Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is the workplace in Kenya ready for women

When i fell pregnant 3 things happened at my work place

1. I was passed over for a promotion.

2. I became the "most" invaluable employee according to my supervisor and almost lost my job

3. I changed departments because the current supervisor could not adjust.

When i came back from maternity leave, i was given one hour off for 3 months. That meant either i come in at 9 and leave at 5 and in Kenyan traffic terms, that means there is no real difference.

What about a mother's room you ask. I needed to express milk at least twice a day. I had to do it in a dingy room that was unused at the time. No provision was made, use that room ama jipange. I never looked at HR in the same way again.

I guess the long and short is workplaces are not ready for women or mothers and all we can wait with baited breaths is for our HR to read Lean In and adjust accordingly.

About women not scoring political seats

As i was waiting to vote, scores of women came with children issues. Some were pregnant (though you could hardly see), others picked the neighbours kids, others, maybe their own kids.

So if you cannot queue for 5 hours to vote because of women problems, how could you lead anything. I think those women seen as weak by the male influenced a lot of the decisions for men outside.