Tuesday, July 04, 2006


“I dont think so what is killing. Kiss is in fact propmoting those shody "musicians" unless i hear them on radio can't waste ma dalla for s'thing like under 18. Keep airing those musik.”

This is the comment aired by someone who opted to remain anonymous when I felt that KISS was killing our industry by massive airplay of their songs. I feel pity for kenyans like the one above. Forget the spelling and grammatical mistakes. They believe everything Kenyan is shoddy.

These are the same people who will spend thousands of money on alcohol then leave it in the urinals of the pub. Mixed priorities I say. (hear hear)

You call our musicians shoddy?

Yeah they are not upto standard and they are far away from the mighty hiphop musicians of the good old USA but I don’t agree they are shoddy.

How do I say our musicians are shoddy and the way we katika to under 18 or to Kiasi or to Bidii yangu (my latest favourite).

Our musicians are not shoddy they just lack support. What with little album sales and much copyright infringement. (FYI, kenya is on the watchlist for countries who copyright infringement goes on unabated in the world and we don’t even have optical plants imagine.)

What with the massive airplay already depleting the what would be market.

True some songs are built to last Malaika by Fadhili Williams is one such. The song never loses taste almost 30 years later.

Sinzia by Nameless will not last this year! Believe me or not and that is the nature of hip hop. Songs are for partying and must be released in quick succession.

An industry has to be given time to grow.,it has to. You don’t give our artists time to grow when you think they are shoddy. Not that I think they are celebs as they jidai to be but when we do not buy from them it makes their lives as worse and the mega bucks industry that can be a sleeping giant.

My favourite Kenyan Artistes

Nyota Ndogo
Jua Cali
Suzanna Owiyo (though I don’t understand that language)
Rat a Tat (two time wonder and lacks the confidence)
Meg C (if only she could have her one night with Oliech and move on)
Kleptomaniacs (smooth lyrics I say)

And many more.

Though the Tz guys do it for me. I love it when they sing in pure kiswahili, it tickles me to hell.

End of support.


  1. Wassup Kamum.
    To be honest, I am very specific about the artistes I listen to. I still belive Ukoo Flani Maumau are the best Kenya’s gat, I never get enough of them, but…I am lately crazy for Jua Cali mimi…he kicks ass. Woii, God send me the man on my Bday and I will grow old gracefully with a smile on my face.
    Songs I am luuurvin’ right now, some old;

    Jua Cali- Bidii Yangu
    “wacha jasho imwagike kooote… tiririririi. Nataka tuuu heshima yako, nataka tuuu furaha yako”
    Woi fafa! Wacha tu cos me, “hata nikigonga soo muziki zangu sitawacha ku-sa-mba-za”

    Didge- Saa zingine,
    “saa zingine, ulimi hauoni ukweli wa moyo. Saa zingine wanichosha nataka unondoke neda zako, saa zingine, kukosana ndio mwanzo wa kuelewanwa”.
    Sigh, Didge is sooo cute aki and he smells like Egoiste.

    Jidai an older one Nameless and Nyashinski-

    “Roundi hii najidai, hata kama sijawai najidai….eti mlitudiss? na sisi tunaendelea ku wa dis-miss! Nyashinski weee Tuk Tuk na mimi land cruiser prado tuta race aje? KM (I always add my name hapo) jina maringo mi hu-jiskia!!”

    Nyota Ndogo- Nibebe,
    nami nikuonyeshe penzi……

    Halafuuu, you jua that one for Professor Jay for Nikusaidiaje? LOOOL, Kills me “ Nilikupata kijijini Sitimbi umebeba mahindi furishi la magimbi” LMAOOO, “penzi langu nilikupa ulitunze mpenzi anasa ja jiji zikakuchanganya….kuwa nawe tena hitowezekana mpeeeeeenzi (that’s my fave part)” LOOOL@ onaring magari anakimbia. Aki that’s a nasty diss. LOOOOL. Woiye, Zubeda really did that jamaa in.

    Keepin well Kamum dearest? Sorry for blogging on you.

