Friday, February 10, 2006

Hitting back harder

The words "corruption fights back" by Githongo seem to be taking a back seat as Githongo himself fights even harder.

And with every kick, the men who have been pretending to be "angels" fall. They are too ashamed to say what has hit them.

What is the best you can do when you are an angelic Government Minister and you are taped telling an anti-graft czar to slow down on corruption. The Kenyans feel a disgust in their mouth Mr. President, they don't even care about Goldenberg anymore.

For every shilling a Government official pocket, a Kenyan goes hungry, a Kenyan cannot go to school,a Kenyan drives on a bad road, a Kenyan cannot access basic amenities. How many schools have you Mr.President built since your Government came to power, Kenyatta Hospital remains the only referral Hospital in Kenya. And yet, in your full knowledge, corruption goes on abated and YES we could hold you responsible for abetting corruption!

The most likely things to happen
1. Appoint a commission to look at the Anglo leasing

I am a true believer of NOT GUILTY UNTIL........but in this case, those guys need a little bit of whipping.

2. Say loudly for anyone who cares to hear that everyone will be brought to book.

The ever smiling Attorney General Wako might also hurry up to enter a nolle prosequi for everyone brought to book.

Mr. President,we feel violated! We cannot trust you or whatever you say from now onwards. We are not going to see our glasses half full rather half empty.

Do you think we are capable of bringing anyone to book. The Kenyan society is very sympathetic to the "Big Man". We don't even know what to do. We are not even ready to take them to book honestly. We want the money back but we still don't know what to do with it. We are not even sure we deserve to progress. If we were,we would be hounding those BUFFOONS out of their offices!


  1. I dont believe in the way youve put it,
    No one is honest even your self or myself, at least one time you cheated or you cheat, how many are employed and they have to change the figures so that they can gain from them bhow many in the kenyan University took the Boom and yet cheated on their p[arents even the servants will always cheat on you and also we have paricipated in it in one way, tell me if you are caught either obraction, uve not renewed ur licence, all sort of mistakes we make what do you do? frankly.

    Ok abt the issue well too good it was discovered before it went so far and if it were not for the Preso to apoint that guy to investigate you would not have know this and probably we would have lost, good we did not loose but we need to get to the bottom of it all,. well and thats why we have that office to investigate.
    "when we have freedom we missuse and when we are denied we complain" when are we gonna be satisfied and help,.
    well as we point our fingers there are some who are making lots of cash from it.
    I have questions for you?
    Have you ever managed a company with 40 employees?
    How was it? and were you able to account on everything on your own?
    I bet its not easy for our big man because we have many ministries and parastatles and all of us to look into, and without helping hand on his own he cant, and not all friends/employees are faithful.
    May be the guys in the states will say the same abt friends and family; send cash to someone to buy you land, house any thing and they will tripple the cost.

  2. Sasa Shiroh...

    Let do something about it... Lets do something...

    Are you saying we should condone corruption since every human being by nature is fallible or am I reading you wrong?

  3. No,
    I dont mean that we condone, lakini u know most of us blame the president, while its the workers who do it, though i believe that corruption will be cleaned up soon, I know there is effort we see as if nothing is happening, we want it to happen in one day and its not possible.

    am also emphasizing that Corruption does not happen in the Government alone. even at our places of work. we should also put an effort of not stealing from it, (how many people evade tax, or give wrong figures during their returns,) its from small to big orgs. It for all of us to put an effort very day and in the long run it will reduce.
    We see Kenya as corrupt but if you have read or being in the first world, ours is kidogo , theirs is major and they dont speak abt it they are pretenders.

  4. when it was said there is no honour amongst thieves they were not lying.Now two wrongs dont make a right either . i believe that murungaru and co are guilty of theft and githongo is guilty of treason.
    The truth is that britain has been spying on us.government offices are bugged and full of spies.If yu watched the bbc interview you will see that the recordings are digital and not taped as claimed . now its clear mi6 had this information on the corruption as well as other evidence of murungaru they havent produced why coz of the way they obtained it.(they have the evidence but they dont want to expose that they have bugged our offices)Now githongo is being used to claim he recored the conversation if you ask me thats all hog wash . the british gover is behind all the evidence. Murungaru is stating the truth but even when a thief decides to speak we tend to dismiss his claims . i say to the gallos with all of them murungaru and co for stealing and gothongo and all british agents for spying. this are truly dangerous times we live in when your enemies posture as friends and your leaders are fools .Is this the same british government that used to congratulate moi for winning the elections even before election results are announced....we are so blind we can not see we are so stupid we think they are our friends .

  5. "Lets do something about it?" - milonare

    What can we do? I've a feeling that this will end up just like many other occurences in the past (bulding collapse, famine, ) i.e. 1 week as #1 topic in local watering points + 2 weeks of media attention then back to business as usual.

    Kenyans! What a patient lot we are.

