Friday, June 27, 2008

SATC in Nairobi

Forget Sex and the City, guide to the Nairobi dating scene

For men over 35

Normal? Yes
Playa? Yes go to number two

Conventional wisdom; good men are nabbed before they can learn how to use their money alone.

Number One: Normal, playa
Define normal; not psychotic, has no R-Kelly sort of "in the closet" secrets
Hard to quit the playa life..go to number two

Number Two; Normal, Not Playa

Set Criteria :Income levels

High income

Set new criteria: Religious?

Not been to a church since Pope John Paul was here in '85. Can pass

Set new criteria: Interesting?

Favourite Joke: I passed out while driving my car after drinking

Huh! go to Number three

Number three: normal, not playa, teetotaller, good jokes

Rare type. if you get this one, run to the AG's