Monday, September 15, 2008

Questions and things to love

Digression 1.
What brings people to this blog;well thinks i do not expect like

Movies of women who like being choked??? WTF! I have no such fantasies

pornomovies with hairdressers. Honestly the things people search for.

Unexpected photos of girls with hairy armpits? Aaihh.

Olivia Otieno photo album
end of digression
1. I am not Anna Wintour's assistant. A book, a movie (The Devil Wears Prada) about her has been made. From ordering food from that restaurant she ate last week and don't bother me with any questions (which cafe, which food, find out)to get her the new Harry Potter book for her children and let it get to her before (i forget the details here). All i am saying is that i do not have a boss from hell. Only that Anna Wintour's assistant pay can fund my entire village's education, ok don't ask me questions, find out yourself. OOH God i would love to be Anna  Wintour.

2. It does snow in Kenya just that it happens in the Nyahururu forest. Maybe it was snow, hailstones only that did not happen in Nairobi. I love the weather mainly because even when it is very cold, you can still walk around without a jersey and not die.
3. Kenyans don't really read so nobody is going to be dumping me for my literary tastes :). Do people dump others for lack of literary tastes? Yes they do, in Manhattan. Some judge you instead, which for me is ok. As if dating was not hard enough without adding literary tastes...Honestly, there are ideal deal breakers like laughing out in a disturbing manner.
4. WE collectively love Obama and think he rocks but apparently he is not one of the stuff white people like. Eiishh
5. Mao, has some very disturbing resoluteness with which we should treat our enemies, i am lucky to be Christian. If lost, google Mao's quotations.
6. How hard is it to love Sarah Palin. I think too hard. Kenyans might wonder why anyone would even be remotely interested in who is the president of the US. You remember Marie Stopes, it is now dead because of Bush. Do you remember the joke when Petrol prices were cheaper than mineral water, that was so pre-Bush. As long as America keeps on fighting Iraq and real/imagined terrorists we are fucked.
7. Why does the Standard Group use the same logo as the Guardian?
8. Who is the current Miss Kenya?
9. Apparently Jelimo is currently worth Ksh. 132M, honestly my feet might better find ways of making money. All they ask from me is a pedicure, i think it's time they started providing for me. Congrats Jelimo on joining our mega millionaires. I hope you can rub the habit of making millions in no time to all of us.  


"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Just confirming that my squatter status has not been disrupted by
In my culture, it is believed that if someone talks about you, you either trip or bite your tongue. I wonder at the rate which everybody is talking about Obama, doesn't he spend the whole day tripping or biting his tongue.
Of Mc Cain's VP choice aren't some people just mean?

Is this Kenyan weather serious? Can it decide once and for all if it wants to rain, be sunny or whatevs, it is not funny walking in town then the next thing are heavy rain drops and you have no any umbrella or a jersey for that matter. Don't we all miss the days when you knew it was going to rain in April, watch Safari Rally? Aaihhh
So the KNHCR Report is out. Can all the jdefenders of the Rift Valley Mps and their involvement in the violence stand up and be counted????
Till next time.