Monday, June 16, 2008


Don't get me wrong (disclaimer)

After the Harambee Stars match, the stars started singing "Obama, Oliech, Odinga". Point being?

The win was ecstatic with thousands of Kenyans watching the match aside from that so not welcome tribal insinuation. The stars should remember all Kenyans are with them regardless.

And that not in football alone

When ODM fronted a Kipsigis by name Nge'no, Nkaissery could no longer understand democracy, it was tribal issues again. NO way could a Kipsigis lead the Maasais. Wow!

When Esther Passaris fronted herself she said "Ni Muthoni" just to appeal to the larger Kikuyu community of Embakasi and she stated rightfully of course that her mother hails from Naromoru.  That didn't work for her even if i really wanted her to win. I was negatively touched by her appeals. I think she is a brilliant strong person and she didn't have to go to that extent to appeal to the voters.

Somethings just won't magically disappear.


  1. Naku, why take things so personally? I was at the match, am not jang'o and was shouting loudest "Oliech, Odinga, Obama ... (and when he was injured) Origi!"

  2. @anon, i am taking nothing personal, i am just noting as any blogger/writer would do. All the same, it's not about being Luo or not but what i find it as in all other instances i have noted, the chance to unite a Nation was missed there. I am most proud of Oliech and Obama, Odinga of course not.
    For Origi, it was called for as the man was spectacular and a man of the game.
    But what do Obama and Odinga at the moment (both political achievers of might) have to do with a National game?

  3. Heh heh from where I was sitting, it was actually Oliech, Origi, Obama! Oliech, Origi, Obama! And really, it was just a celebration of three Kenyans who had excelled for obvious reasons! There were no political or tribal connotations whatsoever, it was just a moment of joy and pride.

    And, for those of us who were there, it was certainly, the most powerful glimmer of national unity there has been all year!

    For Kilgoris, yes, the spectre of tribalism still looms even though we continue to bury our heads in the sand.

    But on what happened at the football match, you're completely off base.

  4. Oh I hear the chant changed to include Odinga after the match. But in the stadium, he certainly didn't feature.

  5. Passaris is one brilliant one and the people of Embakasi missed a good leader. I believe the gal can really do wonders be it as an MP or a mayor. Better next for he next time I hope.