Monday, November 27, 2006

Image everything?

Wisdom tells us

Do not judge a book by its cover
And closer home

Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza
I have no idea who said those words and i just don't feel like google it.

Daunted by the fact that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it came another wise man who said

Image is Everything
And since then, Nobody thinks so much of the first two, the latter though is immortalized.

Disclaimer 1; Shabbiness cannot replace dandyism and elegance.

So we find;
fine Graphics on the cover of a book that doesn' t say much. Because the writer was told; Image is everything.Get a fine cover and laugh all the way to the bank.

Videos with scantily dressed women on the beach yo' with little or absent lyrical content. Think Ja Rule, Ashanti, PDiddy.

The society judges us too harshly based on the image we cut. Such that a blogger declared people treat her differently with(out) glasses.

To be judged successful
You better drive the important car (Read BMW,Mercedes et al), the epitome of vanity i tell you.
You better have clothes tailored by the Italian immigrant who entered America via his knitting skills only
I have known one person to say that someone should be ignored for living in a poor estate instead of the plush Muthaiga.

Your success or failures especially in Third World Kenya gots to do with the image you cut.

What do you get?
The crisply dressed minister with a reputation worse than the K-street regular.Behind the cloth, the man is devoids of any moral uprightness.
Only after his demise do you hear of his penchant for his subordinates' "whats under the cloth" and a string of out of wedlock children.
The same minister cannot uphold the integrity of resisting from public property but because his suit is Italian made and drives the large car with genious guzzling abilities the man to many's eyes is perfect.
What say you? But image is everything.

The young lad with the brain of a thousand computers will not get the job because the man's shoes look like they have been passed down from his grandfather. The man dejected turns highway robber. Yo' all know highway robbers have genious brains, ooh ok most robbers. The lad cannot even afford the "Camera" suits from Gikomba ingalau to look like he would form part of the corporate image.

So the brainless git with a finess taste and class always get the job. Not to say all the persons with taste and class are brainless.

To get that contract you better be flashing the E key once in a while, never mind it would be car hire.

OK if image was not everything, why do people spend fortunes on WEDDINGS? Why do people live with debt just to have Glamorous weddings which they can ill afford?

Why do you have Members of Parliament who have no idea what "To serve" means. If you think i am wrong then read Mzalendo reports. Because all they have to do is build tall buildings in the town and look the part that they are damn rich. Nobody NOBODY will give the poor youth a chance if he shows he has no cash because it is widely and wrongly believed that the youth will go there and start to enrichen himself. History has shown otherwise.

You even remember the movie all star studded but as shallow as the stream in my backyard (if there is one lol).

I am coming to believe that Image has taken over Quality.

So what if the company can deliver but has no glossy brochures?

Cometh beauty

There is this Brazilian girl who has recently met her death via anorexia. She wasn't contented with her already wafer thin body. and not even her mother could make her feed. And she died of Anorexia

So you are told if you are not beautiful, come here we can make you beautiful. I know not everyone will agree with me here.
The most disgusting of shows for me has been The Swan. All the women come out feeling so beautiful and you hear them crying and exclaiming
"I have never felt so beautiful"
How disgusting?

Who sets the parameters of beauty.

Next cometh the make-up. A normal woman today must have layers and layers of chemicals on her face all designed to stop the natural process of sweating and make one look young. Just look at Madonna to know what i am saying. They make old people look bad which is not the case. Our good ol Mandela is fabulous wit all his grey hairs.

I think everyone should be allowed to stay the way they were created because we are beautiful no matter what they say.

For me the most important things in a person are

Level of Intelligence
Being real

Soif you look like Bruce W. on a Sunday morning but possess little or no morality should the world adore you. I am apalled by how many men & women think they can get away for their looks sake.

Image vs Quality; whither?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Young Urban Failure

I think Potash would be proud to know that the meaning of Young Urban Loser has just been given an overhauled sense. Young Urban Failure that is me.

I swear “kafa KM” aki she fails at pretty hair. Me I fail at everything. Like getting a good job, with, good bosses and holiday and travel all over the world (aaih somebody wake me up). Kenya 2006.

Pretty hair, wacha the way I have been rained on for the past few days and my hair is looking like a crossbreed between pretty and horse hair.

Meaning of Young Urban Loser expounded

She quits. Yeah joblessness has hit again. I am 24 and jobless twice I swurr the gods are pushing it.

Proud karikor (caricor) or whatever! She laughs like a caricor I think.

Dunno who’s ever worked with retards. Of course if you have worked with me and found that I am retard then this post is not for you. I have been working with retards. I mean like this bugger. Ooh holy shit! It gives me stomach bubbles to see some buggers! The reason I oversleep everyday trying to figure out how to evade such buggers.

My thinking is too way ahead of Retards. I figure out; you get whatchu deserve.

