Friday, August 19, 2005

Alone But not Lonely

A while ago when i was still in school, i was confident that daddy would run to my rescue when anything went awry. Now that i am out of school, i realize that daddy can no longer come to my rescue, I have to look after myself and sort out my domez alone.

It doesn't amaze me that no wonder many galz go through college, finish and get married. Somehow, women need male protection all the time. And i am sure though feministas would not want to agree, women cannot exist without men. As for the vice versa men need women to reassure that they are important and this we do by running to them any time we are in trouble.

For some reason i feel tired.I feel like something is bogging me down.The worst thing is i don't know what it is.


  1. Shiroh - the weekend is here so you might get some rest and sort out your feelings/fatigue. My prescription (I think its an addiction, but we are not talking about me here) would be plenty of sleep, and spending time with someone whose company you value and makes you feel good (irrespective of gender).

    As for males protecting females - I know this wont go down well in some camps but ever noticed that we women need men to protect us mainly from .. er.. other men?

  2. The world is a really cruel place to face alone without a shoulder to lean on and arm to run to where you can just be yourself. So yes we need men ( as a woman)
    And guess I second that we need protection from other men and surely in a fight they are well out of my league so fight fire with fire.

  3. Hey shiroh

    Whenever I get that feeling, I ask myself whether all the things that make me happy are still making me happy.. I actually have a mental list... When I go through it, I usually find what is bogging me down and then try deal with it...

    If I find nadda, I usually find that I'm already happy again based on the exercise - works both ways...

    Yes, women need men and men need women..

    All the best and have a great wk end...

  4. Girlfie, cheer up & chin-up. Warm hugs from me for whyever u feeling boggd down, shake it off girl! I bet all u need to do is check who's on board and step up!

    I loved my pops, always did, still do. When, I grew up back in Kenya I was his everything, funny but am a mummy/pop-girlie. But,for sure rock my world my dad did.

    see his talk was always about levelling with me, understaning me, looking from my point of view, to feel where I was coming from and dad I want u to know I appreciate that.He is a great person, made sure I had things my way, allowed me stuff on second thoughts. I guess I'll just do an itsy bitsy post abt my dad and I might as well try halla at him leo. Damn! the memories Shiro.

    Great post!

  5. Yes, male are major in role in this life Shiroh, no one could give me what my dad gave me!

    @Guess, there goes my second one.

  6. sometimes time and space is what you need to 'find' yourself again. take care :-)

    NB: huyo Nicko.. he's not good for you i tell you!! ;-) hehe

  7. will am e-hug help? well here is one from me, hope you're all rested and pray your week is sawa.

  8. Thank you to all of you, i took the advice some exercise, rest and there you go.

  9. I hear you - there's an intangible something that we can't get from anywhere else other than the opposite sex that makes us feel good.

    you know what shiroh, if you need backup wewe kuja I'll protect you.

  10. Yes wether we like it or not Men need women and vice versa but lest not get too dependant tho.Hope ur back on cloud 9 now.