  2. The only Kenyan musician we have Dola Kabarry and Ukoo Fulani (Km I feel u on that).
    I know why some people dont buy Kenyan music because they wait when Kiss is playing they press dubb record and possess.

    Si u know me and TZ thing gat them in store vilivyo.

    Kwanza the Suma Lee one "Amina njoo nkutume kwa kina Aisha mwambie Aisha aje kama ataki usimbembeleze ama umwambie asije"

    Nurah (baba Maicecream) " Kitovu awa madame sijui ni nini... Basi tuma dollar kumi, La si unajua zinauzwa tuma wewe kwanza,"

    Do I need to weka mingi( KM started) . They rock why lie.

  3. and here i was thinkin that kenyan songs are lyrically challenged with cheap attempts at rhyming...guess i'll try reconsider as i sing nami-najidai...Thanks KM for that one

    but on a serious note-seriously aiiiiii! Nameless and his tu-songs hapana!best example is boom boombooom ba...what tha hell.
    kenyan music has prolly the best beats-my complaint ni lyircs...we shall discuss singin talent later

  4. KM dearest you just made my day. You actually know the lyrics to that Nikusaidiaje.LOOOOl.

    Ati alikuwa anamwona kwa Tv "yuamkua". That song is triple funnnnnnnnnnny.

    Bidii yangu rocks. That song does rock. Jua Cali has talent for lyrics. Si he throws some my way.

    Didge, my God. He is hot and has style. That song for "wine,wine, the way you make feel i am so...na kama wanitaka niko hapa" wooi and the video. And the way he looks as if he is chunguliaing through the skirts. My goodness.

    Alafu Nyota Ndogo is my dearest. She is the song bird. Haki you can feed on that song of hers "nibebe nami nikuonyeshe penzi nakupa ili usiende"

    That chic for that song of Nikusaidiaje cannot be even be from our shags.Ati alikuwa analala chini sio kwa bed. Aaaaii that chic deserves a GRAMMY AWARD no less.

    Also the Nami Najidai...has nice tubeats and lyrics.

    Tena Bad Boy.
    @Nakeel, kumbe you guys hide this lyrics. Me i want a website called www.tanzanialyrics.com featuring Noorah, Professor Jay and those others. Dont tell me some guys still dubb from the Radio. Ngai fafa noooo...
    " Unanitega hebu, mbona kifua kiko wazi" Now how?? Kifua kiko wazi aiii

    @Nick,ati lyrically challenged you must be talking about something else. Hakuna just listen. Lool ati boom boombooom ba....by the way what was he thinking?

  5. Iye baba
    Then u ask for my phone numbrrrrrr
    Na accent moja kali sanrrrrr
    Na ndege hujawahi pandrrrrr
    Iye babrrrrrr
    Hata ile ya mombasrrrrrr

    Hook me up with a Gee my guy, niburudishe ka-dem my guy!!!!

    The Kenyan music scene has come from far and is splitting at the seams with talent right now.

    That said, however, it cant rival the TZ bongo scene (Milo's other pointi side) LOL

  6. Hey gal!How's it goin!Now let me air my $0.02.
    There are some very good Kenyan artistes like Abbi,Ukoo Fulani,Harry Kimani,Jua Cali etc.But there are a whole load of boring one hit wonders!
    Plus I do agree that many Kenyans pirate music but also do you know how long Kenyans take to release albums?No way in hell am I going to chuck 1k to buy a cd that has some songs that are over 2 years old!Case in point Amani!That album has been coming for the last 4 years!If you can't make a whole cd then at least release single cds that have remixes to sell to the fans.
    Then come the case of performances.Why are Jabali Afrika booked all year round?Because they have genuine enjoyable performances same goes for other bands that use instruments ie Achieng Abura,Suzanne Kibukosya etc.I went to a performance once where the rapper (I will not name names) just lip synched to his own playback tracks.I know hireing a live band is expensive but I do know if one looks around they can get a good deal plus look at what it has helped do for people like Redsan.He may not use one all the time but the few times he does it has worked wonders for his following and career.Plus many Kenyan artistes are not very good stage performers, the choreography is very wanting or in the case of the Longombas who were great has now become stale.
    I am not ragging on Kenyan musicians as they have tried but if they try a bit more they can do so so so much better!Now let me stop blogging on your blog!