Anonymous Bugger

I dug out anonymous. Its possible the anonymous bugger is wella a "friend" of mine. All i say is Kumbaff and go to hell and you will die with a thousand and two cats. I really hope i am wrong.

If you wonder what i am saying a Kumbaff left a comment on my blog reading


Ooh like i care. Why torment your medula to random thoughts by a random blogger. Of all unreasonableness persisting on mother earth, you choose my blog to put your verbiage on. You can start your blog and attack everyone who you feel like attacking and trust me you might win "The Next Kaybee". haki!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Breakfast News

The Scandalous (channel 100.3)

A woman has just found out that she has been sleeping with her brother and is heavy with child (her sister). Their parents were separated when the poor girl was only 5 and while she was left with her mother, the guy went with the father. So for four years the two were in an incestuous relationship. Hitch came when the dude was going to introduce the girl to his father. Apparently the father had the same name with her father.


She is almost giving birth. I hear it is extremely dangerous to abort a foetus at the third trimester.

Now how do we help her?

The prostitution one (Channel 105.2)

A woman who owes someone a debt of Ksh. 15,000 wants to sell her body tonight. This is because her creditor wants the money by Sunday. A few callers wished to fundraise. Other callers (men) were wondering if she is really worth Ksh. 15,000 for only a night.

A woman suggested that us women are constantly selling our bodies. We apparently get married for comfort and to be taken care of. As such women are forever prostituting only this time at a higher level. Aaiih .

I really don’t think she is in the trouble, which she thinks she is. Unless it is an Italian Mafioso on your neck; then she is pushing too far.

The “you know who”

Apparently the rose party called Narc-Kenya will only refer to ODM-Kenya in “you know who” terms. No mentioning the name of the party because it will popularize the “the you know who” party.

The Best

Safaricom Limited might float their shares to the public in an Initial Public Offer.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I had the misfortune of viewing my blog on IE. I use Mozilla the perfect browser, IE simply sucks. So i decided to update to beta blogger and see if that will change. For those of you whose source of internet is provided by the employer and the threat to take the said internet from you is almost becoming real if caught again, use Ghostzilla

Curse Words
Do people still think that the following are curse words

What the Fuck!-

Its time the three were relegated to normal words.

Nairobi Lingua

Mi nimetoka Jobbo
Jobbo= job
Works =work

Like its hard to say

Mi nimetoka work.

Its easy to say
Mi nimetoka Jobbo ama works

I am javin this week.

Meaning the poor guy is using public transport. Never ask me again whats javin. I mean ni kukanyanga mguu

I am going to campo next month

whats this adding/substituting English words with" O" to swahilise it.

Ati me naitwa Phaxo, that time the dude is called Alphaxard.

City Locations
I heard Kawangware is called Ungwaro

Wachana na Langa'ta ati LA Puhhleaze

Kangemi- Ungem

Try conversing with the peeps in Eastlando(He hehe) you will think now its a different new language. The last time i heard they were calling Mlango- Mngola. Aaiih lakini i refuse to be converted to that language.

I stick to my corrupted KiswaEngo.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to do?

The long it takes to realize

Where you are going.

A lot of people here know that I am a lawyer or those who have read my profile know that I am a lawyer by profession

Others have wondered loudly if at all I am a lawyer because I don’t write like one. I am not going to shame you here.

This blog is not about lawyers or law. It is about me

Us people in Kenya tend to reproduce our business cards before the other person can even have a chance to know our proper names and who we are.

Because to me

I am first a person

In logical happening of things I was human at day 1 of my birth then I was a lawyer at 22 years of existence.

So you get it, I am a human first then a lawyer second.

Tomorrow I could wake up on the wrong side of the bed and decide “alla!”. To hell with this lawyer thingy and be an opera singer (kidding!)

Even tomorrow when I wake up, I still want to be a lawyer and the next.

Time and over again, I am in conflict with self. I am an introvert who decided to be an extrovert. Because I am a thinker; (Not in the Thinkers room sense he he he) I could churn ideas like the same way they do with spin yarns.

In my younger self, I was the quiet type until I got to High School and I don’t know what happened. Nilifunguka I swear.

And the worst part of being a thinker then you have got to have a “Doer”. There are people to whom thinking and reading is a mystery but whoa tell them to do, they will not hesitate. I belong to the Thinkers rather than the doers. My mistake!

I once went for an interview in one of these cool organizations but on realizing I was only 24yrs, I was told I could be offered Internship because the position required someone older blah blah, which even I knew but applied regardless. I almost scoffed at the statement because I always indicate my age on the CV.

Anyway internship is not something I will take honestly. Unless it is at the WTO Washington.

And the interviewer asked me “You would rather stay at home?”. At the time I was so jobless.

