Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Taxi Driver

I love chatting taxi drivers. So i was lucky one of those days while travelling from Mombasa Rd to town. Anyone on that route will tell you how long that can be on the busy hour. We started with small talk but because i had wanted to get a blogstory out of the mouth of a taxi driver, so i persisted to get the juicy stories. Thank God, this particular Taxi Driver was a willing talker. So we talked about the dangers of being a taxi driver, the way his friend had been carjacked on the previous weekend and abandoned in God knows where! All hair raising stories. He told me the way certain customers treat them like low lifes and would not even talk to them. Eventually it got to the story i wanted. Do female passengers harass you? He lightened up like he had been waiting to talk about this for a while. "Ukicheza utakufa" he said. I told him i did not understand what he meant. He said "things are hard for us on the road, you wouldn't believe what we go through" "Married women with rich husbands are the worst".. Ukiona watu wakitembea, waogope. Apparently their husbands are gone most of the time. I prodded him further. He gave me a story where he was almost raped. This woman asked me to help her put some luggage in her house and then she closed the door and said i could not leave. I had to plead my way out. His colleagues suffer the same. You just don't come from the village and think you are very smart. These women will finish you, he added. But i am willing to assist in a desperate case, he chuckled. What is your worst experience, i asked. Watching whores on K-Street, he replied. Apparently his foreigner clients love going to the Street. But he earns enough money from that, so he does it anyway. After a long ride with enough stories he told me at the end of the journey. Call me if you need any service. I laughed and left. Definitely with a story.