Monday, June 30, 2008

I could use "INSTANT"

Ever since instant carrot, we no longer cut our own sukumawikis (thanks to Instant), nor meat. Yes please i hope to get someone to cut the onions too.

Don't you just love this Instant era?

We communicate instantly (how is it we survived with the posta Snail mail), waiting for replies forever that is if it were ever delivered. Which reminds me of the KBW card, that was last seen in England (digression 101).

Lemme remember how we used to write the damn letter,

"dear xxxx, i hope you are fine. Thanks for your letter, i received it with many thanks (grammaerrors intended). We are all fine, infact grandmother was sick,,..aiish"

Now we write,
"hy, how r u? M gud. misya".

For the record, don't send me any of those r u's.

Now, what i need is

Instant hair (weaves not applied for) like, braids planting themselves on my head without me having to sit for 6-7 hours in a kibanda.

Instant moods-there is a certain someone i want to manufacture a smile for albeit unwillingly because i am not good at fakery. This time it's important

Instant husband- not really but i mean when i need one then said can disappear when i don't need. Ps/ I still intend to leave alone

I know there are certain instants i can get
Instant nails (ala acrylics)
Instant loving

I mean instant publishing (blogging).

Why wait when you can get the instants?


  1. Hmm, instant!
    I do not mind the time I take having my hair done, the results always please me that I forget it took sooooo long! The husband one, I need it too but how about if we had instant politicians too?
    For the onions, someone will still cry in the kitchen for quite sometime.

  2. i actually do miss snail mailing....half the time this IM "shorthand" has become rocket science of sorts..

  3. ati instant carrot... am lost in the clouds on that one (not gutter)

    For instant hair, go to Uchumi capital center, there's a shop that sells instant weave.... was dragged all the way, "just to see"

    How about "Instant cash".. Picture this: you scope a Range Rover Sport, you chuck your wallet, and you fall down coz of the weight of the cash that "instantly" materializes...

    I still read the old bloggers of KBW card fame, though it was last spotted in S.A if i can recall.