Monday, August 28, 2006

Corruption killing us?

Papers have been written, books published, and the University of Nairobi Library cannot fall short of dissertations focusing on the evils of corruption.

However, little has been done (long of establishing the Anti-Corruption commission) to fight real corruption.

Take for instance my friends and I are enjoying a walk in the coast when two officers stop us and ask us for our National Identity Cards. We tell him at this instance we don’t have any ID’s but if they are willing we could go back to our residence and show him our ID’s. What does he do? He insists that we stay with him and he is going to take us to the police post and continues to insist how many crimes we have committed. To release us he might need us to part with a little amount of money. Only when I inform him that I am a lawyer does he release us with a little of arrogance.

I would have expected without any reasonable suspicion that we were foreigners or illegal immigrants on his part; he should have been concerned that we were walking at night and advise us as to the security.

And in Kenya corruption is such a way of life. People here don’t question the police; they don’t want to fight for their rights.

“Its easier to find a Kenyan fighting over Ksh.20 change with a conductor than asking a police what is their basis of the so called arrest.”

I have no knowledge of any laws that require me to carry my ID. When I look the back of my ID I don’t see

“Produce ID when required”.

Corruption in the Lands/Courts Registry
I don’t know where to start this one. Corruption in the justice system doesn’t start and end with judges.

It starts in the registry. Here is how Registries work to ensure that justice is not done

Clerk at registry gets fueled by an opposition party. Clerk hides file. Justice is delayed.

Case in perspective

I was once attending a Court of Appeal session and some three people had title deed issued on the same day and the judge was trying to ponder on who is the real owner of the specific land.

I might wish to recall the case of the Kileleshwa apartments when due to corruption in the KANU dark days; some individual ended up with a land which was not theirs and later on has ended getting an order to demolish the apartments.

How do you trust the title deed issued thence on?


Frustration on investors leading to capital flight: I am sure they cannot even release the statistics on capital flight due to corruption.

Under-development: Some one was saying that they no longer call us “developing countries” we are referred to as “Third World countries” because we are no longer developing.

The corruption war should be ours; know your rights and we are on fast forward to overcoming corruption. You don’t have to pay anyone to get a service really.

Obama Mania

I love me some Obama. Dude is so handsome, has maintained a jovial mood and looks so concerned about Kenya.

He said today unless Kenya acts no one is going to act on our behalf.

But do we say ODM is going to get cabinet Ministers before elections. Too much unwarranted confidence!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can You keep a secret


Inspired by the book I read over the weekend Sophie’s Kinsella’s

For a long time I thought my mother loved my sis more than me because she was named after her mother.

I burned my brother’s thigh with a pan when we were cooking eggs when he was young and told him not to tell the folks (what with the beatings?)

I have actually gained 10kgs since I left campus

I hated my friend who told me “they can not take you at KQ (unsolicited advise mind you) why the fuck would I want to go to KQ.

I bloody hate Cornflakes

I stopped wearing G-strings after I read that they can cause disease.

I hate staying with relatives in our house.

I sneaked out of school many times in Class 2.

I have been late to classes most of my life. I simply couldn’t wake up.

Funny how I am never late for work.

I didn’t like the thought of my mum having another child. Now I adore my lil brother who is only 5.

I feel responsible for my parent’s separation.

I cry in the salon especially when they put me in the drier (LMAO) so I put up the magazine I am reading up so nobody sees me. I wonder why

I am damn afraid of getting married ( I probably fear failure of it)

I once had a crush on my teacher.

I hate been caught gossiping (one of the persons I dislike most in the world is the one who I told something about my best friend then in high confidence then she went to tell that person what I had said (can you keep a secret?)

My hair is not natural (it has been cooked)

I didn’t know how to speak fluently in Kiswahili until I went to High School, in my primary school it wasn’t allowed to speak in any other language than English.

I actually did score 99% in English in Primary School. I am ashamed just how bad my English has become now.

I still fear my Primary school Head Teacher (inside) Lol.

I fought to be allowed to wear trousers (my grandmother didn’t allow girls to wear trousers)

I don’t like my paternal grandmother and some of her off springs.

I just pretended that I am working.

