Friday, October 16, 2009

Honorable Mention

The Girl in the Meadow has something to say about everything or so thinks someone at Zuqka. Read at page 14

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tusker Project Fame 3

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Perhaps because in my opinion TPF 2 was a total flop, i hesitated watching TPF 3 until a few people were evicted. To say i didn't hear either Kevin or Nina sing. The talent in TPF 2 was simply missing and who could be blamed for watching idols. The winner of TPF 2 could not have made it to the last 10 of Idols. What happened to the winner of Idols anyway? I suspect the high cost of living and inflation in Zimbabwe caught up with his quest for stardom.

Anyway TPF 3 is totally different. Apart from one weakling called Superlito the rest of the contestants have all super impressed me. Sometimes the evictions look superbly stage managed sorry sloppily stage managed and so far lost 2 great contestants (Debarl and Leah). Anyway both Debarl and Leah lost to the game of winning 5 million. The angst that the public had that led to a facebook group "Sorry Patricia, but we wont vote for you" for not voting back Debarl, all the same, everyone has an eye on the prize and what's wrong with falling the best of the competition. Anyway that game is becoming dangerous.

Here are my false predictions;

Maureen will get evicted on Saturday for failing to connect with the public. Did you see her reaction when she was up for probation. Too much confidence sister! You are great but the public will have to vote you in for you to win. It doesn't matter what the teachers think now. Ooh and that eye make up is horrr--iibleee.

Nganga will make it to the last 3 but can't  win. He could probably try his luck at the "Can you dance?". Nganga has survived at least 4 probations. Personally i like his voice only that it is not as high pitched as everyone else. But all the same, between him and Ian there is no love lost. I love his boyish charm though.

Alpha will probably win this TPF 3 then go disappear in Rwanda forever. Alpha tantalized us with a rendition of Lucky Dube's One people (or what is it called, i ain't no reggae fan!) and his voice is also great. Let's just hope he wins.


That Mitch dude is extremely irritating. Don't they have any other presenters in Uganda, seriously!!!!