I said “yes”

Because to me internship is a total waste of time unless it is mandatory of which I have already done my 1-year of internship.

Talking to my friend another day I realized that though quite a number of people have been able to get a job via internship.

You are chancing with your employers getting to know you before hand.

Unfortunately for the likes of me, I cannot pretend that I work after 5 because I don’t., I am not your model employee.

Bottom line work gets done.

That’s all is necessary. Your work gets done.

The logic that people sitting their asses from 8-5 even when you have absolutely nothing to do is silly!

I envy artists (music, theatre and all), they work even 23 hours per day when it is necessary and sleep when its not.

You can hardly get any work to keep busy 8 hours a day at least not any that I have seen.

So what you got yourself if you are intern; and not keeping your ass busy for 8 hours a day.

They think you are not a good worker.


Infact you have 1 million ideas of how things could get done better but they fucking won’t listen to you.

Because all a lot of organizations do is Kill Creativity. They have no room for ideas or other way of thinking. And recently I tried to tell my boss something and he told me “you know the way we do things here”. Ooh heavens!!!

It is not simple either being an employee. You feel like a restrained pig.

That is the longest digression.

A while ago, I very well could crack poetry and literature. I did it all the time, I loved it.

Then my heart though all it wanted was to be a judge he he he.

And like many paths not taken; I ditched the literature, poetry path and pursued the journey of legalism. I do not know if I would crack the two now because it is something that you do once, learn, relearn and get better at.

But like dead dreams, this one has come to haunt me again. Now I am lost; I don’t even think it would be the same. I am not sure it is not misplaced. I will keep thinking about it.

I have come to realize that the only time I am truly happy is when I am reading a book. Even on a really nasty day, a book will clear things. And I don’t mean; the law of Torts.

I can’t even continue; you have never something as personal conflict. It is draining. And even a good reading of the “Awaken the giant within” quite doesn’t do it.

So I am still in semi- realization of self. I wonder what they would have described it in the Greek mythology.

Of which I am reminded; I still need to know what was it about Marilyn Monroe.


I have great regard for mothers and their identity. I mean a mother is to be heard and seen at the same time especially when the said mother is the mother of a great person.

But I have always wondered. Who is the mother of Raila Odinga? Has she been mentioned anywhere that I missed. Especially because she was the wife of the legendary Oginga Odinga. What happened to her? Is she alive, dead?

Great Sites

I stumbled upon

And my surfing life cannot be better

It is a great tool bar, you get every site you could dream of. Philosophy, Arts, Music, Books, name it!!!

Other sites i have stumbled upon

On this site you can even read one of the Greatest Books for FREE from

Are you one of the people who love short stories

And you will now know the 100 best novels if you didn't from

And what if really all you want to is listen to music

Do you want to know what others had accomplished by your age?

Surfing made easier i tell you

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Bigger Problem

Working with the kids at St.Francis brought the big picture to me than i have ever cared to imagine. Previously i had visited babies home where the kids have everything that you could dream of.

Then there is this story of women who trade sex for fish

It makes one understand just how Poverty and AIDS are connected and maybe why the epidemic that is HIV/AIDS is bigger here than in developed countries. Meaning the poor you are the more exposed you are to communicable and sexual diseases.

So, just how much bickering will we continue to have about what the Government has/has not done. Hasn't that been the song that we have been singing since when we wuz young...however we look at it perfection in a leader is a reverie we gots to do without.

Just how much personal responsibility is a leader in the Nyanza Province for example going to take for the acts of his ignorant people. Somebody gots to teach the women down there about not having sex for fish.

The AIDS orphans are relying on the country now to feed them. Never mind as catastrophic the problem, nobody not even the ever bickering well meaning travelling MPs that we know has introduced any Bill in Parliament to deal with the Orphans. So for whom do the AIDs orphans belong?

Their age old 80 granny?

Its a sad situation here.

First things first. We are doing too much politics IMHO. For nothing.

We are looking at a generation that is dying day in day out from a disease they barely comprehend until it causes them untold suffering.

Dear Africans, for though has hands, for thou has brain...when will you ever utilise them? You wait for the NGO's the well meaning ones to tend your Orphans?

Looking at Mathare

I am reminded of the evil,.you know the devil. You cultivate the devil, you live the devil. You shut up to protect the devil. And then the devil strikes and eureka!!! "The devil is here?!"

Ooh c'mon...

However sympathetic i am with the people of Mathare, i bet just like there is a saying "Equity does not aid the indolent". I mean the Mungiki menace has been with the people. You can't do no shyte in Mathare without paying taxes to the local Government.

But did the Mungiki menace erupt in a day. No! The menace was there. The people there said jack shyte..They probably loved living with them. They were dangerous; ooh they knew it.

I laughed at the statement that a journalist who thought that research was a form of wild vegetable...

