Monday, July 10, 2006

Wako wapi?

We had our meet up on Saturday. It was so much fun. Note some people like Nicholas Gichu invented the Spider Man to miss the blog meet up. My gal Naks was down with Malaria (do recover soon).

It was usual drama with M boycotting the meet up coz of security issues. We had two new guests from Virtual insanity, Kibet and Cowi. Let me not say what Milo was upto.

Blog meet ups always start with serious to dancing and singing out loud.,eating like never before.

At the end of the day alcohol made people to start deliberating on questions like
"Does Milo look like Thierry Henry"

Honestly i think ukimwangalia vizuri he does. only a darker version. KM thought we were pandishaing the damn guy, just imagine.

KM disappeared on me. Ebu you tell them where you went here on my blog.

Mko Wapi?

I have noticed since drama started on blog, a lot of people have disappeared and when i turn on the aggregator when i do, i do miss these people. Let me name them and assume i will dig them out of their hiatus

Prousette (Mama Nyumi)
Kenyan Gal
Au Lait (sio sana lakini)
The devious one
Blue Swift
Farmgal (of late)
Kenyan Groove
Medussa (a bit a bit)
Life Moments
Whisperin Inn
Nick (spidey fun)

You are all invited to do a post before the end of the week.

St. Francis Integrated School

I went their yesterday; the children are lovely. Who was making any donations?
We need cash to buy the children writing materials
Exercise books
Text Books

Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. Was a nice meetup, wish i could have stayed longer. Much ado is made about who’s/who/here, but I truly enjoy the rapid-fire debate and learnt so much from discussion on topics such as broadband, Telkom, law, audits, relationships, parliament, IT, strokes etc. More meets please

  2. Seems ya'll had fun and from what I get from banks, some serious discussion went down too.
    What do you mean by security issues?!Kwani gvt agents are hunting for M?
    I have noted that alot of bloggers have fallen off!I dont think it has anything to do with drama.Maybe it is mid year slump.I feel that I may be joining them soon...
    ps:As for the kids school, ngoja mid August.

  3. hi shiroh,
    i applaud you for your work with the school, please email me whenever you get a chance, afromusing at gmail dot com, perhaps they can set up a paypal acct for people to donate, i would like to make arrangements for my little contrib. Have a fab week too!

  4. have disappointed me.

    Here I was waiting for details, lakini wapi. Ama you are drafting them?

    Anywhooo....glad to see y'all had a blast.

  5. LOL at missing in action...i wanttthe details considerin even if i came i wouldnthavebeen allowed to blog about...ukikataa i shall posta blog on the meetup

    haki if u look at milo-his philtrum, and naso-labial angle, bridge of the nose are reminiscent of Thierry.

  6. i was waiting for drama. but it seems you people are actually serious people. need to book a flight to emilios land.

  7. Always good to see buddies having fun & I know meeting up with kool people makes it worthwhile.'

    That silly guy blogging on Tafsiri also went AWOL but I know what he's been upto lately,lol!

    I am convinced many, very many KBWs fell off mainly because of that drama.

    Some quick damage control was done but that still left many members feeling uneasy about the whole blog issue.

    Time will tell & either prove or disprove those declaring KBW to have been a dying horse.

    Nice aquarime look template.

  8. Still sniggering at Milo looking like Thierry, much to Milo’s annoyance.
    And me I look like Angelina Jolie basi.
    Anywhooo, ok, fine, the shape of the head. Beyond that, tuheshimu Henry tafadhali.
    Or is it because Milo was in a yellow shirt? Sigh, whtvr!!
    It was real fun lakini.
    I went to ummmm look for a lay but I did not get. There! Happy?

  9. KM... u got the words right out of my mouth (fingers) Angelina takes a STRONG resemblance to you!

    Milo, Thierry,the special Hanger (read toilet accessory) make an interesting match! lol!

    I agree with Banks: more meets!

  10. One of the best meetups i have been to. Must say good chioce Milo and the live band really just did it despite moments when we all cringed" ningependa kutuma salamu kwa husy yangu dennis na wasee wote wanaonijua..." LOOOOL. Sadly seems like only the ladies were dancing as the men watched hmmmmm we need a resolution. The story of Milo aka thierry was a good one,i will stick to what we all agreed on that day, the features that were still are. KM and the welcoming committee thank you so much and will aim to get off the train ASAP... KM lool at Shakira...
    Else great meetup had a really good time...Did i say twas nice meeting kibet and CowiToast to more meets.

  11. yeah, more meets. More meets *breaks into chant* meets! ,meets!

    @ kibet. tehe, thanks.... Me I am double blushing here...mwehehhe, Angelina looks like me. Except for the lips! Tihiiii
    Thats it, me I am quitting jobbo and going to Hollywood so I can have babies in Namibia and claim the country for myself.
    Ok fine, if I look like Angelina then I can let Milo have the Henry look.

    @ Gish..LOOOOOL, karibu kwa train kamum....halafu, woi fafa, I had forgotten about Shakira, mwehehhe, jokes aside pris, washana naye pris. Halafu she rogad "bwana nipe pesa"....ok, she could sing kinda but aii, what was with the leopard clothes?
    Sigh, kimya kimya kamum.
    That met rocked lakini.

  12. Heh heh seems like I missed a rocking meet. But it was worth the Sun n Sand Baby!!!!

    And niko tu. I'm around. Just around the corner. And yes it was the drama LOL!!!

    Hey, you were supposed to let me know about St Francis. Email me kohcoh at yahoo dot com. I should be able to organize a small fundraising at the office; clothes and stationery. Sawa?


  13. Shiro am still here, just not blogging as much. Glad you guys had a good time.