Monday, February 13, 2006

Enjoy Cupid

I speak Latin sometimes.
Te amo
I suspect that is why Keguro has been doing Love Chronicles. That word above, so powerful.
Someone teach me how to love.
What is love? Ningwendete.

Do you really love?.What makes you think you love. Does rhythmic organismic sex say it. Breathlessness! What?

We cry, we pull back tears. Love is painful but that one moment we feel it erases all the pain we ever felt.

I particularly like this song by Celine " I drove all night....."

We must be ready to suffer for cupid and Eros too.


Blog times

This is for you

MILO is lonely lonely lonely.
I send him cupid.

May you find love again.

May your love come back to you.

Nick was supposed to have three dates tommorrow.
On arrival to tea room, meet Gish for a two hour marathon, then ME, then Kipepeo. Jamaa atatoboa kweli!



  1. Ok Now I finally get what all those love chronicles were about!!

    Anyway, For me, love is being so angry at him you know the next time you talk to him it will be to say "its over" Then he calls and says hi and all all your anger melts away into this warm happy feeling.

  2. ''We cry, we pull back tears. Love is painful but that one moment we feel it erases all the pain we ever felt''..Awesome that line. Okay fine, we will try and enjoy, lakini.......I just miss my ex Shi. I MISS HIM SO MUCH i COULD CRY! I wish he was here...Keep well dear. Happy valentines day

  3. Happy Valentines gal and be good.
    Can see you are starting a war somewhere let my bros get u there..
    Lovely week

  4. breathing heavily in anticiaption and thoroughly unsure of my prowess and stamina...hee hee hee

  5. Gai fafa...

    Yani you want to step on my unmentionables with pointed 6 inch stillettos...

    Yes am alone... Doesnt mean am lonely!!!

    Yes am unattached now, only means am untouched *sob sob*

    Woishe now KBW will think am bila game the way am on point...


  6. Despite the rant above I accept the card and the cupid though!!! :D


    *kisses* (Hope mental is not watching - LOLOLOL)

  7. @Kenyan Gal, i know that feeling all too well.
    @kenyanmusings, ooishee come here i give you a big hug (((( ))))
    @nakeel, happy valentines
    @couch 'tato, get your groove man!
    @Milo, we spoke
    @Adrian, happy valentines too.

  8. "Lots of people
    want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want
    is someone who will
    take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."
    just a quote to keep you going.
    Happy Valentines

  9. gilrie gal
    arent you one of the few who are set to enjoy valentines. DO enjoy yourself girl.

  10. I got mad love for you too babes, Happy Vals!

  11. Organismic sex ... gani hivyo?

    Hmmm ... tough question there ... methinks love is knowing that the other person can hurt you - and may do so sometimes ... but giving unreservedly of yourself, nonetheless, because of what you share.

    It should mean letting go and believing that what you share is strong enough to stand the harsh tides of time.