in time.  They failed to provide leadership to their followers when it was most needed. They failed to respect the Rule of Law.

This will not be excused with a few insults on me.



We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

No justice No Peace

I have heard that statement so many times that is beginning to ache my ears.

What is justice. Wikipedia so help me

If this is the policy we are going to live with, then i think that we are going to be here (without peace) for a long time.

What justice are we (they) asking for that Kibaki steps down for being declared a president in a flawed electoral process. That Kibaki allegedly did not win the election. That R.O. was elected president and M.K was declared president (allegedly of course). I don't know the truth about that and i am not ECK nor a returning officer nor an observer (partial or impartial). Primary evidence is of course the most credible evidence; those who saw with their eyes, those who heard it. Well, anything else is just much hearsay.

circumstances however may make one believe otherwise; the pollsters, the Number of seats a party garnered in the electoral process and popularity or lack thereof.

Will this justice be handed; i don't know.

Just for a second this justice is handed; will the other side of the divide also demand justice?

The punishment for killing is death.

The punishment for destroying people's property could land you a few years behind bars.

Arsonists also do get a few years behind bars.

Are we all ready for justice?

Friday, January 11, 2008

To appease some of you

Kibaki must have learnt some few things from Joseph Stalin.

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.
Joseph Stalin

Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.
Joseph Stalin

Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.
Joseph Stalin  

Social Ramifications

Everytime i write anything there is someone branding me a tribalist. I don't care, i am not a tribalist and that i know deep within my heart but obviously if you selectively choose to eliminate members of my community i become gravely concerned. The intolerance that has been the highlight of Raila's  is evident. 2 PNU supporters were burnt in Kibera, 1 a 19 year old before the elections, his crime wearing a PNU t-shirt. Nobody talked, not even Maina Kiai.


1. A woman who was an ODM supporter yesterday called to say she had not only lost her job but her boyfriend had also kicked her out. Genesis of the problem being her boyfriend was a PNU supporter and she was not. It beats every reason that such intolerance is experienced in the bedroom.

2. My friend (a lunjay) a PNU supporter told me of how he had planned to put away her wife's ID and pretend that it was lost because she was supporting  the other party. Luckily the wife was very bright and she said that they should both put their IDs on the table so that such a thing would not happen. Today they do not talk politics in their house.

3. Getting a house in Nairobi will prove to be hard; it appears that renting a house will only be done on proof that you don't belong to "an enemy tribe". This will have far reaching effects as housing in Nairobi is already a problem. Already some people have been given eviction notices (i met with a guy who told me his landlord has decided to paint his houses all of a sudden).

4. Jobs have always been given on a who do you know basis. So now you can imagine with individually owned companies which have always remained the highest employers. More than ever people will make appointments on a where do you come from basis

5. I had managed to convince my dad that there is nothing really wrong from marrying into another community (20%). My chances of such conviction has moved (-100%). And you know what if my dad says no, then sorry its no.

6. Eldoret and Kisumu towns will stall. I doubt any Asian or investor who has fled from Kisumu will come back and put up their investments again. Insurance does not pay for acts of arsonists.

We are really back to 1963.

Anyway it would be better if it is identified that the violence was caused by gangs not normal individual people.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Searching for answers

kenyans memories can be outlasted by the expiry date of a loaf of bread.

Don't get me wrong but i have always wondered the span of an event in Kenyan minds. While the US black folks still remember  the day the Rosa Parks refused to stand up for that white in the bus and celebrate it

We were almost fooled. And although i have received so many articles and reports,there is one thing that is becoming consistent.

This violence was not reactionary as some people would want to fool Kenyans. There is one report claiming that Ruto has been recruiting a militia group known as Karamajong Guerilla fighters and there is also another showing that ODM was planning to use ethnical tensions as one of the way to scare voters. Whether this reports are true or not is a story for another day.  Anti Kikuyuism according to one report was another way that this movement was going to influence voting.

Lets put it this way it is highly unlikely that "normal" people in Kenya can wake up and start slaughtering each other. I can bet on this one. It is also unlikely that people had been storing machetes and pangas just.

if we look at the outcome of the elections and even the pollsters confirmed that this elections was a close call, there was no clear winner because it was based on how much your tribe could deliver in terms of votes.

How then could a bunch of people feel so aggrieved that they would start burning houses and killing others. Its  just shocking in a nation that claim to have 80% or more Christians.

Indeed it is very clear that this was a very orchestrated and planned violence.

And indeed why did the Kalenjins seem so incensed by the turn out of the elections than even the Luo. It is true that the Luos just really burnt and looted. I don't imagine a lot of the deaths came from that region as they came from the Rift Valley.

But i might wonder at this point,  What is it that Ruto & his community could have against Kikuyu community? Land in Rift Valley is not scarce. Eldoret town being a cosmopolitan town has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few. His own community benefits immensely from this development.

As we go on wondering what happened, then Kenyans must not forget; there is a plan to divide kenyans by our own very leadership and it is amazing just how much it has gone.

It must have started here


Now this is malice

some people would/not enjoy.

Poor Obama, your country of origin could cost you a seat in the White House.

