Friday, September 30, 2005


Syndrome-The group or recognizable pattern of symptoms or abnormalities that indicate a particular trait or disease. This is the web definition.

Today i have had an encounter with people with SMS to mean Short Men Syndrome and others with IMS that is Irritable Male Syndrome. What about this woman who thinks she can bully people on the phone? Do we say Irritable Female Syndrome no i think it's just a bitch problem or may be lack of sex syndrome i hear it's bad enough to make some old women irritable.

Now that is a rant. I hate every time our department secretary is not in. You get to deal with a lot of number of people some who think they control the world or some are just in authority and so should bully everyone who comes in their way.

I love the syndrome naming describes a lot. Yours please

Friday, September 23, 2005

Digging up the Archives

I set on digging the archives and this is what i found.


Saturday, October 09, 2004
hi everyone.

i guess this is new for me and am so clueless on how to go about doin this but slowly and surely we shall work out this shizzle and before soon will be crackin u up soon.

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....of movies and tv....

so my dream is to make this an ultimate tv and movie website where we can critique them raw and nasty.why not its free fun!
at the moment am going thru this phase of watchin any tv series on dvd! Have gone thru Oz,Sopranos,CSI,24,Alias,Frasier,Six Feet under,Will and Grace,Roswell,Smallville.....

yes too much time on my hands. yes no life whatsoever...but guess what? your're hear readin this-ur just a big loser as i am.
so guys lets make this website rock!!!!!!!!


about me
Marcel Proust’s Questionnaire
Know thyself. I am reliably informed that this is a way of getting to know what drives me. So here I go

Your most marked characteristic?
The need to be respected and accepted rather than loved
The quality you most like in a man?
Tenderness and honesty
The quality you most like in a woman?
Strong will and fortitude
What do you most value in your friends?
What is your principle defect?
Blowing my top over trivialities
What is your favorite occupation?
Finding solutions
What is your dream of happiness?
Am living it now!
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Losing my mind
What would you like to be?
In what country would you like to live?
Kenya Anytime!
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?
What is your favorite bird?
The one that wakes me up every morning at 6.00am
Who are your favorite prose writers?
Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, Grace Ogot
Who are your favorite poets?
Anything goes for poetry
Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Mama Day in Mama Day by Gloria Naylor
Who are your heroes in real life?
Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai , my parents
What is it you most dislike?
People who make it their mission to cause pain and misery to others. And am not talking about surgery or pinpricks.
What natural gift would you most like to possess?
The gift of garb
How would you like to die?
At peace with those closest to me and with my maker
What is your present state of mind?
To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
Human ones.
What is your motto?
Vive la difference

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jeudi, avril 07, 2005
His/her...?? Wife??

Oh lala there are some things that no matter how many times I read them never click into the right vestiges of my brain. And am left wondering am I daft or something. This lady claims she wanted a wife -my grammar teacher would have beaten the living daylights out of you if you had constructed a phrase like that in her class. but then that was then. This is now. So on the day of the wedding voila!!! the groom is a woman. am toootally confused

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This can't be Guess first post. But it might be....
Tomorrow is my birthday (happy birthday to me :)), and I thought the easiest way to remember tomorrow today is to write today what I think of tomorrow. What will I do tomorrow, where will I be, who will I be with and how will I feel. I have had enough birthdays already to really be fussed too much about the thing so whatever happens sans the norm is a welcome diversion - apart from bad news of course, wouldn't want that.

I think a birthday is a day to spoil ourselves in the name of celebrating the day we were born (or so we were told) whether we actually do anything about it is sometimes determined by what other people like our friends, family and/or colleagues suggest or insist or push us to do. Take me for example, people at work think my birthday is seven months from now (since they dont have access to my file) so when its my birthday nobody comes round with "Where is the cake?" or "What did you get?" or those bland 'anyone will do' birthday cards (sigh). The most I get off my family is a birthday card/text message/phone call (delete as appropriate). I dont mind, they are all abroad, albeit different continents.

My friends (if they remember, which I very much doubt they will) send me a card and the nearest weekend we have to the day we have a party. So you see, I use my birthday as an excuse to get my friends together and catch up, otherwise everyone is always so busy with their own stuff and cant get as many of them together as I would like. Its always nice because like everyone I have different friends from different arenas. Friends I met in college, at university, from back home I knew from back when, from back home I have known here. So it makes a change to see how the people who mean something to you get along with each other, or not.

So, back to the main question. What about tomorrow? Well, apart from work, gym (debatable), home, I dont see myself doing anything different. I havent planned for the day, no one has said anything about it. I even think my boyfriend has forgotten (tssk), he was talking about what to get me for valentine's day like my birthday didnt exist. Ve Vait en zee. Having said that, when you were born five days before the V day, then what do you expect of S/O's. I get one card from my sister (a happy birthday, with happy valentine included like an afterthought and have always got one present for birthday/valentine from whomever I happened to be dating. Not fair, not fair ;(.

This year, when I reflect on how the last year has gone and what I have done, I feel blessed. So much good has happened to me that I really cant complain. Plans made came to fruition, dreams were fulfilled, stuff I was seeking was found, and God has blessed me in ways that I keep thinking that he must have a "Yes" default on my name for any of my prayers - must be how often I ask, and the persistency must have made him think "That's the only way to get her to go away". But who am I to complain. Dont get me wrong, I do get the no's as well. Many. 2002-2003 was part of my "no" years. But I think we have established a rapport now that makes it easier for me and HIM to filter stuff and get down to the nitty gritty.

So tomorrow, I suppose apart from thanking God for letting me have another year, and keeping me healthy and sane and with basic needs and more, I will not be singing from the rooftops that its my birthday. I will not even be telling anyone that doesnt know that its my birthday, and I will not be reminding anyone who forgot. I will just chill, sigh happily and do what I would have done if it was another day of the remaining 325 days of the year.