The bloody worksheet is taking too long to load and I have to pretend that I am working

I can’t trace my birth certificate, so I can’t get a passport.

I am your wonderful procrastinator

A habit I have beat till I have almost overcome

I labor to keep my room tidy. I am not a very tidy person.

I know I will leave Kenya before end of the year 2007. I just can’t seem to find my birth certificate.

I am a pretty closed up person yet I talk pretty much to people I am familiar with.

My mother, my close friends don’t know I blog. Some have no clue what it is

I have never really been in love (or is it felt loved?)

I threw away the panty my granny gave to me on Christmas day.

I only own two dresses. I can only wear one.

I really love short clothes; skirts, dresses but I rarely wear them.

One time I wore a short skirt and some tout said that it was too short and I was very horrified incase they thought of stripping me in town (put embarrassing face there)

When we were young I hit my sister on the back, she fell and I thought she had died. I said so many prayers

I fear dogs (?@ !)

And I hate cats

I basically fear most animals

I can’t take a bicycle ride or on a bodaboda. I think I would alight before I got where I was going and fall.

A study need to be conducted on why I have been blogging for so long

I hope you people will buy from Amazon and help me earn some cents (please people I am broke!)

I once thought my hairdresser was gay.

When I was younger I used to feign a headache so that I am told not to wash the dishes.

I won’t tell you any more of my secrets now.

Ebu take the cue and tell us your secrets




Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moving on?

Who wants a job? Revisited

Bankelele started it; I am carrying it on. Thanks for the link

Today I just posted another application for employment. Now why? I cannot resist the urge to be employed. So I am going to BEAT the urge here where no one can hear me. Forgive me for the scant thoughts.

This question at interviews is at risk

“What are your plans for the next 5 years?”
None. Ok sorry not in this company.

Forgive me Lord but if I lie it’s because I don’t expect to be in the damn company after 2 years but I have to fake it and mutter

“Rise in the company ladder as a result of maximum pressure and back breaking hard work!

I break my back??? Be realistic!

I am sure others have given more intelligent answers so help me there..

Unnecessary answer: after 5 years? I will be out of your company stealing your clients.

Are you ready to work for long and strenuous hours and meet strict deadlines?

Honestly I don’t think so…I don’t believe in deadlines especially strict ones. But I am ready to work for normal and flexible hours. Not on weekends most definitely

I would like two months leave; April and August when the kids (assuming you have any) are closed so we may take a holiday.

That would mark end of interview so intelligently I will say

“Yes that is my modus operandi”

After which I will be read the company policies and regulations (read how to create more money for your employer)

A good employee:

Doesn’t oversleep- he can get fired.

Wears a corporate face, drives the corporate car and maintains the corporate image- Not his

Thinks, walks, his job- to maintain it

Could risk his family- not his job…

Act one
X had planned dinner with his family but the boss states that he has to work on a bit more to save a client.

Picks up the phone
“Honey I am sorry I can’t make it for dinner, I have to work late”

A distant voice (the daughter)
“Why daddy….but you promised”

He hangs up feeling so guilty. Rushes to his boss
“Yes Sir”

Boss leaves instructions and drives off to meet his mistress.

End of year: No increment in salary,. More complaints and targets raised higher.

You lose either way. Bwehehehe

Now I know why everyone loves Rich Dad Poor Dad, it tells you to be the investor, to be the owner. To stop being the company slave!!! In short enslave others.

And then he sells millions of copies. I could have figured that out by myself!!!!right?

I have found a very good link which I will share for guys who are brave enough to overcome the fear of being (UN) employed.

BOOKS ( I have read)

The Richest Man in Babylon
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Several finance books studied in CPA especially Financial Management –I.M.Pandey

Book I haven’t read but I hear are good

Think and Grow Rich –Napoleon Hill
There is even one for blacks now

I am sure they are few entrepreneurs lurking in the blogosphere who can share more resources.

I hope I can start something before the fire dies. It is really now or NEVER. Anyone with a lot of money and wants to partner?

And after that I will read widely on “How to motivate your employees” and make them pay for it!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Edited versions for obvious errors;Thanks Aco and Movie Buff

Aki blogger is acting up today.

Whitney- Lady?