  7. Hey Shiroh, Hope you are well.

    My thing about Kenyan music is that first of all Kenyan musicians dont enjoy a fan base.And by fans, I dont mean people who dance to their music, I mean people who have the posters, who are "crazy in love"...... If you have die hard fans, they will buy the music. Case and point, Me! I am an R Kelly fan and I have all his CDs.. ORIGINAL. Posters.... anything I can get my hands on!

    And then I agree with Aco, this maneno of only chukin singles is not helping their cause whatsoever. They need to be making the cd and then they chuck the singles....

    As for Wyre.... uh la la la la..... **drool**

  8. @Acolyte and Movie Buff, kindly note that Kenyan Musicians do not make as much money and therefore doing an R Kelly is a distant dream.

    Needless to say they need your support and i don't think that it is that they are lazy. Pesa bwana

  9. let me go on record saying that i heart wyre and didge. kwanza didge ... sigh! nyota ndogo rocks as well, she has talent!

    problem with kenyan artistes is that they dont think long term. they aspire to have their songs on heavy rotation on radio and make money from performances. problem with this is that people get tired of hearing the songs and they give below average perfomances then they say watu wana hate. what we are is bored. if you plan to make your living off performing live then you'd better have one hell of a show, not singing/rapping over a track and telling people watupe mikono hewani. and having your singles overplayed on the radio for ages before launching your album is just bad economics, cos few people will be interested in getting thsoe cds.

    what most of them is following the same route that other musicians have gone and they need to rethink their strategy if their aim is longevity.

  10. @ shiroh
    I have at no point said that Kenyan musicians are lazy.But many of them don't know how to cash in on their fame at all!Look at poxi pressure, when he had a hit song do you know what he did?He made loads of audio tapes and they sold like hot cakes!The man knew how to translate his fame at the time into money.I mean does it make sense to have a single playing on kiss day in day out but it is not available as a single?I mean all you had to do is make 2 remixes and you can sell the single cd for a couple of hundred shillings.I have only seen one artist in Kenya do that.
    The fact is Kenyan musicians need to think like business men if they want to make a living from their music.
    @ spicebear
    You have said all that I have wanted to say, said and then some!

  11. Nowadays Namless has nosedived in terms of quality. I'm sure i'm not the only one who winces when I hear the lyrics to Sinzia. Hata kama its rhyming jamani! He peaked with Majitu, Mannerless and Ninaoki and now .. alas! Same thing with Kleptos. Maniax's anthem is one of the best songs I have ever heard but some of what is on m4e -- shudder!

    But in terms of shoddiness -- there's nothing wrong with saying some musicians are shoddy, just as they are some who are very good.

    I mean look at Circute and Maharagwe. That is one bollocks waste of 4 minutes of one's life. Just juzeless.

    But the Suzanne Owiyos and Nyota Ndogos and the now defunct K-South are saving graces.

    And I think the Calif and Ukoo Flani guys are especially creative. I mean, how long was it before guys knew what 'Nyundo' was about? And how many words have they introduced into popular culture?

    As for TZ -- they seem to have built a proper industry around their music. Most of their artists actually live, and live well, of it. Amazing.

  12. I know this topic is dead but I think this article in Sunday's paper sums up alot of what I was trying to say.

  13. Mazee hapo umego?Umegonga. Quite frankly, alot of folks dharau Kenyan Music even before they hear it, saying ati we're not original or some other silly stuff like we're not as good as the West...well it's not fair, I say, and recently by just sampling lyrics on my site I've converted like 20 jungus to Genge downloads. Our country has talent, why lie.

    Wenu, Sulliam.

  14. habari,

    check museke.com/tanzania for Tanzanian music lyrics