Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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So I took to my keypad, my last resort. Typing away, wishing to say things that make sense. I can't really say how it started. It could have been at the door while keying in those ambiguous non meaning codes that say "you are late!" or is it "you can come in here!!!" That's the earliest I can remember.  My mind still doubts if it means you belong here or here is taken. That road of thought goes nowhere as I can't get anything. Get me a copy of He's just not that not into you, it still doesn't work. Figure this out; it's not just that clear, ok Greg! The inner psychic that brings all things into a complete unraveled mystery refuses to work and I am left in a hollow deep dark and frightened shallowness. Work me some anxiety attacks of "OOH my God, that did happen to me!"


Ok, so it's not anything to sweat over, right. Nobody should sweat over small stuff.  So, why the sudden realization? I mean if your dreams are filled with walking somebody's, ok everyone does walk. Anyway let's just say, dreams are intimate things but when featuring certain somebody's 7 nights out of 7 nights, it gets scary. And that certain somebody is hardly aware of the said fact. It feels a bit odd; it deserves space on my space. Like post a video of the dreams on you tube and then post to said somebody and say "Don't you just gerrrrrit!". Then explain like Barney (HIMYM) that's totally going in my blog huH.


 Said person has no legendary anything. I mean not strong hands that played rugby(KM 06).  Ok I know other somebody with J. Or lets just say said person's legend is still undiscovered. So help ME God

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