Tuesday, February 28, 2006

We are going a long way

I try to avoid politics when I can. But when we talk about national development (a topic I am most passionate about) somehow politics has to sneak its way. And if we talk about politics, then tribalism walks in slowly, rears its ugly head and divides the debaters.

The Kikuyu in me has become idiosyncratic I fear. I tend to defend any ills committed by a Kikuyu. In fact I could give you a million excuses of why that Kikuyu had to do what it had to do. When we were presented with a half baked constitution, devoid of merit and outrightly substandard I defended it the way a mother whose kid has been accused of stealing the neighbours mangoes would. Not because everybody who voted against it did it because of the reasons listed above.

We coined sayings like The house of Mumbi and proceeded to declare that it was under threat. For some strange reason Kikuyus have a superiority complex. The pride you feel when you read a John Grisham or a Sidney Sheldon and read about the Kikuyus of Kenya. The Kikuyu in me has refused to die. That is the pride called “before a fall”. We also say “Kikuyus have saved this country.

History has favoured my tribesmen/women and so has climate. My father calls everyone a “kabila”, is also Luophobic.

In due course they were handed a humble pie. So we figured a way to eat the pie humbly in the most pompous and callous manner. Sack them! You could almost hear the chorus. And the big man for once gave in the pressure to sack and sack he did.

The country sunk into deeper problems that it was before. In almost 2 weeks prices of commodities had gone up by 30%, there was famine in the country, there was a shortage of registration forms and it has been established one cannot replace an ID for the next 6 months. Someone has declared there is a person in Nairobi who has sinned as the rains keep giving us a wide berth.

We cannot blame a Kikuyu for just like everyone else he thinks as a Kikuyu first then as a person.

It is with this background in tribalism that we must ponder if we are willing to let this country go to the dogs just because we will not sacrifice our own.

Just in the morning, I was listening to a local fm station whereby it is too obvious that our ministers are handing some folks resignations and awarding their tribesmen posts.

Kulundu could be heard defending Lumbaso “she is not my sister…” The fact that she is a Luhya was something Kulundu should have thought about before the appointment. Isn't also sinister that his brother Kulundu Bitonye is the Principal of Kenya School of Law now?

Then there is Kivutha Kibwana a Law Professor and currently the Minister of Environment who has just replaced Professor Michieka with a Dr. Mwinzi his own tribesman.

Henry Obwocha the now acting Minister for Planning has appointed a Kisii (whose name I am unable to write) to the Kenya Ports Authority.

We cannot avoid tribalism, it is what defines a particular people. I am a Kikuyu, I am a Maasai,.that is Kenyan. When tribalism will fly out of the window, individualism will set in or a class social order as it is in the America.

But how do we avoid letting this tribalism sink us into deeper problems than we are already in. Does it count that if all the people I think are qualified are my tribesmen do I out rightly become a tribalist? Americans seem to have allowed a class of persons to rule them as has the Britons. Kenyans cannot allow a small group of people read tribe to rule them!

I have studied in various colleges since I left High School. I have established the proprietors of the certain college. It has always shocked me that the tribe of a proprietor always reflects our lecturers. If the owner is a Kikuyu, about 75% of the lecturers will be Kikuyus and so forth.

So why do Kenyans all over sudden imagine that a person who has been working with his tribesmen all his life will now become too accommodative to other tribes. It is all in the social setting.

A person growing up in Kisumu will probably attend Kisumu Boys and then set out for Maseno University where he will only have associated with his tribesmen throughout the time.

To get rid of tribalism we will have to do more than shout from the rooftops of how our leaders are tribal. The past regime was tribal, this one is tribal and the next one will be.

We will need to get rid of the quota system that resigns provincial schools from admitting persons from outside their province district. About 75% of the schools only admit students joining the school only from their district.

We could also ban mother tongue from being a language of instruction in the village schools.

Granted, majority of Kenyans reside in the rural areas, and from these rural areas do you find our most leaders coming from.

The problem of tribalism is not going to die away soon. We better admit. We have grown up being a certain tribe and just like the mzungu took a long time to admit a person can be black so does tribalism work.

Disclaimer : I am not tribal.I do not condone tribalism.

I have read a very interesting post this morning

Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank you....

