Monday, September 12, 2005


When i said i wanted to go to a country where there were no dirty streets , rapings ..somebody said i should be content. Of course i have been content for more than 20 years.
But you know what in those 20 years
1. I have been mugged was really bad i lost everything.
2. I have lost friends to rising insecurity.
3. I have lost friends in Traffic Road Accident that could be avoided.
4. The women who are raped may not be my friends but my heart cries out every time i hear a woman has been raped.
5.I go home at around 8 and i have to practically run coz if i walk slowly i will of course attract a thug. Mind you i live in a place considered safe by many.
6. I have to hug my handbag otherwise i am helped by some Kenyan to carry it.
7. I cannot wear real jewellery , somebody "might cross" with my ear or neck.
8 The worst thing nothing is being done about it.

In short past and present Governments have failed in protecting its citizenry however you look at it. Whether ORANGE OR BANANA i am not just secure in this country.

Yet one solution of dealing with crime is lighting up the streets. Look at this judgement the court gave to shoot down Esther Passaris efforts Go to case of the week and read the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others

I actually found every minute i am out of the office , i am in fear. I am not discontented for nothing.


  1. Shiroh gal i get you because thats what happens to me to.. hugging your handbag you caanot receive a call outside a building and agree we have very stupid leaders who dont care about the comon man and with all the battles and voices to make them realize they dont and this is very bad...
    Lets pray that God opens ways for better things to penetrate in our society and root out evils...

  2. I hear you! Nowadays i am forced to pull Justin Gatlins on the steets when it gets past six! It's ridiculous!r

  3. Shiroh, I feel your pain.

    In the same duration of time I've been accosted at gun-point twice, had my stuff broken into, vandalised and stolen at least 10 times. Lost friends for reasons u specified. Had to change my way of life out of fear alone!!

    However, I refuse to have my joy, hope and contentment stolen/robbed/mugged from me. That I won't allow God help me...

    Keep your head up girl...

    LOL at Justin. Cry cry at the truth it speaks about...

  4. You captured what most people feel especially in the urban centre insecurity is so bad.
    I usually wear my handbag (put it inside my sweater) if late in the evening and late here means past 6.00pm!! Whatever happened to being able to walk in the city at 11.00pm and not have your heart thumping out of yourself in fear??
    No I am not going to be content. We can do better than this.

  5. @nakeel,i don't receive any calls in town, i would rather miss a call than have my phone gone. The leaders are stupid yes they are. God will intervene AMEN
    @M Justin who anyway i learnt he is a runner, you actually have to walk very fast
    @anonymous don't come near this site again
    @Milo, i can't be so lucky going by your experience
    @prousette, i am gonna get a small bag which can fit in my sweater, mine is so huge it would attract more trouble. This town of ours.

  6. I hear you kabisa BUT for now I think God might be sitting this one out waiting for us to do our bit. We need to get rid of those buffoons in City Hall and Parliament. We must demand better; better leadership, better services better better better everything. Every country gets the leaders it deserves. We must begin act act like we be what we wish to be.

    So, pick up that cross. Run City Hall out of town. Support initiatives like the Get Rid of City Hall one, NCBDA etc.

    Pick up a copy of Sunday's [11 September] paper and read their ad.

  7. Its a f***dup world we live in. I've been jacked once, having avoided several other by jus jumping into the nearest jav and getting off after "realizing it the wrong one."
    Anyway its survival for the most mjanja!! Sometimes u feel like u should have a gun like one of those videogame characters. But we walk on coz we're all tough in our own ways.

  8. When i was in nai I always had to be on point it was like being at war, I could never shine and there were things I used to do via reflex ie chucking my watch b4 i get off a mat in tao,knowing where i am going in tao,not overdressing,not javing too late and doing several years of martial arts even though a fist does not beat a gun.I am a jamaa and I was always on my toes luckily I was never jacked but I can't imagine how it feels as a chic to be under such conditions.It took me time to realise here that there was no-one aiming to grab my phone or watch.I have lately lost pals to silly road accidents that could have been prevented.There is still lots to be done about the conditions back home.Anyway I really felt your post so excuse my supa long post

  9. I feel you and that name -Esther Parissis- rang a bell instantly for the 'Adopt a light' project(correct me if am wrong) how could they? oh boy we need a reawakening so bad in Kenya like right now.

    I feel you on the insecurity, God have mercy!

    Great post, thanks for keeping us posted and I hear the carjackings have gotten worse.

  10. Shiroh, did u get ur law degree abroad and then decided to go back home??? if so, i would love to know how u managed landing a job back home and what ur experiences of practising back home have been..
    thanks for checking my blog....btw...thanks for clarifying that LA meant taxable income, not tax law...yeah, it is CRAZY, CRAZY how much lawyers make in the U.S.....

  11. i thought nai was bad in nyeri 7 is like a curfew...woe unto u if u didnt by ur milk or quarter beef.
    u'd be surprised that even in the country guys are being kidnapped and even mugged at your stairs as u enter ur flats!

  12. nick I hear that Nyeri is on a level of it's own.Kwani Kibaki is not watching out for his ppl?Anyway lets wait and see

  13. @Ms K, how many sms have you sent to 2929. I guess we have to do our bit.
    @Tomas, pole for the jacking, this is a crazy world.
    @acolyte, how did you overcome the fear, you know if i went abroad i would be laughed for hugging my bag tightly and looking at everyone with suscipicion.
    @Poi, when you come home remember Everyone you see on the street is a thief until proven otherwise.
    @caroline, no i got it in this country , once you are through with your law degree and come back you would have to do pupillage then get admitted.
    @nick, i almost forgot my house was broken into when i used to live in Nyeri, several guys i heard were killed . In Nyeri i could never walk alone after 6.30 and the day i attempted somebody ran after me. Imagine!
    @acolyte, the prez is asleep we have to finally admit.

  14. hey Shiro,
    u know what?? when my mom comes to visit me here in the States, she FREAKS out when I am not in the house by like 9 p.m. Her attitude is that girls should not be out at night, especially driving (coz i guess her mindset is that i am gonna get jacked as a girl driving at night)...i had to explain to her that it really does not happen here...i mean, we are all going to school and holding multiple jobs, so chances of one driving at night are so high....and car jackings are really so rare, or non-existent

  15. When i came to Kenya, I had been warned of all sorts. I can gratefully say that nothing untoward happened to me, so I wouldnt walk around saying how bad the place was - yes, I walked the streets alone and sometimes in the night - I should know better but I have some faith in the human - or I am a damn lucky person.

    Having said that, I know and I see all the ills of the government and the state of affairs in Kenya - its a shame for such a beautiful place.

    Everyone has a right to be safe and to go about their business without being intimidated and in fear for their safety or their life! But we all know that doesnt necessarily apply to all peoples at all times

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  22. Hi Shiroh. Can you please forward me the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others. Regards Peter

  23. Hi Shiroh. Can you please forward me the judgement in Republic v City Council of Nairobi & another ex parte Monier 2000 Ltd & 7 others. Regards Peter (