Thursday, July 20, 2006

Financial, Jobless and Yeah....

I was reading this post and wondered what is wrong with kenyan stock brokers.

Stock Brokers in Kenya give little information.
They are always in a hurry to finish with you.

I went to sell some shares yesterday and this is what i was shocked to learn

I was told
"call after three days to see if your shares have been sold"

In these days of CDS

And then
"You will be given your cheque 7 days after your shares are sold".

It takes bloody 7 days to draw a cheque??


I ask a really bogged down already broker

"why can't you deposit it in my account?

It will cost you 1000/=

Already i could see she really wanted out so i didnt bother asking her what is it about depositing cash cost 1000/= Ksh.

May i say that brokerage firm sijui Investment firm is FRANCIS DRUMMOND INVESTMENT BANK.

When i bought my shares i saw a myriad of charges that i couldn't understand. So when i originally thought i would end up with 500 shares, i ended up with 434. I mean i need brokerage education.

There are only 12 brokerage licences which requires an arm and leg to get one and thats why many brokers give crap customer services.

Then you keep wondering why we will remain forever poor. Attempts to investor for a small man like me are thwarted by all manner of customer service attendants.

I used to have a very good broker at the said firm called Chris. I don't know what happened, i think he was promoted.

Anyway too much.

ME, I SHIRO is a jobless woman. And all i can tell you that in Kenya, there are two types of people. Those who know someone and those who don't. I belong to the second group. I have been working for some time in a certain organization whose employees read who is who and who do you know and who is your father?! Unfortunately, when it came to permanent employment, this woman who knows nobody found her way out and left her position for somebody's relative at the certain organization.

I was reading an article Ababu Namwamba had written on Sunday Standard stating that Kenyans are afraid of coming back to Kenya because of ethnicity and patronage. And you have no idea just how deep rooted this is. If you are watching your gold fish stay where you are and don't bother feeling guilty working for NASA or whatever it is that feeds you. Your country has refused to address the question of tribalism and patronage. If your father's name does not sound familiar, you will be forever stuck in low end jobs back here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Going to the US no matter what the costs


There was this girl who said she needed my services as a laywer. So i went to see her and she explained
"A friend of mine had been granted a Green Card to the United States and it was just a matter of an interview then he would be able to travel to the land of milk and honey.

So we arranged a civil service marriage so that i would be able to go to the US with him. Unfortunately the guy goofed in the interview and they were not able to travel.

Her boyfriend was coming from abroad and had arrangements to get married to her. And she wanted to annul the marriage."

That was a hard one i must say. How do you annul a marriage which was entered for convenience. What if it was discovered they had entered into the marriage fraudulently.
She then disappeared when i told her that i would need some time to look into the matter.

Si tell me your stunts you know people pull to ensure how they will get outside the country...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I want to be

Dedicated to the children (orphans) of St. Francis Integrated Karen with whom my love holds no bounds.

I want to be

A great person whose;

Words are not tainted with lies
Actions are not tainted with malice
Smile is not tainted by fakery
Laughter is not tainted with sarcasm

Love is purest
Talk is not empty
Giving demands no return
Promises leave no debt

Which person;

Cries real tears
Gives real comfort
Cares with no bounds

A person;

Who lives a day at a time
Who has a minute for anyone
And at any time
Who will invite everyone
She knows for her wedding
Who seeks to see the best in everyone
Even when it is not so obvious

A person;

Who has no regrets
Who gave and did not receive
Not who received and never gave
A person who strives not
To be pleased but to please
A person who knows
She is just like the next person
Maybe only just fortunate or

A person who understamds;

Life is a teacher
You live you learn
Some are fortunate
And others less
That doesn’t make them
Less a human
We are all equal
In the eyes of our maker

So help me God


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to...the Kenyan way

How to spoil a good breakfast show

Nation Fm (Now EasyFM)

I would have been forgiven to think that the answers to the question
"Name the three Musketeers "
Munene, Ted and Ngatia

When they existed they cracked me up. Their laughter more than their jokes hilarized me. They had an infectious laughter and would laugh at people and brighten our days. Now the joke that Kenyans are never thought this was a perfect arrangement and instead brought us a character by the name Bernard Otieno who i have no grudge with apart from his serious talk and stale jokes.

Nothing beats a good joke in the morning and infectious laughter.

Classic FM
This is what has made me write this post anyway.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi alias Filgonas combination somehow worked. This was becoming the biggest breakfast show. Rumour has it that Queen B couldnt take it anymore and her too wanted to go to Classic and hence someone had to go.

I don't like Valentine Njoroge, not for her obvious lack of character but she isn't just a good Breakfast presenter. Truth be told. Even me i have been told i cannot make a model and thats just the truth or rather i don't look like Angelina Jolie/KM lookalike (tihihi) with or without the pout (I love her).

Either way breakfast shows Valentine is not where you discuss whether a one night stand is good or not. We all know its good so lets move on and be funny. Or if its ok to for a young guy to date Wambui Otieno..who cares. Its time to laugh.

