Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She denied everything

Hey i had a lovely Bday, all the attention, Thanks for your lovely messages, for the good friends and the bad ones, God Bless ya'll.

Anyway i was having a conversation with my mum about my childhood.

I reminded her of the way she caned me way back then and specifically pointed that in Standard 3 she did that everyday.

She retorted that i was a "muremi" meaning naughty/doesn't listen/ ok what do you say in English?

Then, she thought about it and she declared that

" I have never beaten you at all"

Every kid who lived when i was a kid doesn't need a father to collaborate my story.

6 p.m in the hood was beat naughty kid time, all kids used to cry at the same time.

So does your mum deny ever correcting you?

Friday, February 23, 2007

18! OnE MoRe TiMe

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep! Tomorrow i am 18 again for the 7th Time.

And why not celebrate?

Kipepeo, the Tiramisu is on you!!!!!!

Have a brilliant weekend y'all

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovely...Love, and loving

I have almost forgotten how to blog. Goodness!!!

Anyway i am told that tomorrow is Valentines day and it is only good for me to review my non love life.

I don't hate Valentines, commercialised or not, It is upon yourself to commercialize it or not. Haiyyaaii each unto his cross.

Results of valentines
Engagements (leading to matrimony)
Heartbreaks - Like the Man/woman with so many girlfriends. My friend Abu says every man has a Wife (main girlfriend), Mistress, and a whore (for sex only), but all the three think that they are main girlfriends and thats how there are heartbreaks.

Babies,-Need i say more

Cashless wallets-

Dumper & Dumpees (GIM 07)

So anyway this is what i call attempts at love life

(NON)Conversation with Estranged (Wanjiru and Kamangu situation where there are no obligations but rights) 15 days ago

Me: HEllo

E: How are you doing
Me: Fine and you? (automatic response)

E: I am ok, so how have you been?

At that point conversation might end.

Me: Sema, you called me
E: I just wanted to know how you are doing
Me: I am fine

Clearly no conversation or rather it is headed towards Indian Ocean's deepest spot.

Me: Ok, have a lovely time. Bye

Or another day i met with EX 1 and made all efforts to not meet then later i write an sms
Just saw you in town, how are you?
So what is wrong with me, i would rather spend 5/= than meet EX 1.
Mental note to see a counsellor

Or this day i received a BCT (GIM 07)
Meaning Booty Call Text

BC: HI, i have missed you, si you come over to my place
Not many people have guts to text me as such!
Me: Hi, i am well,
Clear screen first time, contemplates a response
Me again: Hi, i hope you are well. I am fine...eeeh
Me: I am well thanks.. uuuhmmm
Me: Eeh. I am well, fine thanks and you? I am sory can't come over, i am not feeling so well.
But that would mean once i got well, i am available
Somebody give me lessons
BC: Ok, get well soon

And this kumbaff who wanted to get me on Buzzted

K: HI, is this S (my colonial name)
Me: Yeah
K: I am calling from Safaricom and congrats you hve just won a holiday for 2 to the coast
Me: Slightly excited, Ok
K: Who would you like to go with?
Me: My sis
( Bubble burst)
K: Ok, whats her name? (disappointment speech)
Me: Says name
K gives instructions to pick the package et al and writes me a text

K: HI, i am sorry no holiday, just wanted to pull your leg,.
I almost said, I knew it , Kumbaff!!!

don't try some things on me, I am just a very private person.

That story on
Chatterly's blog is just too funny. Don't wanna be 37 and looking for hus. What do the horoscopes say. I am pisces.

So wishing y'all a Happy Valentines

Friday, February 02, 2007

The fight

I have so many thoughts in my head; some intelligent, others downright stupid, others bloggable such those thoughts are

Is EABL making losses now that everyone i know swears by tea and hence Ketepa taking all the money.

Have people already started breaking their new year resolutions;
The most culprits are;
I won't smoke
I won't have sex at least without a condom
I will loose weight

Lets say i had one of loosing weight; now i have decided instead i will play reverse psychology with myself and say my resolution is to gain weight. Because ever since i decided to loose weight not a day passes without wondering if i could consume a plate of chips. And the wonder sometimes doesnt stop there! Lets just say i have been having too much plate of chips!!! Ngai fafa. Then i thought to myself if i purposed to eat chips thrice a day i might actually get bored by my idea. Aarggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway that was to deflect you from the reason i am writing a post today.

Just after the end of December last year i had a fight.
Potash Misery Loves Company! with my small siz

I told her i was going to use my bag (It might not be
Guess's Prada) but still it is my bag and i love it. Since people's opinion of whats good or not rarely applies to me that bag might not be as worth a fight as it happened. Now, i don't like fights but sometimes all you have to do is fight. The years's pressures, the fact that we had not fought for over an year and my bag provided best excuse to indulge in hitting each other's body parts.

anyway this is how it went

It started with a verbal fight.

My sis "You can't tell me i wont carry your bag and you carried my shoes when you were going to Kampala"
Me: What does your shoes and Kampala hav to do with the fact i want my bag

Her: You are so selfish
Me: Damn right i am

Her: I am not giving you the bag
Me: You are not going anywhere with it!

Her: Ok just stand there and lets watch
Me: Sawa but remember you are going nowhere with my bag

Her: Get out of my way
Me: No

Her: Kwanza i want that sweater you went with it and didn't come back
Me: (sudden amnesia) which one?

(That sweater i lost it in Tamasha but i have never admitted to having taken it! and neither can she prove i had it)

Me: I have never seen that sweater, i have never even worn it!!!!

Her: I am getting late
Me: Use my other bag, i am using this one
(offer not accepted)

Her:its too big
Me: I dont think so

Her: stop wasting my time
Me: You are being stupid! Cant you just use that bag i am telling you to use

The physical fight
I was hit for the first time!!!
Since i am a gentle lady i didn't hit back

Me: You actually hit me?
Her: Why are you calling me stupid
Me: I think you are really being stupid
She hits me again

Me: If you are going to hit me again, you might as well be prepared to spend a night at Kenyatta Hosp
Her: I am going to kill you

Afraid of spending an evening next to Sadaam Hussein, i try to snatch my bag from her

The spoiler
I live wit some cousins and they came and spoilt the fight

they ask my sis for my bag. She gives them and they hide it

Guess what she is crying, i haven't hit her myself!!!

My small bro that time is screaming and beating my sis and telling her to stop acting like a child (he he he)

So what?
We stop fighting, she gets another bag and goes wherever it is she was going

The next day
I wake up feeling so tired and achy. All parts of my body were aching and i was wondering what was wrong until i heard my sis telling someone that she could nt make it because she had fallen did i realize we both had body aches.

Everythime you feel life's pressures are too heavy and you have no one to turn to Fight! Not even going to a gym after one year could give me such body aches