Don't be so happy, next Friday is yours. Haven't we all come from far.

M where the hell is your first post. My insistence led No files Found. Cmmon! So here is the link M


Things are a bit better today,the moods are gone. Now i am hoping to stop letting all of you suck in my problems. I will be linking my blogger mates's first post unless of course it was to welkam yourself. Don't delete it please. This is life enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's one thing to experience loss, it's another thing to move on and it's another thing to realize you are all on your own. I am a bit hesitant to ask for help from anybody and sometimes including my folks. This is not because i am too proud to but it's purely because i don't want to deal with the eventuality of being lied to. While i may not be in somebody's budget stymes earning power of a person makes it too obvious to assume how low they view you in their lives.

Certainly now things are not looking too good for me. I am in a state of affairs that require a financier i.e. to say purely for money. Strong as i have always been in the thick of things strength can be lost in the way. I am not in some cc debt or something like that but basic survival people and i mean it. It saddens me further to realize that i basically have no friends, that your friends are important when you are having fun and it ends there.
And since the realization is so sad it has to take me quite some few days to get over it.

Fast forward to the future. There are people who will celebrate with you and any signs of sickness will be treated with utmost urgency, flowers will flow from all quarters i.e. if and when one is successful. Why are people so superficial?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Forgive me

I lost my everything on Friday. That doesn't mean my house was stolen, i mean my bag got lost. It is my everything as far as things are concerned. Sitting at 680 and having the best of my evening only to realize my bag is stolen
There was a conversation like this
M: Check your bag you might have a message, your sis is asking me where you are.
A bit intoxicated confused Shiroh thinks M has taken my bag and is joking with me.
M: I am serious and she is saying something about your dad. My sis always informs me when my dad is home and i am out late so that we can come up with a suitable plan.
Shiroh doesn't care this particular evening. Blame it on alcohol.
I go like please give me my bag, now a bit serious that i can't find it and looking all over.
Then it is said there were 3 mamas sitting just next to us. It turns out i can't get my bag yaani it was gone. No fight, not aware just like all it's predecessors. I for one will accept very fast when something has happened and i am not about to ruin this night becoz IKIIENDA NDUGU YANGU IMEENDA " When it's gone, its gone.

Now back to what i should have been doing on that Friday, I should have been in class by 5.30 upto 7.30 then go home. I didnt do any of those now my good old dad will have to go back to his pockets and fork out some good cash to restitute me at least . Because i cannot live without my spects and phone. So forgive me father for i have sinned.

Monday, September 12, 2005


When i said i wanted to go to a country where there were no dirty streets , rapings ..somebody said i should be content. Of course i have been content for more than 20 years.
But you know what in those 20 years
1. I have been mugged was really bad i lost everything.
2. I have lost friends to rising insecurity.
3. I have lost friends in Traffic Road Accident that could be avoided.
4. The women who are raped may not be my friends but my heart cries out every time i hear a woman has been raped.
5.I go home at around 8 and i have to practically run coz if i walk slowly i will of course attract a thug. Mind you i live in a place considered safe by many.
6. I have to hug my handbag otherwise i am helped by some Kenyan to carry it.
7. I cannot wear real jewellery , somebody "might cross" with my ear or neck.
8 The worst thing nothing is being done about it.

In short past and present Governments have failed in protecting its citizenry however you look at it. Whether ORANGE OR BANANA i am not just secure in this country.

Yet one solution of dealing with crime is lighting up the streets. Look at this judgement the court gave to shoot down Esther Passaris efforts Go to case of the week and read the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others

I actually found every minute i am out of the office , i am in fear. I am not discontented for nothing.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Might this be a joke?

The Draft constitution at a glance resembles Kibaki on a wheelchair, on closer look it seems twisted like the mouth of Kiraitu and has everything to do with the character,conduct and association of chris Murungaru.
The message ends with a request to send it to three people as a campaign to the NO VOTE.
That is what the constitution review has been reduced to , a butt of jokes like it is not what is supposed to govern this country for the next so years.
Of course this low politicians are not interested in the welfare as usual , so we all say the draft constitution is 20% wrong ,Ladies and gentlemen shouldn't we be campaigning to have the 20% changed to make it 100%. Do you remember my wish list. TRUE i am tired of this country and one day i will say it is not my fault that i was born in this country but i am not confined in it & so will my children not be.
Somebody give me reasons why they think i should continue watching siasa kidogo right under my own very nose. I am beaten , i have no voice.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Literacy Day

Today is the World Literacy day. Observe a minute of silence for the illiterate for more details.
Tufukuze ujinga

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thank God it's Friday

Thank God it's Friday though for me it makes no difference.Thank you for those who prayed for me. I am well now. I am having drama with browsers. I think i will stick to Mozilla now, Opera my favourite just sucks. I wanted to change the outlook of my blog, i got bored with all those things in the previous outlook and in every attempt opera just frustrated me.

Now i want to pick a template elsewhere, i have been trying to do it but to no success . Poi , some advise please.

I am officially looking for a job ofcourse not as a dentist, I have no business interfering with people's dental formula.

At this moment in life i feel all of these things

1. Changing Career............. to what?

2. Relocating to another world where there are no
i. Traffic Jams
ii. Rape cases
iii. Dirty streets
iv. Lower than low politicians
v. A bad economy

3.Going back to school
Of course you cannot be an eternal student but i think it would be a happy feeling on one condition NO EXAMS

4. Having a nice House

5. Loosing weight
Dear Friends, i will never go on top of a weighing machine again!

6. Money Money.....who said that money is like the sixth sense without which the other 5 cannot function. Absolutely right.

7. Getting Married...i would be lying.

8.A nice car..........