Lawd Jesus! (KM has not copyrighted this right) I had a blast. I am still surprised at how much some dudes and dudettes love me.

I wont get into the nitty grittys of how this woman enjoyed her b/day. I am one hell of a bad narrator.I know why 24 is a good year(heck yes it is)

Keguro, for being the first to wish me many years ahead.
S!, thanks for the lovely card. (Nick is already getting jealous)
Nick thanks for that lovely sms
M, now you better find it. You know what
All of you who passed my blog and wished me a happy Bday

I told someone he was the fiftieth to wish me many returns and I hope he believed it. By end of day Friday I had 22 wishes from fellow KBW….Gosh! I am so happy..happy..happy

Thengiu very much.

And all of you “friends” outta there who did not remember my b/day you are marked.
You are not my friend
You have never been my friend
And I hope I am not being unrealistic.
Part of being my friend is remembering my birthday

And least of all, those who wanted to ruin my day (Mshindwe!!) pepo mbaya.

Stupid PMS, you must not come near me when it is my birthday. And you never seem to hear me or do you?

Take care of yourself and when you are at it gather some good friends and I mean just that good.

It is official; we are organizing a KBW Meet up, you Kenyans.

Before I met KBW members I was afraid to lose the mystery behind the blogs. I didn’t meet any before our meeting in Dec. Blogging has become better. KBW dudes and dudettes are off the hook! I think there is something about being a blogger.

Suspected culprits

All bloggers visiting,in Kenya,within Kenya, neighbouring Kenya

Nick has the following numbers
Ms K’s

KM,hook a brother up with your number.

You can volunteer your number ats sylkwanAThotmail.com if so inclined.

Suspected venue
We might all agree on Buffet Park, (any other suggestions people!)

Carry your cameras, your eyes

Not allowed
Your other halves

Suspected day
11th or 12th March. Protest if you may wish. We (Nick and concubine) are only going to organize a day all yah (most) are available and not committed.

Likely things
Mental checking on his godchildren
Nick taking Fanta (no you won't)
KM and Ms K competing on who has higher heels
M and Ms K talking late in the night
G..doing a better lap dance, I am sure she has been practicing
Samborera turning up with introverted crew (looking forward)
Bankelele (I am not sure we will get this one he will be busy making keleles at the banks
Torments reciting poems at none other than (you have it)

I will email the ones I can but we gotta have your number.

I told you, don’t pull a why didn’t you tell me!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am still 18 I insist.

Wednesday 24th Feb 19-- Fill the gaps.

Many things could have happened

I could have died
My mother could have died
It didn't happen
I could have been born with abnormalities like celebral palsy
But i wasn't


Thank you for those who love me
For those who believe in me (you are few)
I owe you one

If you don't like me
Well, you are missing a lot
But you are still welcome to celebrate

To toast the beginning of another 18th year of my life (for the 6th time)
To thank God for His Mercies
I love you all
I have no reason to hate anyone and the truth is i don't
I only share differences

May God Bless You All


About Pisces

The Fishes
Febuary 20 to March 20
Pisces Traits

Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Escapist and idealistic
Secretive and vague
Weak-willed and easily led

And i share a birthday with these i don't know people who all happen to be athletes, sports persons. blah blah

Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Who hate this more than me?

Raise your hands up


Who hates this more than me?

Raise your hands up.

Ladies and Gentlemen: some Kenyans are made of that shit.

Mkubwa syndrome

As a commentor on my blog called it “intellectual laziness”

We don’t want to think.

We would rather not.

We follow the masses.

Believe in the adage “the majority wins”

But I digress…
If you find yourself agreeing with everyone; shake your head kidogo

We would not know what is right even if it was thrown on our faces.

Look at the referendum

Hear them saying “We will make sure there is a new constitution” where is it???

Where are they?

Do Kenyans all over sudden detest having a constitution?

What happen to constitution? Constitusheni if you like??

We are carried away…Anglo whatever?

So what?

Corruption where are you?

I would love to suck you out

Mr. Clean where are you?

Are you really Mr. Clean?

What about the voters you bribed Mr. Clean?

What about those relatives of yours you are dishing jobs in parastatals?

You think other Kenyans don’t deserve them?

