Monday, June 23, 2008

Many other things

Nairobi is becoming super active for those with similar interests. Take one bar camp, Sevens, Wapi, Tusker Project FAME grand finale all on the same weekend!

There is no more techie in me that goes beyond writing this blog. Thank you blogger. But i attended albeit very late,the Bar Camp Nairobi finally meeting Hash. Even if i half understood half of what was going on, i caught on one that i finally could understand, the renewable sources. But even then it would be good to know what kind of things the folks at Blogger go through and naturally i am a curious person.

What i saw
People of young age interested in changing their lives and hence the lives of many Kenyans. Wealth creation in Kenya is a topic that deals me headaches, think of it just how much can you do with scarce resources. But even then, lets hope we are going to translate these super ideas into cash!

The thing with Blog world is that it introduces you to fantastic people who you would probably have never met who are all interested in doing things to change things around them. Most people in Kenya are stuck in the problem phase, solutions are rarely provided.

Anyway i went for Sevens a bit. The Kenyans can cheer and drink.


  1. was nice meeting you there. a really interesting mix of people and ideas

  2. Was great there was plenty for non techies and the interactions were great there were no airs of superiority on display. Sad I missed sevens.

  3. Must have been nice meeting people and finally knowing the faces behind the online names. Next time Mombasa it is. Karibuni

  4. was a pleasure to meet you there! hope to catch up again...

  5. it was nice to see you at barcamp. it indeed was a very busy weekend!

  6. Glad you could make it. I can tell you, I was so happy to see so many bloggers present.

    Kirima, I too was thinking of Safari Sevens, but then that was washed away by a full day of victorious Kenyan rugby on Sunday. :)


  7. Barcamp was definitely good. It was nice to get a feel of stuff techie that I haven't been plugged into that much since I got back. That and meeting folks!

  8. @bankelele, it was nice to see you after a while. Yeah the ideas gosh were too many.

    @kirima, topping the list of non techies was me.

    @wanjiku, we will try. And the PS couldn't help pointing at you

    @rob, It was nice to meet yah, though i cannot comment on your blog

    @31337, busy doesn't say it.

    @hash, it was good to meet you finally. And good work for successfully organizing the event.

    @egm, it was good,all that techie issh..i hope it rubbed on me.

  9. Im ashamed to admit i missed all the mentioned events...

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