Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Nick knows very well that he doesn't have anything to say and that's why he blames the telephone. I want to help him pay the bill or better still i can start a fund if he can disclose how much is owing to Telkom. Sio uchokozi but after lying on it a few days i am convinced that in modern Kenya Telephone lines JUST DON'T GO DEAD, they are disconnected due to bills. You know Guess left in the days when Phones just went dead for no reason and when she came back for a visit mobile phones had taken over and there were no house phones any more.

My back aches and aches badly is that a reason enough not to post.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Alone But not Lonely

A while ago when i was still in school, i was confident that daddy would run to my rescue when anything went awry. Now that i am out of school, i realize that daddy can no longer come to my rescue, I have to look after myself and sort out my domez alone.

It doesn't amaze me that no wonder many galz go through college, finish and get married. Somehow, women need male protection all the time. And i am sure though feministas would not want to agree, women cannot exist without men. As for the vice versa men need women to reassure that they are important and this we do by running to them any time we are in trouble.

For some reason i feel tired.I feel like something is bogging me down.The worst thing is i don't know what it is.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

For the sake of it

I am so proud of Farmgal,she is done something i look forward to doing one day. Opening her own business.Surely after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, i know for a fact that being employed can never make any one rich or wealthy for that matter.

BTW, In my country belonging to a minister's province is bliss. Raila allocated the biggest budget to Bondo constituency. Ngilu allocated 10 ambulances to Eastern Province and the rest of us 2 ambulances...Am i the only one realising.Ooh why is my MP not a minister?Next time, one will have to make a promise that they possess skills and are close enough to the president to become a minister,No less.

Since Nick already has wifey and mistress, i wil take the position of concubine. I am very content now what i need is to know the benefits that accrue at the third position. We all know that the youngest woman on the block always has the most benefits..at least i hope Nick knows that.

Well here it goes a fixation with Mt. Etna....

Monday, August 08, 2005


On Saturday i met two different people,one was 40 going fifty and another just 18. The former was a guy who i spent about two hours with and the latter a chic who i spent well over 5 hours with .
The Guy
He is already a wealthy man i can tell. He wants to relaunch a product in the market you would be better off not wondering what is my stake in his relaunch. NO less than a connoisseur with women he tells me.
The Chic
She is in college. Has dreams, wealthy dreams. She is set to get her masters by the time she is 22. And retire by the age of 25 having made money (i guess loads of it) and then settle her family.
i am not wealthy, and i don't even have those dreams. Life is handing me some experience i seriously don't know where i am going. I just wake up every day, go to the office, do some stuff then go home.
i feel in between.

They get to tell me about their relationships
The guy is married with six children. He loves his wife very much but tells me a man must dog because he is a man .
The chic tells me that she is bored with the college blokes and can't stand them they are immature.She accounts for the man she ever felt for as a bad boy who treats her badly. "Imagine i knew he was playing me but i didn't know i was the other woman...She should have talked to me nicely then i would have left her man alone but now that she was rude i wont leave him." Deep down i am thinking that i have been there done that. Yet i silently watch her as she talks, NOT SAYING A WORD. I better let her experience first hand. When it comes to men i better be quiet.

The guy tells me that all women need is GOOD SEX . That he has learnt to treat women badly apart from in the bed. That if you treat a woman well she uses you . And he has discovered that Nairobi women cannot be with you if you are not paying for her flat, her car you know.
I know for a fact that i don't want to be treated badly but paying the flat looks like a good idea. (did i just say that)

My sis says i behave like i am 30. I am 23 years of age but not of experience. I have lived the age of a 30 year old from as young as i can remember. Now i want to be 23 somebody tell me how!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do they know

Things parents should know

That I am a gal just like any other
Just like any other girl, I can get pregnant
Just like any other gal I, men can look at me with intentions
Not every man I talk to is my boyfriend
When I go for a night out, it is not that I have been sleeping with anyone
It is not everyday that I must pass exams
My friend is not spoiling me, I am spoiling them
Telling me not to do something doesn't mean I won't do, I will only be more careful
Being home early doesn't mean I am innocent
That when I say Yes, is to please them
One day I will be married.