Why did you care about the KRA recruitment Mr. Clean?

What about the Constituency Development Funds Mr. Clean?

Where are the Accounts?

What about our time?

Why don’t you attend parliament?

We are paying you to do that?

Mr. Mr. Clean we are paying you to pass bills

Let me sleep Mr. Cleans because I would rather remain “Intellectually Lazy” than lose my sleep over you.

I will continue to suffer bad roads

I will continue to live in fear

I will continue to watch my fellow Kenyans die

I will continue to live below a dollar a day

I will continue to buy shoes every month

I cannot afford a car

Though I have read many books than you

You won’t let me

What about your relatives?

Kenyans are not important than them

Don't worry about me, i am not important

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

My first and second love is Music. Music heals my soul. Good music cures me.Bad music makes me sick.So what do i want to say.

Music has been used to do a lot of things; worship the woman (GOOD),glorify sex (BAD), Abuse the woman (UGLY.

You will recall the days of Kenny Rodgers;

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can`t you see?
You`re everything I hope for
You`re everything I need
You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me.

and you will want to recall Phil Collins even better. she is an easy lover still remaining my favourite.
Songs that make you wanna...you know what i mean

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
I've been waiting for this moment all my life, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord

And then we move to the bad. 50 cent et al...

50 cent with glorifying sex

Look at this with Lil Kim

I got the magic stick
I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice
I hit the baddest chicks
Shorty don't believe me, then come with me tonight
And I'll show you maaagic
(What? What?) Maaagic
I got the magic stick

Ludacris feels nothing for the skirt wearers and does nothing to hide it.
This song still jazzes me.

She said she never done it, she said she never tried
She's sittin there tellin a motherfuckin lie

She said she was a Christian and she grew up in the church (in the church)
Would stay a Virgin if for better or for worse (or for worse)
Had plenty friends and got offers all the time (all the time)
Swore up and down she was just one of a kind (of a kind)
She said she's loved, but she's never gotten pimped (gotten pimped)
Not dominated couldn't imagine, never dreamt (never dreamt)
And though she steady looking for the perfect man (perfect man)
To buy a ring and take her motherfucking hand (man)

Not forgetting "AREA CODE"

What could have the woman done to deserve the kind of lyrics that are being spurn today.

Love songs have now been relegated to boys bands.And when we loved the bands they told us

These chicks don't even know the name of my band...
But they're all on me like they wanna hold hands...
Cuz once I blow they know that i'll be the man...
All because I'm the lead singer of my band...

Granted, men have also been wronged by women and sing songs like this whose artist and title eludes me...

If i had stuck to my original plan
You would have been a one night stand my bad
I should have known you could never be true
Instead i had you...............

Singing about women calling them beautiful,whores or sexual objects still remain the most lucrative way to make money.

I_Wayne sings
One man can't satisfy her
She needs more wood for da fire
Sex price getting higher, ah more money she require
House, car , and land she desire
so from di prostitution work she won't retire
Flames and fireee,
sun is cool burn di flesh, seller, and the fire

My 15 year brother tells me this is his favourite song. I am lost.

Tell me people; has the woman changed. Was she more adorable in the past and has evolved slowly to become gold digger, bitch then whore. What don't we do right. Artistes sing what they love and what they see in the society.

Will you tell me your good,bad and ugly lyrics

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Young Kenyans Arise!

This is an email i was forwarded to this morning.Read it and see what you make of it.

Are you below the age of 45 years? .Then you are young!

Do you love your country Kenya? Do you think you have a stake in the happenings in the country Kenya? Does the future of our beloved country mean anything to you?

Think for a moment: if you are 45 and below – to reach Mwai’s age you have at least 30 more years to live! Do you want the group that calls itself leaders in this country to chart your future for you? Or do you want to be part of the change that is necessary to build this country?

Let us sample a few : this is not about tribal chiefs and their kingdoms – for our progressive future requires that we grow up and shed the tribal and regional glasses and think as a nation and tap on our potential- while appreciating our diversity which must be celebrated as opposed to being use to divide us.

