Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only in Kenya

1. A very fit athlete fall from a balcony and die. Then the police peddle a suicide story. The wife also peddles a "he fell from the balcony" story. Truth be told, i just don't buy into all that crap. Being a lawyer, i can see very many conspiracies there. Paint the guy a womanizer and a reckless drunk who ultimately meets his death for his reckless ways:).

2. A magistrate not only declares the accused was found to be trading in shares while holding unpublished information and then declares him not guilty because there is no crime to it. There is one, it is called insider trading. SMH

3. Hasn't Barclays learnt anything from Uchumi. Why are they insisting on selling HIllcrest schools. Isn't the work of Receiver Manager to turn the business to profitability and then handover to its owners.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I believe it was accident, late night drunk & slipped and fell badly. Mum & Wife will be paying lawyers for months, but courts will eventually side with the wife

    2. DJ, nuff said, but the difficulty of prosecuting white collar crime continues (the bigger shocker was Ruto's acquital)

    3. I believe a settlement has been agreed, and a buyer found, but the Bank has to go through the motions of an auction, and give Matiba a final chance to bid for the property