Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Young Kenyans Arise!

This is an email i was forwarded to this morning.Read it and see what you make of it.

Are you below the age of 45 years? .Then you are young!

Do you love your country Kenya? Do you think you have a stake in the happenings in the country Kenya? Does the future of our beloved country mean anything to you?

Think for a moment: if you are 45 and below – to reach Mwai’s age you have at least 30 more years to live! Do you want the group that calls itself leaders in this country to chart your future for you? Or do you want to be part of the change that is necessary to build this country?

Let us sample a few : this is not about tribal chiefs and their kingdoms – for our progressive future requires that we grow up and shed the tribal and regional glasses and think as a nation and tap on our potential- while appreciating our diversity which must be celebrated as opposed to being use to divide us.

Kalonzo Musyoka : a member of Moi government as cabinet Minister for over 20 years! The Nyayo torture chambers were run - we all knew about them -while he was a senior member of the government that was torturing its own people. We never had his voice! What makes him a spokesman of the down trodden?? Under NARC he oversaw the plunder in funds misuse at the Ministries for 3 years- see local dailies for details. He quit the government in June 2002 since he knew there was no way KANU was going to win the election- a selfish move. He was a Part of the ODM last year – if he is Mr. clean where did he and his colleagues get the money for the NO campaign. Ono of the directors of Kalonzo foundation is Renzo Barnade who is a partner with Lee Nyachae at Kenya Bunduki- the Nyachae’s are known to work closely with Aura Perera- the NARC regime Kamlesh Patni- Young Kenyan the conclusion is yours.

William Ruto : A senior member of the amorphous group called Youth for KANU 92. It is common knowledge the plunder this group of young thugs did to our Country Kenya during the early 90’s- being young does not mean the same thing as integrity! It made him an overnight millionaire!!! Could he say what honest job he did, where and when to amass the wealth he has? Do we want a leader who have grabbed properties to leads us to destruction? He was a member of the MOI repressive regime until the end. IF he is Mr. clean shouldn’t he answer three simple questions – who funded the YK92-where are the audited accounts, who funded the referendum campaign, what made him a savior after being part of regime that tortured Kenyans who spoke their minds?

Uhuru Kenyatta : Young Kenyan with a bright future . His family owns 250,000 acres of land in Kenya – this is equivalent to the area covered by Nyanza province. In free market economy this could be acceptable save for the fact that we all know that this was stolen from the Kenyan people by his father! In a country where 60% live below the poverty line a dollar a day – he should be ashamed when he stands before us and tells us about prosperity of our Nation and Our rights! 80% of Taveta residents are squatters in his family land = 40,000 acres. SHAME ON YOU UHURU FOR ATTEMPTING TO HOODWINK US AND GRAB more!

Otieno Kajwang- he has been struck from the role of Advocates in Kenya for stealing client’s money- how can he possibly talk to us about good governance and ethics while he is a thief himself? Case of log in your eye……………………..

Raila Odinga – 7 political parties in a period of less 10 years means the man believes in nothing. It was all about what is in this for me- Kibaki Tosha call was an own stomach call since he knew the history of the man- he was in the government that detained him for 12 years. Before my Luo brothers lynch me I would like them to consider this issues seriously for the first time – what benefit does a man derive by following another blindly to a non defined destination? Would it not be more profitable, if we were all to take responsibility for our lives? The future is in our hands! Luo thrift, Kisumu Molasses Plant, Supply of Butimen to the GOK, highest spending Ministry on luxury Cars was his, did all Luo Nyanza MPs bribe their way to parliament?

Mwai Kibaki- a member of the government for 40 years – see no evil hear no evil let no evil enter into your mind! Until an opportunity occurs for you to ascend to the top seat for the sole purpose of sitting on that seat! Kenyans were fools to imagine that a man who had been in the system for 40 years could cause any change- he knows no difference.

Mwiraria/ Murungi – the arrogance of power and the ANGLO FLEECING SAGA whether real or imagined speaks for itself. A LAST Deal might have been done on Tuesday 31st February to supply Radio communication equipment by the famous Kamani Group- worth 2.6 billion!

Mukisa Kituyi – there is a rumour that the man owns a helicopter after only 3 years of being a minister. Period to the run up to the 2002 election, it is rumoured that he owned very little!

Ole Ntimama – the tribal chief- remember the “lie low like an envelope” remark that caused death of several Kenyans in what was called tribal clashes- turned spokesman of the people! HOW?