Kalonzo Musyoka : a member of Moi government as cabinet Minister for over 20 years! The Nyayo torture chambers were run - we all knew about them -while he was a senior member of the government that was torturing its own people. We never had his voice! What makes him a spokesman of the down trodden?? Under NARC he oversaw the plunder in funds misuse at the Ministries for 3 years- see local dailies for details. He quit the government in June 2002 since he knew there was no way KANU was going to win the election- a selfish move. He was a Part of the ODM last year – if he is Mr. clean where did he and his colleagues get the money for the NO campaign. Ono of the directors of Kalonzo foundation is Renzo Barnade who is a partner with Lee Nyachae at Kenya Bunduki- the Nyachae’s are known to work closely with Aura Perera- the NARC regime Kamlesh Patni- Young Kenyan the conclusion is yours.

William Ruto : A senior member of the amorphous group called Youth for KANU 92. It is common knowledge the plunder this group of young thugs did to our Country Kenya during the early 90’s- being young does not mean the same thing as integrity! It made him an overnight millionaire!!! Could he say what honest job he did, where and when to amass the wealth he has? Do we want a leader who have grabbed properties to leads us to destruction? He was a member of the MOI repressive regime until the end. IF he is Mr. clean shouldn’t he answer three simple questions – who funded the YK92-where are the audited accounts, who funded the referendum campaign, what made him a savior after being part of regime that tortured Kenyans who spoke their minds?

Uhuru Kenyatta : Young Kenyan with a bright future . His family owns 250,000 acres of land in Kenya – this is equivalent to the area covered by Nyanza province. In free market economy this could be acceptable save for the fact that we all know that this was stolen from the Kenyan people by his father! In a country where 60% live below the poverty line a dollar a day – he should be ashamed when he stands before us and tells us about prosperity of our Nation and Our rights! 80% of Taveta residents are squatters in his family land = 40,000 acres. SHAME ON YOU UHURU FOR ATTEMPTING TO HOODWINK US AND GRAB more!

Otieno Kajwang- he has been struck from the role of Advocates in Kenya for stealing client’s money- how can he possibly talk to us about good governance and ethics while he is a thief himself? Case of log in your eye……………………..

Raila Odinga – 7 political parties in a period of less 10 years means the man believes in nothing. It was all about what is in this for me- Kibaki Tosha call was an own stomach call since he knew the history of the man- he was in the government that detained him for 12 years. Before my Luo brothers lynch me I would like them to consider this issues seriously for the first time – what benefit does a man derive by following another blindly to a non defined destination? Would it not be more profitable, if we were all to take responsibility for our lives? The future is in our hands! Luo thrift, Kisumu Molasses Plant, Supply of Butimen to the GOK, highest spending Ministry on luxury Cars was his, did all Luo Nyanza MPs bribe their way to parliament?

Mwai Kibaki- a member of the government for 40 years – see no evil hear no evil let no evil enter into your mind! Until an opportunity occurs for you to ascend to the top seat for the sole purpose of sitting on that seat! Kenyans were fools to imagine that a man who had been in the system for 40 years could cause any change- he knows no difference.

Mwiraria/ Murungi – the arrogance of power and the ANGLO FLEECING SAGA whether real or imagined speaks for itself. A LAST Deal might have been done on Tuesday 31st February to supply Radio communication equipment by the famous Kamani Group- worth 2.6 billion!

Mukisa Kituyi – there is a rumour that the man owns a helicopter after only 3 years of being a minister. Period to the run up to the 2002 election, it is rumoured that he owned very little!

Ole Ntimama – the tribal chief- remember the “lie low like an envelope” remark that caused death of several Kenyans in what was called tribal clashes- turned spokesman of the people! HOW?

………………… THE LIST GOES ON AND ON ………………………

I do not need to go further in analyzing them. It points to a need to completely change our political clothing for this country to change the direction we are taking. There is nothing special about all these characters and we need to send them packing whenever the elections are called. Let us spread word that there is need for complete overhaul of the elected leaders.

LET US VOTE OUT ALL THE 220 MPs currently in the August house! Let us refuse the bribery during the campaign period – we are 73% of the population and must answer to our Children what we did to make their lives better!!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Enjoy Cupid

I speak Latin sometimes.
Te amo
I suspect that is why Keguro has been doing Love Chronicles. That word above, so powerful.
Someone teach me how to love.
What is love? Ningwendete.

