Friday, June 13, 2008

New Trick Questions.

So if you are a young twenty something female going on interview in Kenya you expect this questions for reals

Are you single
the answer to this one is lose-lose
You have come to look for husband in our company

you will soon be married
you will be pregnant soon
and need 4 months off

Verdict: not hired

Are you single
Next question
Are you married
Are you engaged

Lets see
Married without children
You are going to get some soon and yes need 4 months leave to pop

 Married with probs one child (hey20 something)
Have you finished with the family you know (22, huh, obviously not!)
You will need 4 months leave

Verdict: Not hired.


  1. Lol It cant be that extreme. Im sure if you have the right skills or know somebody, you shall be in with a quickness!

  2. Aii, really? It can't be that bad. How about interviewing at a company with a female boss? Or does that translate into compe...LOL. But 4 months leave? Wow!

  3. When will the verdict be 'You're hired'? If you're married with 3 kids or a nun maybe?

  4. Should we assume that you have encountered folks in all the categories above?

  5. I would counter with my own question- Am entitled to that at some point. Do you consider yourself a family friendly organization?

    Lakini that bit about looking for a hubby here is too much.LOL.

  6. @ mwasjd ... then you're too old!

    Employing women is really a big deal. I've heard of guys being asked so many strange questions. Equal opportunity my touche!

  7. That's so disrespectful to ask a question like that at an interview.
    Q. Are you single or married?
    A. How is that relevant to the job I would be asked to do?
    You won't get the job probably, but he'll also be losing a great employee, and maybe he'll be a little ashamed that you saw right through him and let him know that.
    And some day they won't dare ask you those insulting questions.