………………… THE LIST GOES ON AND ON ………………………

I do not need to go further in analyzing them. It points to a need to completely change our political clothing for this country to change the direction we are taking. There is nothing special about all these characters and we need to send them packing whenever the elections are called. Let us spread word that there is need for complete overhaul of the elected leaders.

LET US VOTE OUT ALL THE 220 MPs currently in the August house! Let us refuse the bribery during the campaign period – we are 73% of the population and must answer to our Children what we did to make their lives better!!



  1. I avoid talking about Kenyan 'politics' like the plague, but I've been waiting for a new post here so I'll say something.

    Majority of voters don't read forwards. They don't have access to email or the Internet. They are out there dying of hunger.

  2. Ouch! I was not intending to post. That is a bit harsh Samborera

  3. Enyewe. Pole lakini. That's why I was saying I don't typically comment on such matters

    Ebu kwanza. How have I been harsh again. The kenyan voters thing, or the waiting for the posts thing. I'm not sure what I should apologise for.

  4. Yaani the Kenyan voters thing. I was just passing it on to more than 10 Kenyans the way i know how.

  5. In a way I agree with Samborera. To a point though. Someone has to be talking about the things that are important to us as a country and as young people and get the message out in the best way they can which is what Shiroh is doing.

    It is amazing the amount of ignorance and "i do not care with the politicians, long as they do not mess my party..." Question is, are they partying in Mogadishu, Congo and wherever else in Africa?

    Just bringing my Kshs 00.02 worth up in here. I am a strong advocate for young people trying to make a change.

  6. Thats a good one wanted to forward the same 2u last week.
    Its a nice article and its true a bigger number of us are online. well also a bigger percentage of that age group live like brothers & Sisters (we dont have that tribalistic difference, its too minimal) Majority of the MPs and employees of gover most of them are too selfish and everyone just wants power and this is drugging alot of development too take place. I believe if we have a clean, educated and people who accept change, Kenya will be far ahead. its for you and me to spread the word. if we have a clean, forcassed group then we can move sawa. one problem though we have a discussion but there should be a clean party, not the currect parties.
    I believe a new people a new country will erase the bad past.

  7. One of the best statement I ever heard was “let those who say it cant be done shut up and let those who can do it” whenever someone comes up with a great idea others always rush to add their if ,buts and bla to it .Human beings are a peculiar lot. Why in God green earth would you open your mouth to say something can’t be done? If you personally think it can’t done then shut up and let the one who thinks it can be done do it.

    Shiro’s post is one such example. If you ask me it’s an excellent idea and it can be done. Those of you offering your 0.002$ making excuses that Kenyans don’t read emails and bla bla should shut up. If they don’t read emails we will make them read emails or we will print of the emails and pass them. If you think we can’t change Kenya you are entitled to your opinion but keep it to yourself. Don’t poison the minds of the undecided.

    Personally if I listened to all those people who told me it can’t be done I don’t even know where I would be today. So I say this in the nicest way possible if you are not part of the solution you are the problem. If you think it can’t be done keep quiet and watch from the sidelines keep your two cents opinions to yourself.

  8. And if you have any beef with my post send me an email and i will tell you clearly what i think your two cents

  9. But joe, will there be interest on my 2 cents. (I jest, of course.)

    I have said elsewhere and will continue to say, we need to identify and nurtue political talent. So, in addition to sending to 10 Kenyans, let's also start encouraging people we know and trust, who we believe have integrity and vision to join politics.

  10. good idea if yu ask me but who can step up to the plate and lead our country in the right direction

  11. It seems my opinions aren't welcome. Fair enough.

  12. samborera you musy be a girl coz u went straight for the emotional reply .may be i was too harsh and coz i have a weakness for girls ..i do think your opionions matter(honestly)i am not the guru of everything kenyan but we have to be more positive.a can do mentality can take us a long way

  13. Samborera,your opinion is always welcome.
    Joe go easy on Samborera;

  14. Good post ... just thought it would be of interest to note that I'd posted something in the same vein on Virtual Insanity (What Next)...

    My take ... we need people who are willing to stand up and be counted. The problem we have right now is that the people in Parliament are the best of the crop we had to choose from. Where is the young blood? Are we tired enough to come up with a crop of our own? Is this crop passionate enough about change to actually spearhead a revolution?

  15. sawa, we vote out the 220 MPs.. but then who comes in next?? its a bad bad cycle..

  16. we do need a clean sweep but are we ready for what that means? This pseudo-democracy we are practicing only brings back the same old faces in different clothing..time to take our country back.