Do you really love?.What makes you think you love. Does rhythmic organismic sex say it. Breathlessness! What?

We cry, we pull back tears. Love is painful but that one moment we feel it erases all the pain we ever felt.

I particularly like this song by Celine " I drove all night....."

We must be ready to suffer for cupid and Eros too.


Blog times

This is for you

MILO is lonely lonely lonely.
I send him cupid.

May you find love again.

May your love come back to you.

Nick was supposed to have three dates tommorrow.
On arrival to tea room, meet Gish for a two hour marathon, then ME, then Kipepeo. Jamaa atatoboa kweli!


Friday, February 10, 2006

Hitting back harder

The words "corruption fights back" by Githongo seem to be taking a back seat as Githongo himself fights even harder.

And with every kick, the men who have been pretending to be "angels" fall. They are too ashamed to say what has hit them.

What is the best you can do when you are an angelic Government Minister and you are taped telling an anti-graft czar to slow down on corruption. The Kenyans feel a disgust in their mouth Mr. President, they don't even care about Goldenberg anymore.

For every shilling a Government official pocket, a Kenyan goes hungry, a Kenyan cannot go to school,a Kenyan drives on a bad road, a Kenyan cannot access basic amenities. How many schools have you Mr.President built since your Government came to power, Kenyatta Hospital remains the only referral Hospital in Kenya. And yet, in your full knowledge, corruption goes on abated and YES we could hold you responsible for abetting corruption!

The most likely things to happen
1. Appoint a commission to look at the Anglo leasing

I am a true believer of NOT GUILTY UNTIL........but in this case, those guys need a little bit of whipping.

2. Say loudly for anyone who cares to hear that everyone will be brought to book.

The ever smiling Attorney General Wako might also hurry up to enter a nolle prosequi for everyone brought to book.

Mr. President,we feel violated! We cannot trust you or whatever you say from now onwards. We are not going to see our glasses half full rather half empty.

Do you think we are capable of bringing anyone to book. The Kenyan society is very sympathetic to the "Big Man". We don't even know what to do. We are not even ready to take them to book honestly. We want the money back but we still don't know what to do with it. We are not even sure we deserve to progress. If we were,we would be hounding those BUFFOONS out of their offices!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

So what did they want?

They looked at me and wondered what I can do
But when they saw what I have done
They said I can do much
So what did they want?

They looked around for talent
And they didn’t see any in me
So they went around and came back
And said I was talented
So what did they want?

They wanted a genius
But they found an average person
Better than average
So what did they want?

They pushed me to do more
They said I was slow
They said I was intelligent
So what did they want?

They were looking for beauty
They didn’t find it
They came back and decided I was beautiful
So what did they want?

They wanted excellence
I was not excellent
I promised to give my best
So what did they want?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Is it a good bad thing you came to earth
So why are you here anyway

Do you ever wonder if your parents did you a favour by bringing you to this earth
So why haven't you ever asked them their motives in doing so



Thursday, February 02, 2006

Did you know?

I enjoy reading long analytical posts,but the power to write them has gone with the shrinking mitochondria. I always feel the half bakedness in my posts. I know i have the idea but when i hit the keyboard..the post is over before i can say..ANYTHING. That is to say i appreciate all of you who come over despite the shallow posts i spurn.

Yesterday somebody called me WAKILI, it felt odd. It even felt honorable.And for a while i imagined really AM I?

This is not what i wanted to write about. I am just excited about February. It is the month i was born.

I wanted to write about

Some girls are not going to school because they cannot afford sanitary towels. You all know what i am talking about ALWAYS,STAYFREE et al. Run to Nakumatt, buy some and put them inside the bucket they have provided please. It is a pity!Though i doubt the capitalistic intentions on the part of ALWAYS and NAKUMATT why can't they allow persons to donate whatever pads they want! Always is an expensive brand to be honest.

What was i saying? This month is my BLOGVERSARY month. February 2005 found me blogging. I was curious to discover what trafalgar,kidada,sanaa were doing.

Anyway it has been a long journey,doing the linking was HARD LOSING MY BREATH OVER HOW TO TAG (Nick wewe). HTML,GREEK?