Thursday, February 16, 2012

Physical Fitness can be Free

Working out for free. Gyms are expensive and boring. Mostly boring. This post is for my internal consumption and it could help someone like me.

Skipping Rope

Our favorite activity as children was skipping rope. There are many benefits associated with this high impact exercise. If you don't believe me you can read on the benefits of skipping rope here


If your idea of exercise is pumping your heart, sweating and running out of breath. Then this one is for you. It is free to run anywhere in Kenya. Even better you can join a running group. I went to walk-run in Karura on Thursday. Best thing ever.


Not free but minimal cost. Will tone your muscles and a lot of benefits too.

Jambo Nairobi offers excellent guide to physical and fun activities you can do while in Nairobi.

Keep fit, stop making excuses.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Great Moments

As you grow older, you seek things that make you think life is not all about going to work, eating, driving through traffic and going home. So beginning of last year, I set out to do a few things that make my life a bit interesting that does not involve Bendover and hungover.

This one totally rocked my world.

Standing at the bottom of Tigoni falls and letting the water hit you. Surreal experience once you get the fear out of the way. Even got the idea that you can hold your birthday party at the Inn and then have a shower:). This plus driving through Tigoni can be a wonderful experience.

Tigoni Falls

I will be sharing more of these events as they occur.