I remember vividly an article I read a while ago (could be more than 6 years ago) with a headline that posed

Whitney Houston a lady; Mariah Carey a tramp?

I really felt offended that anyone could suggest that Mariah was a tramp but reading on showed Whitney was a lady because she had stuck to her marriage and Mariah had not. It was at the same time Mariah was donning some very skimpy clothes and it did not augur well with many.

Undoubtedly, Mariah was trying to find herself but all she got was criticism from all quarters accusing her even of being a prostitute (forgive me if that is not what tramp means)

Going by the current state Whitney has found herself; it is now questionable just how Lady Whitney was by sticking to her dead marriage with Bobby.

I remember another article where Whitney was accused of trapping Bobby by giving birth to their daughter Bobbie . And we all know how fervently Whitney has defended her family at one point saying that the Browns and Houstons were great together despite reports that Bobby had been whooping her silly. Later on they even proceeded to do a show to fool fans of how strong their marriage was.

Maybe it is “till death do us part” but does the bible not allow persons to divorce each other when a party has been infidel. Infact infidelity is the only ground that is allowed by the bible.

Anyway I woke up singing the song “The Greatest Love of All” and wondered just how someone can sing such a beautiful song and yet go to total waste. I loved her singing,.i still do. Picture this line

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow; if I fail if I succeed; they can never take away my dignity”

What happened to Whitney Houston?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dating is a game- Play it

Someone has pissed me off today hadi i had to write this. So this guy sees a pretty chic, pursues her, kamatas the goods and then do the usual thing BOUNCE!

While i don't think the guy is really a nice person or anything; i think the woman is mad or nuts. SHE CALLS HIM AFTER EVERY 10 MINUTES; JUST TO HEAR HIS VOICE.

He has told her while we all hear that he wishes not to hear from her.

So now what is wrong with the mama?"

My word is as good as yours count your losses and move on woman!!!! The dude doesn't feel anything about you and he just wanted to KAMATA DAME, ZUNGUSHA DAME.

How many women have never been in such a situation. Now calling this man all the time, he hangs up on you; madharau and well you guessed he is not playing hard to get. HE IS JUST NOT INTO YOU!!!!!

Kwani some people are not happy just to get out of train??

Well this is my advice for women who chase men, it just doesn't work.

Obey the rule; don't be available.

And that is not a cliche'

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Japanese and other stories

I know i have been commiting a lot of blog misdemeanours lately like not blogging oftenly, i haven't been blog hoing and so and so. It has nothing to do with lack of blog mojo rather NO INTERNET ACCESS. I am in a cyber cafe doing this. Usually, i love to write my posts on word, read through, correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors early in the morning before work begins. But now i have to pay for every single minute i spend on this machine and WHO SAYS TIME IS NOT EXPENSIVE.

Anyway, on Sunday as usual i went to church and we had this Japanese Priest. What was most interesting is that he confessed that it was his first time before such a huge congregation in his 26 years of priest hood. In his church, it is a predominantly old age congregation and usually about 50-80 people max. It is even more interesting that he is only allowed 1 hour of mass, greater than that guys complain.

It is that Africans worship more? Basically, Africans believe that if there business fails, it has something to do with God and not their low managerial skills. To win a football game, an African prays rather than spend endless time practising in the field. This is a topic which needs more time, i will think about it.


Now that i am so not occupied, i spend time reading and buying books. Currently i am reading these ones

Cashflow Quadrant- Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Fearless Living- Rhonda Britten- i avoid the so called self help books but this one is fantastic

Copper Beech- Maeve Binchy- Interesting one

The Fifth Mountain- Paul Coehlo, author of alchemist

The Greatest Secret in the World- Og Mandino, trust me i was very curious but this simple book was written almost 30 years ago and that is why i bought it.

The Art of Seduction- Robert Greene. Don't ask why i am reading, i am just curious

Odds are that when you have all those books, idleness persist. Through living one day at a time, you create your destiny well. That is the art i have to master. LET BYGONES BE BYGONES, so they say.

Who has an idea any excellent book i have omitted before i am enslaved again by some pay check?

Lets just say i have learnt too much than i would if i had stayed where i was.