Friday, August 25, 2006

Leo Faya read my blog

Seanice was not amused by the Waragi comment. I don't know if to apologize.


  1. I dont care what they feel and what they express and to me you owe no one an apology. Views were expressed sooo arent we at liberty to pour what we feel....

  2. At the risk of opening another debate on kenyan breakfast shows, I agree with Nakeel, its your blog which means your views and your opinion. If she puts herself on air then she is an oprn target. let her deal with the fact that not everyone will like her (or anyone else for that matter)

    So No need to apologize. Tehihihi she can go ahead and blog about your blog on her blog........

  3. First off to work in radio you gotta have thick skin coz it's a very thankless job.
    If that lady presenter(whatever her name is) is not amused about your comment...oh well honey, you are in the wrong profession. She should have laughed it off and probably had a good come-back comment. As Nakeel said, she is an open target.

    In radio the policy is: "Go hard or go home."
    Where do kenyan presenters get off thinking that they are all that?! Puhleeze!
    Ebu someone pack her viragoz and send her back where she came from.

  4. So Leo Faya read your blog? Big deal! I read you blog every once in while and I don’t see you announcing it to the world for all to see.

    So also you think the Capital in the morning show sucks? Well knock yourself out, then catch the first train to Pluto where the radio shows rock, since Munene, Ted and Ngatia host the liveliest show. Frankly I'm getting sick and tired of people like you. You take the time to write a post in your self-effacing blog, talking ill of all the breakfast shows in Kenyan radio, so what d’ya listen to? Birds twirping? Two of those musketeers messed up the capital breakfast with Ciku (the same douche who’s now doing the same to Pulse) and DJ CK had to send out an APB and luckily landed Seanice.

    Are you a rich bored housewife looking for some way to spend your time and your husband's money? Or are you just a blithering idiot? How the hell can you say: "I haven't listened to Seanice for long but i don't even think i like the way she talks….. High on Waragi"!? It is clear that you have never bothered to listen to the Capital Breakfast Show since those pieces of parchment Kalekye, Cess, Ciku and the musketeers were shown the door? You just got an SMS (not e-mail since you have to grab a mat to the office to access the web!) from another of your bored housewife buddies and you hitched a ride to the office and posted it to your blog! Ever been to Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park? You people remind me of some of the idlers there. "What are we protesting today?" What the hell is wrong with people today? If radio presenters hurt themselves or their employers, fine. The same goes for bloggers. But why do some people pick on talented radio presenters for entertainment? I understand the butchering of local artistes and archaic comedians for food, but your comments on the Capital breakfast show are just grotesque.

    I feel sorry for Seanice and her capital in the morning crew. A handful of guys doing a good job earning their bread within all legal means yet they still have to deal with the unpleasantries of people who don’t like their show and yet they don’t even listen? It seems so simple: if you don’t like it don’t listen, be smart. Capital FM has been around long enough for me to say it’s not a passing fad. Seanice and Leo shouldn’t bother trying to explain themselves to people who just don’t get it (nor listen!). Maybe Capital FM isn’t for everybody, but it’s for me.

    Sadly, there are no professional psychics in Kenya. So without you guys having the sense enough to tell what you hate about the show apart from who gets called for traffic updates and what refreshment the foreign presenter partakes, we're all really unable to help y’all at this point.

    Shiroh et al: Should the gerbils running in the wheel attached to the generator in your craniums manage to crank it up enough to give you the mental might to tune in and listen to the Capital breakfast show: go to the office (but I bet you’re reading this from there, damn!) and email the Capital FM webmaster and the Capital FM breakfast crew with what you want improved, and they'll probably gladly help you out! It doesn’t pay to comment on something you know nothing about and then visit the capital in the morning blog to apologise, that just plain hobnobbing.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  5. Ohh shit si stackofsiffys you are one pissed off dude or whatever kwani are you seanice let me tell you its not healthy to hold all that pent up anger in you you may explode and woe unto anyone near you, whatever grime you posses may soil them so just get to the nearest loo and vomit your venom out. as for the show its really ok BUT the presenters really suck as in thumb and all. AND again everyone is entitled to their views and opinions and if you dont like whatever one says just do us a favour and take a long walk off a short pier and please keep your sticky fingures off the keybpoard for once.

  6. U really think u r making sense of attacking others? If u think so u r wrong! Leo n Seanice r our favorite radio presenters, u gotta listen 2 their shows.. U must apologise for that, i can say u r "plain-headed" meaning u ve nothing 2 write abt!

  7. Ooh now i have people who don't understand this RICH HOUSEWIFE. I am so flattered!!

  8. @Stuff and Pekiro we understand where you coming from either you are one of the crews at Capital or not we dont care but coming to this blog and airing your stupid venoms cant be accepted by the way Pekiro you are demanding an apology as who? Shame on you babies of learning to blog here and get lifes we dont care what you listen to and what you feel did you read who commented on the issues and got the depth of everything or you just woke up and felt the whole thing was done by Shiro?

