Monday, June 06, 2011

Banking in the Dinosaur Age

I had the unfortunate event of losing my bank ATM and my cheque book. I bank with this Diva Bank

Until then, i was happily into our relationship. I loved the bank for the simple pleasures of no queues.

Then i lost my ATM.

This bank is as rigid as they come. They won't let you anywhere near your money if you don't have your cheque book. Worse still, i applied for a replacement card, and instead of a sympathetic " we will get you another one as soon as possible", what i got is a dismissive, wait for your ATM after eight working days and then her eyes rolled on to NEXT on line.

It's not that i expected that we would get into the emotions of losing your cards in a cash economy. Well, even if it was card, i was still out of luck.

Now, here i am 2 weeks later, no money, no cards.

Somebody let me know why this relationship is not irretrievably broken.


  1. Be grateful that they bothered to speak to you. After moving from one bank to another for the last 5 years, I have rightfully earned the title of 'bank prostitute' and am yet to find a kenyan bank I can stand. Good luck finding a good bank in Kenya.

    PS: You could try Barclays. They have this amazing technology where you can vent your anger against the cashiers by giving them a really low rating!

  2. I can tell you that I don't bank with the large banks.
    Piece of advice: Don't keep all your money in one bank. And if you are looking to move, try Bank of Africa