  6. I'm watching this from a distance coz I dont trust hata huyo Githongo
    Its good to have it all out in the open.

  7. I also think KBW bloggers should get organised put our heads together to come up with a game plan of how we can make our country better.

  8. Hi, I love your blogspot, I just stumbled on this through and I am just refreshed. I love the clock ticking in Kenyan time (Writing from North Carolina), you trully are way ahead of us guys. The comments to big man are just sadly true but with a strange kind od hollowness. Coz the guy up there has gotten all of us into the "I-am-a-victim-of-the-guys-in-the-past" malady. Why don't we GET UP, SHAKE UP OUR DUST AND GET MOVING!!! People the world is watching you. Someone wake the old good guys up. The biggest tradegy is when good men do NOTHING!

  9. make our country better?
    Let's do something?

    hmmm...what can we do?

  10. @Charlie - I disagree entirely with you. Granted, leader cannot do everything and therefore they must delegate some of the tasks they perform.

    It is therefore imperative for the leader to choose wisely what do delegate, and who to delegate to.

    Because at the end of the day you can delegate your duties but you CANNOT delegate your responsibilities.

    Kibaki and CEOs cannot hide behind the vail of losistical complications of knowing what's going on.

    And i hope you're not suggesting that since corruption happens at work then it is acceptable in other avenues of life

  11. We should start like an awareness campaign telling Kenyans their rights and that they can and should do something about how their governement is ran

  12. Charlie, the only reason we elected Kibaki is we had trust in him, if something is wrong in Government who do you want us to blame. And again two wrongs do not make a right!
    Milo, I wish i knew what to do about it. I for once thought Githongo was a coward but again Githongo has done something!
    @joe,kindly explain to me why you think Githongo is a British spy and if he is it doesn't water down the fact that the Govt harbours corrupt guys and corruption.
    69/\/\ we can choose not to keep quiet.
    Farmgal, Githongo's only qualification is that he is a coward and felt he needed protection from the British (a fact i will never understand)
    @couch tato, waking up from his couch, we can do something i believe, never take a bribe.
    M, you can't have said it better. He is the driver let him drive us in the right way.
    @kenyangal,i think this report is going a long way in awareness.

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  14. First of all let me begin by saying the most annoying thing about Kenyans is the inability to hold two thoughts or notions together at the same time.

    Whenever someone takes a certain positions Kenyans always assume you support the opposing position .I think it was. Scott Fitzgerald who said "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function".

    Now I am not accusing you Shiro of not being intelligent nor am I accusing Kenyans of being stupid but I am accusing you of intellectual laziness and refusing to make logical conclusions. let me give you a good example. the fact that I think githongo is a spy does not logically mean or follow that I think the government is corrupt and that those accused are guilty nor does my conclusion in anyway aim to dilute the fact that money was stolen.(or in this case stolen and returned)

    The fact is the law has been broken. You shiro as a lawyer should clearly see that two crimes have been committed here. The theft of public funds and treason both of which are serious offences. having said that you asked me why I think githongo is a spy well what do you call a senior government official who complies classified and confidential information and passes it on to a foreign government without the express authorization of the government he works for .

    if that is not a spy then I don’t know what is.(why didnt he leak it to the media like all whistleblowers world wide why pass it on to the british government,why not pass the information straight to the bbc or cnn)

    Secondly if you watched the BBC interview you will see that the recordings made were not on tape but digital. Now I have lived in Kenya long enough to know that this kind of recording equipment is not ready available especial the type that can be concealed easily heck even here in the states that kind of equipment is hard to get hold of .The whole set up just smells of MI6.The fact is gothongo is spy and kibakis boys are thieves.

    i dont know how else i can clearly say what i am saying. we must beging to free ourselves from all kinds chains that hold us as kenyans be they economic ,political or intellectual. when we get into our heads that we need good governance as well as independece from western governments only then can we follow in the steps of china ,india and other developing countries.

    People have to understand that the British will only look after britsh interests ,they are not helping us because the love us so much and they want to see good governance.

    Continued meddling the internal affairs of kenya by certain governments must stop this is a kenyan matter we can deal with it we have the ability and resourses to deal with it let all foreigners respect us as independent nation.....thats all i am saying

  15. Joe, the only thing i am rightly guilty of is Intellectual laziness.

    Either way you look at it; Githongo might be a traitor which i dont doubt he is. He is just a man who tried to speak and no space!! the man just did something, which is what all of us should do. Force people to act. Look at the bubbles it has caused.

  16. Shiro i have to agree what he has done has caused bubbles but the way kenyans are discussing the matter people are making him out to be some kind of hero.The man sold his soul to the devil in exchange for goodies.Maybe its just me but being a policy person i tend to look at the bigger picture and not the small picture. The damage being done here interns of national psyche and national security will take a long time to undo.the message we are passing on is its ok for people to justify treason. the fall out mark my words could be Catastrophic.Shameless disregard of the kenyan constitution be it by theft or by treason is wrong .

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