  9. i dont know why those capital bloggers are so worked up.seanice sucks!!!!!!!!shetalks too much i hate it when she interrupts dj styles n adrian's mix on wed. &fri. respectively.SHE TALKS TOO is not what it ws enzi za phil mathews n fareed.esther rocks i hate kerry.the jam was da bomb with marcus n leo. eve d souza,u go girl u make a supuu couple with solo

  10. due to the fantastic PR efforts of stackofstiffys and pekiro we now heart capital breakfast. really, we do. i mean, didn't y'all get the memo? if you dont listen and love it, you might as well be plain headed or (heaven forfend) a rich housewife. well, i don't know about the rest of you but i'm convinced. *rolls eyes*

    oh for f**ks sake, some of you need to get over yourselves already.if some people reckon that capital breakfast sucks and as someone said elsewhere it is is not the number one breakfast show well ... you connect the dots. yes she's making an honest living and yeah you like her but dn't be so anal about it. jeez! and if people don't like what's on radio they would rather listen to the birds. just because everything that's offered may not be up to par does not mean that we have to listen to it. WE are the customers, WE have the right to say that something is substandard. if you don't get that then may the radio gods help you.

    shiro, oh rich housewife who still finds it in her heart to go to the office if only to check email, seems that your post touched a couple of raw nerves. thats a good thing, si that was its purpose, hehe. hope you are well.

  11. I don't understand why people like stackofstiffy's, decide not to use their own blog to air their long rambling childish attacks. Geez it's already been agreed that FM stations are a bore and if he can not come up with a sensible way to air his opinions, he should just shut up!

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  13. Achana na StackofStiffys which is quite an appropriate name

    Dont mind her ive seen him in action all he does is criticise other bloggers (yes i saw u attack Poet freak bila reason)

    its so lovely being so negative and critical in other people's blog when they speak their own mind-cammon u guy! all this fuss over a show which most people agree is whack! cammon enough with the name callin-obviously you love that show which is fair enough...but the rest of us happen to agree with shiroh! Actually since teddy and ngatia left morning shows have never been the same-all round its not a thing agianst capital its against the enitre radio stations


  14. LOL @shiro being a rich housewife.

    No need for an apology, it is your constitutional right not to like people and things no?
    Neither did you say it with malicious intent.

  15. Yeah it's also a constitutional right to be a jerk ass!
    Lets hope all y'all who have negativity just excel at your jobs. Just as a news flash-Phil Matthews and Fareed MOVED ON!They are allowed to do something else just like all y'all are.
    Capital Rocks!!

  16. Haiya, kwani this is the first time anyone has ever talked about capital? kwani whats with the Drama? Is there something we are all missing? how is possible that a negative criticsm against a public person can bring forth such verbal diarrhoea?

  17. you guys seem not to know what radio is all about- do you think the Capital breakfast host has leeway to talk about what she wants??..for crying out loud do you know why Cess was fired from Capital? Seanice is doing her best, remember who her boss is and who her boss is answereable to- state proud to say that i love Capital in the morning- its different- we are tired of every radio host talking politics every now and then and this is the fresh breathe of air we need and her Mixes with Stylez and Dj adrian is just over the moon-....and by the way i did my research and apparently in radio, Capital morning makes more money many advertisers are on your show and from the much advs played on that show, trust me ask Steadman, guys listern to that show--ohhh need i remind you that Capital is not that mwanainchi low class station you think..nop it has its own niche..and clealrly from all your coments, you aint that niche....i love Capital in the morning and will always turn in,....

  18. Dayum missed the bout. Radio in the morning is not what it used to be there is a serious need for change, and yes whilst some of us love vernacular stations there are some who dont mind whats her name oh seanice so knock yourself out. Let people air their views if you dont like what you read put a cork in it.
    Anonymous, now you are not worth acknowledging since you lack the basics like a name hence nonentity. Then try learn some swahili "mwanainchi" its mwananchi,education is free you know, then again you might not....LOL

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  20. Hi,

    I didnt think this blog would go this far, but for most part I must say as Kenyans we are enjoying freedom of speech. I tried publishing a comment a while back but for some reason it didnt work.

    Anyway I think in general when one becomes a media personality or a presenter, automatically you are allowing yourself to be out there for scrutiny, judgements, perceptions, abuses and faults. If you are good, then there is nothing to worry about!!!

    Either way, I felt I should share something that I hold dear to me. Its my own personal Podcast, I have saved up some of the prank calls we made while I was at Capital and some of the Audio sets that my DJs make, some were done while I managed CodeRed and some are still being made to date. Enjoy. I update the stuff as often as I get a chance to.

    You can get there by clicking here

    or you can simply point your browser to this link here.

  21. Haiyaaii, i thought this debate was over. Leo will check it out.


  22. just had the chance to listen to some of the clips,

    amazing stuff indeed, cant believe i missed out on drive time show

    those prank calls are just the bomb!

    leo good job

    any chance of putting up more clips