Thursday, June 23, 2011

When blogging was fun

Was checking out my archived post and i found this gem

Well this comment from Stackofstiffys

So Leo Faya read your blog? Big deal! I read you blog every once in while and I don’t see you announcing it to the world for all to see.

So also you think the Capital in the morning show sucks? Well knock yourself out, then catch the first train to Pluto where the radio shows rock, since Munene, Ted and Ngatia host the liveliest show. Frankly I'm getting sick and tired of people like you. You take the time to write a post in your self-effacing blog, talking ill of all the breakfast shows in Kenyan radio, so what d’ya listen to? Birds twirping? Two of those musketeers messed up the capital breakfast with Ciku (the same douche who’s now doing the same to Pulse) and DJ CK had to send out an APB and luckily landed Seanice.

Are you a rich bored housewife looking for some way to spend your time and your husband's money? Or are you just a blithering idiot? How the hell can you say: "I haven't listened to Seanice for long but i don't even think i like the way she talks….. High on Waragi"!? It is clear that you have never bothered to listen to the Capital Breakfast Show since those pieces of parchment Kalekye, Cess, Ciku and the musketeers were shown the door? You just got an SMS (not e-mail since you have to grab a mat to the office to access the web!) from another of your bored housewife buddies and you hitched a ride to the office and posted it to your blog! Ever been to Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park? You people remind me of some of the idlers there. "What are we protesting today?" What the hell is wrong with people today? If radio presenters hurt themselves or their employers, fine. The same goes for bloggers. But why do some people pick on talented radio presenters for entertainment? I understand the butchering of local artistes and archaic comedians for food, but your comments on the Capital breakfast show are just grotesque.

I feel sorry for Seanice and her capital in the morning crew. A handful of guys doing a good job earning their bread within all legal means yet they still have to deal with the unpleasantries of people who don’t like their show and yet they don’t even listen? It seems so simple: if you don’t like it don’t listen, be smart. Capital FM has been around long enough for me to say it’s not a passing fad. Seanice and Leo shouldn’t bother trying to explain themselves to people who just don’t get it (nor listen!). Maybe Capital FM isn’t for everybody, but it’s for me.

Sadly, there are no professional psychics in Kenya. So without you guys having the sense enough to tell what you hate about the show apart from who gets called for traffic updates and what refreshment the foreign presenter partakes, we're all really unable to help y’all at this point.

Shiroh et al: Should the gerbils running in the wheel attached to the generator in your craniums manage to crank it up enough to give you the mental might to tune in and listen to the Capital breakfast show: go to the office (but I bet you’re reading this from there, damn!) and email the Capital FM webmaster and the Capital FM breakfast crew with what you want improved, and they'll probably gladly help you out! It doesn’t pay to comment on something you know nothing about and then visit the capital in the morning blog to apologise, that just plain hobnobbing.

That’s my 2 cents.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006 12:39:00 AM

Good times those.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

On the gaydar!

The con of being a public figure is that most people feel the justification to think they know everything about you and sometimes say it a bit too loud for all and sundry to hear. The recent we have seen is in the interviewing of the Chief Justice. True be told, we are still are a very conservative society.

This is the tricky position Dr. Willy Mutunga has found himself in. That a stud on his left ear has become the basis on whether or not he is qualified to be a Chief Justice.

I guess if a Mr. Willy Mutunga had a twitter page, he would have tweeted live #thatawkwardmoment when your children are watching you being questioned if you are gay.

Maybe i can ask, What does Sex have to do with it?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Banking in the Dinosaur Age

I had the unfortunate event of losing my bank ATM and my cheque book. I bank with this Diva Bank

Until then, i was happily into our relationship. I loved the bank for the simple pleasures of no queues.

Then i lost my ATM.

This bank is as rigid as they come. They won't let you anywhere near your money if you don't have your cheque book. Worse still, i applied for a replacement card, and instead of a sympathetic " we will get you another one as soon as possible", what i got is a dismissive, wait for your ATM after eight working days and then her eyes rolled on to NEXT on line.

It's not that i expected that we would get into the emotions of losing your cards in a cash economy. Well, even if it was card, i was still out of luck.

Now, here i am 2 weeks later, no money, no cards.

Somebody let me know why this relationship is not irretrievably broken.