Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kid Entertainment in Nairobi Part 1- Karura Forest

Being stuck with a rambunctious 2-3 year old is something most parents dread so what do we do? Let them watch Dora the explorer, the whole day! We all know that is not good for their health.

Unlike when we were growing up, letting kids play outside especially in Nairobi is a risk i am unable to bear especially with such a young child. So what do you do with your young child?

These are my top kid entertainment and i am hoping that as a result of this post, others will share and i can expand my list.

Karura Forest!

This is my most favourite! I love taking my child to Karura Forest. These are the reasons why;
1. It is cheap. You only pay Ksh. 140 (100 for adult, 40 for child_ to enter the park.

2. Other places might be free, but there is a lot of lure to buy unhealthy foods and toxic toys

3. There are basically so many activities you can do with your child (you will have to be creative though)
Activities that you can do though include;
Cycling- I need to teach my daughter how to cycle but if your kid can cycle, they can do so without fear of being run over!

Tennis- They have a tennis court for practice sessions, i do not know how much they charge though. The coach told me to wait until my daughter is 4 years old so she can be "trainable".

Walking and Running
Usually, i will pack at the gate and we will walk to and from the KFEET centre which is 2 km walk, i have had to carry her on my back to the gate though! You can also walk your dog with some rules of course!

I remember when i bought the ball, the vendor asked me if my child was a boy! Of course i said no but i wonder why the stereotyping! Playing football on the open field is great for both of you!

Swings and Slides
There are very high quality swings installed by a steel company. There are 2 swings and 2 slides which are hardly in use! Go on rock yourselves out and remember how to swing.

4. Teaching
There is no better way to teach my daughter colours than with nature and with the fact there are so many flowers and butterflies, we can describe most of them.

There are so many things to see, the waterfalls, Lily Lake, the Caves!

Part 11 coming soon

Please check out the Friends of Karura Website