How to kill a Redkyulas Show

Just stop being funny.

The first Redkyulas show was hilarious. We actually did Roll on the Floor Laughing out Loud but since then Red Corna/kyulas is no longer funny.

Vitimbi is more hilarious my friends and Vioja Mahakamani. Those guys have original jokes. I cannever get enough of Mzee Ojwang. Haki the guy should be awarded some award of sorts.

I watch TV less and listen to the Radio lesser, i am sure it would have been more easier to give more ways to kill good things if i did watch and listen more.

Feel free to add on your own how to.....

Is it just me or the employer pays enough to cater for your transport to and from work and to keep going to work. Entrepreneurship anyone?

Thanks a lot AfroMusingsand Ms K for your commitment with the kids. Going there on Sunday so if you are interested, holla.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Wako wapi?

We had our meet up on Saturday. It was so much fun. Note some people like Nicholas Gichu invented the Spider Man to miss the blog meet up. My gal Naks was down with Malaria (do recover soon).

It was usual drama with M boycotting the meet up coz of security issues. We had two new guests from Virtual insanity, Kibet and Cowi. Let me not say what Milo was upto.

Blog meet ups always start with serious to dancing and singing out loud.,eating like never before.

At the end of the day alcohol made people to start deliberating on questions like
"Does Milo look like Thierry Henry"

Honestly i think ukimwangalia vizuri he does. only a darker version. KM thought we were pandishaing the damn guy, just imagine.

KM disappeared on me. Ebu you tell them where you went here on my blog.

Mko Wapi?

I have noticed since drama started on blog, a lot of people have disappeared and when i turn on the aggregator when i do, i do miss these people. Let me name them and assume i will dig them out of their hiatus

Prousette (Mama Nyumi)
Kenyan Gal
Au Lait (sio sana lakini)
The devious one
Blue Swift
Farmgal (of late)
Kenyan Groove
Medussa (a bit a bit)
Life Moments
Whisperin Inn
Nick (spidey fun)

You are all invited to do a post before the end of the week.

St. Francis Integrated School

I went their yesterday; the children are lovely. Who was making any donations?
We need cash to buy the children writing materials
Exercise books
Text Books

Have a lovely week everyone.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is Kenya a Failed State

I will not and i have refused to accept that Kenya is a failed state.

I read this report and saw What about Congo, Rwanda et al who cannot compare to our country and are not on the list. Seeing what makes us a failed state worsens the whole situation. Who says corruption is out of hand? Who says that crime is out of hand? To my knowledge there is more corruption in Kenya than in Nigeria?

Thank you
Kenya Daily Newspapers for making our country look like a failed state on everyday of the week that you can afford. Everything nowadays looks like a scandal.

The British High commission for telling your folks that Kenya is a crime prone state that they should not visit.

And to all those who contributed to the data that Kenya is a failed state.

Because it is not.

Second to none is Kenya. Infact the only part that South Africa beats us is service delivery for its people and minerals. Otherwise i have conviction that Kenya is the best country in Africa. No more no less. And we will get there.

How do you group us with the likes of Somalia and Sudan? Shakes head in disbelief.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


“I dont think so what is killing. Kiss is in fact propmoting those shody "musicians" unless i hear them on radio can't waste ma dalla for s'thing like under 18. Keep airing those musik.”

This is the comment aired by someone who opted to remain anonymous when I felt that KISS was killing our industry by massive airplay of their songs. I feel pity for kenyans like the one above. Forget the spelling and grammatical mistakes. They believe everything Kenyan is shoddy.

These are the same people who will spend thousands of money on alcohol then leave it in the urinals of the pub. Mixed priorities I say. (hear hear)

You call our musicians shoddy?

Yeah they are not upto standard and they are far away from the mighty hiphop musicians of the good old USA but I don’t agree they are shoddy.

How do I say our musicians are shoddy and the way we katika to under 18 or to Kiasi or to Bidii yangu (my latest favourite).

Our musicians are not shoddy they just lack support. What with little album sales and much copyright infringement. (FYI, kenya is on the watchlist for countries who copyright infringement goes on unabated in the world and we don’t even have optical plants imagine.)

What with the massive airplay already depleting the what would be market.

True some songs are built to last Malaika by Fadhili Williams is one such. The song never loses taste almost 30 years later.

Sinzia by Nameless will not last this year! Believe me or not and that is the nature of hip hop. Songs are for partying and must be released in quick succession.

An industry has to be given time to grow.,it has to. You don’t give our artists time to grow when you think they are shoddy. Not that I think they are celebs as they jidai to be but when we do not buy from them it makes their lives as worse and the mega bucks industry that can be a sleeping giant.

My favourite Kenyan Artistes

Nyota Ndogo
Jua Cali
Suzanna Owiyo (though I don’t understand that language)
Rat a Tat (two time wonder and lacks the confidence)
Meg C (if only she could have her one night with Oliech and move on)
Kleptomaniacs (smooth lyrics I say)

And many more.

Though the Tz guys do it for me. I love it when they sing in pure kiswahili, it tickles me to hell.

End of support.