Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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So I took to my keypad, my last resort. Typing away, wishing to say things that make sense. I can't really say how it started. It could have been at the door while keying in those ambiguous non meaning codes that say "you are late!" or is it "you can come in here!!!" That's the earliest I can remember.  My mind still doubts if it means you belong here or here is taken. That road of thought goes nowhere as I can't get anything. Get me a copy of He's just not that not into you, it still doesn't work. Figure this out; it's not just that clear, ok Greg! The inner psychic that brings all things into a complete unraveled mystery refuses to work and I am left in a hollow deep dark and frightened shallowness. Work me some anxiety attacks of "OOH my God, that did happen to me!"


Ok, so it's not anything to sweat over, right. Nobody should sweat over small stuff.  So, why the sudden realization? I mean if your dreams are filled with walking somebody's, ok everyone does walk. Anyway let's just say, dreams are intimate things but when featuring certain somebody's 7 nights out of 7 nights, it gets scary. And that certain somebody is hardly aware of the said fact. It feels a bit odd; it deserves space on my space. Like post a video of the dreams on you tube and then post to said somebody and say "Don't you just gerrrrrit!". Then explain like Barney (HIMYM) that's totally going in my blog huH.


 Said person has no legendary anything. I mean not strong hands that played rugby(KM 06).  Ok I know other somebody with J. Or lets just say said person's legend is still undiscovered. So help ME God

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Prisoner of Azkaban????

I am just assuming there are Harry Potter fans in the blogosphere.  This is a super one!!!

The picture of Dorian Gray yes the so called immoral book by the Iconic Oscar Wilde is been made to a movie again.  If you haven't read it go to www.oscarwildecollection.com  or go to a Nakumatt near you, book costs only Ksh. 250. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If there is an interesting oligopoly (duopoly) in Kenya is Safaricom  and Celtel. While other oligopolies say Newspapers have a fixed price for their products and that's the expected business behaviour Safcom/Celtel continues to wage price wars.

The latest is one of the cheapest; 3/= sh Celtel off peak hours. But is anyone switching to Celtel. Kenyans have been waiting endless for cheap mobile calls, nothing is cheaper than 3/= but why are Safaricom subscribers so loyal. There is nothing superior about Safaricom, their customer service is the crappest, their free customer care line never goes through, their care centres always have lines akin to those of Co-operative banking hall.

Things Celtel/new entrants might have to consider;
Kenyans hold their numbers dear to their heart. At the beginning of the mobile telephony, subscribers switched their lines between Kencel and Safcom before finally settling on safaricom or Kencell. That's at the point Kencell then lost their first war.
Kencell fought the battle at Clarity; Safaricom fought the war on cheapest.
Cheapest made sense then.

So came Celtel which realized that clarity was not making sense and started introducing new cheaper tariffs on a weekly basis. Some people bought Celtel lines on the side to call when it was cheaper to do so. Again no one switched from Safaricom permanently. It soon became boring to  switch between two lines.

Now Celtel is fighting on a cheaper war, Safaricom is not bothered.

Will Safaricom regret this apathy? Safaricom must have tested their customers loyalty and realized its unwavering. 

Kenyans have this thing of brand loyalty. As someone joked they ask for "Blueband ya Prestige" They think margarine is blue band. Just like they think Pampers =diapers or think Kodak.

Think Mobile think Safaricom.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The saga continues....

After reading this post at Kumekucha and the comments that followed, it shows me if we don't get an Obama Kenya as a nation we are headed for extinction.Even King Solomon might have to cut the baby into half proverbially so.


What's this there is more HIV in Nyanza vs more HIV in Central discussion? Why should it even arise?


Why does any discussion on Raila lead to portrayal of Kikuyus as monsters. What does a discussion of Kibaki have to do with Raila and vice versa, the two are not the same person and each has their own fatal flaws (think Art of War) and merits.


I know each is aware of the disastrous election campaigns they carried out.The effects of divisions are not going to wear out just because somebody said so.

That notwithstanding I thought 4 months later and after intense bleeding I am shocked we are still having a your province is better than ours or our people are more hardworking than yours arguments. When will Kenyans ever grow up? I mean if you can't learn from your own experiences then how can you learn?


When I listened to Orengo waxing lyrical that Kikuyus who have been displaced from the Rift Valley should be resettled, elsewhere  I could not believe he is first and foremost a human rights lawyer and a nationalist as he had appeared to severally be. How politicians change. There has been an excellent piece on Kenya Imagine on the issue of Ancestral land and someone has asked very correctly "since the Maasai people are nomadic pastoralists, does that mean every piece of parcel they have passed through makes it their ancestral land?". What I know is that anyone claiming others must move from their rightful or otherwise acquired land, is a terrible daydreamer. Ask those who own land in the middle of Nairobi City. Maybe Kenyatta was wrong in allocating land to his cronies/tribesmen, maybe he was not; I am not willing to pursue where is it again,..where my great great great grandfather came from maybe he was even a Maasai grazing his cows and then...., I don't know. see how drafty the story of ancestors can be.


Ababu Namwamba swallows Bitter Pill


Politics is an interesting game, a few months just when the Honorable Ababu Namwamba pulled theatrics on the swearing day of parliament he has to taste his own medicine. The man he swore to will hear nothing of opposition and publicly so. The people of Kisumu have been told that Government is where they belong and rightly so after the attempt to get into statehouse were thwarted by what some will argue (ODMers) grand theft of elections.


I have nothing but respect for Mr. Ababu the young man from Budalangi who ousted the useless Raphael Wanjala but that is as far as it goes. Your tongue the bible says is very dangerous and destructive.


Raila and Kibaki belong to the same class; the elite political class. I mean just six months after I was born, Raila pulled one on Moi, that was 26 years ago .Kibaki was then a VC for president Moi . 20 years later, he is the man that Raila declared "Tosha" and who Raila is calling your Excellency now. Gosh Ababu can't you see? Politics is a silly game! You disrespected Kibaki in full glare of the Cameras because you thought they are grand enemies. Now Raila marked you, knows you can't respect an old man (at least) and will clip you before you can develop your wings!  First learn the game, before you can even act or talk.Don't get too excited. Watch this space.


Monday, May 12, 2008


I never learn
So i say to myself

I never learn
Where the heart should not go

I never learn
To cut on high caloried food

I never learn
Not to give when i should take

I never learn
Not to sleep when i should wake

I never learn
To work more and surf less

Friday, May 09, 2008


Feels like it's the cul de sac
you make a turn
or choose a new road
What will it be?