Seeing Raila as he is

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The law is an ASS

Even Raila must follow it!
Now what happens on Tuesday when parliament is sworn.
They will all declare allegiance to the President. Raila has categorically refused to refer to Mr. Kibaki as a president, so which allegiance will he declare?
The LSK which is shamelessly taking sides with the opposition should advice it on the Law in Kenya.
4M + can recognize Mr. Kibaki as president, do we really need Raila to declare Kibaki as president? Upto now he just remains as much as a presidential contender as Kalonzo & others
I have seen many blogs and their comments commenting that cabinet positions are going to Mt. Kenya, these same blogs preach unity but when it comes to declaring others they call them Mt. Kenya, if we are all Kenyans why the discrimination. All does it become Mt. Kenya and other Kenyans?
To those who think they can declare violence, this time round, everyone is ready
We have to move on, we have wasted so much. We have fought a war that is too unnecessary and unproductive.
For those who doubt Kibaki's sanity, Ali Mazrui thinks of Kibaki as an intellectual, then again are you more intellectual than Ali Mazrui. Angst against Kibaki is not helping anyone.
Someone famous said "Action cures Grief" I think all that angst should be directed towards action.
And i forgot if you refuse to be sworn in as MP your seat is declared vacant.

Mutahi Ngunyi is a genius

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It is so easy to get mixed up and angered up by selfish individuals that you forget the beauty of a New Year. It brings hopes to those who did not achieve what they should have achieved the previous year, for those who did not find love, they hope they can find it in this new year, for the jobless they hope the new year will bring jobs along.

Wishing each and everyone a fulfilling brand New Year. I will not make any resolutions.

Lets support each other but i believe for every action there is a consequence. Maybe we should just celebrate it on 1st February having been robbed of it this January.

Seeing the town today is fantastic!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Victims or Villains

This is my opinion.


Let me make it clear I am for KIBAKI totally and against RAILA totally and as such no objectivity is possible on my part. If you can die for Raila you have no business reading it.


I was going to steer clear of politics in my blog being the most sensitive subject today in Kenya but seeing that everyone found it totally in their capability to talk about this I too will.


I believe just because Kibaki doesn't say anything or doesn't storm ECK or complain bitterly, it is not because he has nothing to say but because all those theatrics Raila & Co. pull are nothing but seeking sympathy from all and sundry which he is clearly above.


We must never forget that Raila led the bloodiest (FAILED) coup so far in Kenya. He has tried another (against Kikuyu coup) which has also failed.


What Raila sympathizers seem to shock me about is the way they behave like there was only one possible choice and possibility that Raila would win. Sorry folks he didn't.


Me & other 4m Kenyans voted for Kibaki but to the Raila fanatics this number is too useless to them, it only matters that Raila was to win, why we were going to the polls if it was automatic? Even this one challenges Kivuitu.


Let's now look at the realities & numbers


Kibaki had 25 % votes in all provinces.


Raila lost miserably in Kibaki strongholds being Central & Eastern. He scored less than 1000 in most constituencies

Kibaki did not lose miserably in Nyanza & Rift. He actually garnered almost 600,000 votes in Rift and almost 300,000 votes in Nyanza.


Reality 2

You cannot alienate the largest community in Kenya from National Politics, as we have seen it fails miserably. Raila poses "how can 2 tribes out of 42 tribes elect a president?" The two communities largely fought for Kenyan independence again alone. And are the Luhyas, Kisiis, Kurias, Kambas & the others who voted for Kibaki not people?


Reality 3

Raila & Co. were unbelievably silent and invisible until Kibaki's strongholds results started to trick in, they then started disrupting ECK and demanding that no results be released. They were disrupting ECK and they are in the opposition, God knows what would happen if they were in the Government.  Raila even went on to call Kivuitu just a clerk, it is amazing then just how much a clerk can do.


Reality 4

Kivuitu has not yet said Raila was a winner. He however did declare Kibaki a winner. Meaning if there is a winner, Kibaki is. Who said Raila won??


Reality 5

If there was rigging, Both ODM & PNU rigged heavily. We all saw the stunts Wanjiru pulled in Starehe that left even the policemen totally helpless. Hours later she was declared a winner. It is only that ODM was caught in its own game and beaten at it. Who is the chicken now?


Reality 6

Kikuyus are not ECK, if ECK rigged in favour of Kibaki why was there mass slaughtering of Kikuyus in the Rift and other parts of the country?? If Raila had won which was a possibility since this was an election, do you think, all Kalenjins & Luos would have been in danger in the same way? So why were Kikuyus being slaughtered, this one HURT ME THE MOST. Equity Bank was among the first casualties in Kisumu, why?? Not Barclays, stanchart or others


Why are they crying peace now, peace that they disturbed? It was really disturbing to see the volatile Ruto pretend that he has the interest of Kenya at heart. He is now too afraid of what Kikuyus are capable of doing if they decided to retaliate!


To Raila and to quote him, Kibaki should have LOST to save the nation. Why was the nation been saved? Kenya was fast moving towards being an economic hub, of which part of that is accredited to Raila & Ruto.


The two most dangerous men again have proved to be Raila & Ruto and they have history to support them;


Raila was involved in '82 coup which in itself was very much unnecessary and led to the dictatorship of Moi and death of so many others.


Ruto was part of Y '92 a group that saw the killing of many Kenyans. He totally fought against multi party. Amnesia anyone?


The two are a match made in hell (heaven is not appropriate for them) and together they are destroying Kenya and fooling most Kenyans at the same time.



Raila has to admit there is a bigger player than him only that he is too full of himself to admit. There is the people's president and then again there is the Kenyan president. We all now know who is who.

Can we go

Back to the Ballot Box and now VOTE Peace