Even a little research could have exposed Mathare before it happened. Okiey why is there investigative journalism?

Round us, everywhere we have people who wouldn't think even if they were paid to.

For example lets say some economist sat down right? Found that our economy is growing at around 5%.
And then we have a politician who wouldn't probably pronounce the Law of dimishing marginal utility, or even write it, saying he knows the economy grew by 2 % and is cheered on by what M would call Kenyan Tourists KT.

What sense would it make? I would think it of a serious disaster which should call for an immediate peer review of the said economists.
But a politician is one right? But imagine how many investors listening to the said politician refused to invest on such grounds.
So why won't we be all happy that our economy is growing at around 5%. Should we chance economy and politics together? Just to discredit perhaps?

Why won't we think? Even a fabrication that our economy was growing at 10% if it would make Hu and his men look at us as potential investments.

I am not going to say its wrong or right. Do whatever your mouth wills you to do.

But we cannot save our faces; not now. Whatever wrong we say, to hurt our mother country reflects on us.

Ooh ! Its a cold monday

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Post Part II

I just put my tracking code on 25th October and i was amused to note that the post which attracted the most hits 116 to be exact was this one

Anyway this is what my gutter mind has been thinking

Whither “Blonde” and “smart girl”

There is this ad I believe for fair and lovely which asks

“Would you rather be beautiful or smart?”

One explains

“ I would rather be beautiful than smart so that I can get what I want”.


Fair and Lovely thinks it can make you both beautiful and smart.

So jana I sat next to a blonde in the bus. The kind if I was a jamaa I would go for and realized the differences between the smart and blonde (as seen in “White Chicks”) is too obvious

My take is be a smablonde

Beauty Regime (Blonde)

Manicures & Pedicure weekly



And those others

Beauty Regime (Smart)


Daily wash and perfume perhaps

Manicure and Pedicure once every two months if I remember

WTF moment…(Blonde Girl)

My nail broke

WTF moment …(smart)

The whole project disappeared after 6 months of hard work

Double WTF moment

He didn’t notice my new hairstyle and yet it’s a Tyra Banks wig

Double WTF moment (Smart)

Damn! The client now thinks I am dumb and so will my boss. So what will I tell my boss?

What’s New? (Blonde)

My latest conquest drives a Lexus we we we!!

What’s New (Smart)

The brass has just launched new software to make-work easier

Conversation begins with….(blonde)

I just bought a new pair of shoes which cost…$$$ SAVE it!. Ooh and I just discovered this place they do nails for…. And you know what Alex yesterday took me out to blah blah blah

Conversation begins (smart)

How is you and how is work? Did I hear you just got promoted? As for me I am taking an MBA now….blah blah blah

So would you rather be beautiful than smart?

Many smart women are beautiful anyway. But I look at blondes as girls who takes the extra mile to enhance beauty. A pounce of fat would be treated with the contempt it deserves. So when they say “brains and beauty” are a rare thing. It is not they are rare; it is the enhancement that lacks.

So who appointed me here?

The friday post- Part I

The International Women Aids Run is on 2ND DECEMBER 2006. This race is for WOMEN only. Men can only be support group i.e. coach the women runners and such others.

The tickets are Ksh. 500 each. Please register to reach the AIDS Orphans and people affected by HIV/AIDS.

My Kids at St.Francis Home/School

I know i have been quiet on this one. My Kids at the Orphanage are ok the last time i saw them. I will go there on Sunday. So Holla if interested.

There are things i would love my kids to have;

Television set and Video
Enough Food

Those are not luxurious items. I have been quite not in touch with them because of some issues like brokeness, not been available on weekends but now i am back for the cause.

Thanks for people who have made efforts to contact me towards this cause; You don't how blessed you can be for feeding an orphan.

Don't fall in love with a Dreamer- Kenny Rodgers

Avoid getting into trouble with your father- Shiroh

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Bugger....................

I woke up today feeling good;

1. I had already ironed my clothes for the day

2. My shoes were shining

3. I actually knew what i was to wear today

Usually i don't.

So today was a perfect day.

4. I woke up on time

5. I managed to cook and eat breakfast

It was the perfect day

6. Traffic on Thika Road was perfect

7. I was feeling fresh

And it looked like it was a perfect day

8. It wasn't raining

9. It was not all that cold

10. I was generally happy in the morning. It is not quite normal


I got to the office.Still in the reverie of happiness.

I think i must have been dreaming.

The Bugger fucked up my day. The bugger bloody fucked up my day. The Bugger, The bugger Fucked up my day. Pumbaff yeye!!!!!

It is good enough i was having a nice day. And you bugger fucked it up!!!

I advise you to stay away from me as much as you can or i will bloody fuck up your day!!!!

Ooh i need a beer!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A quick one and rumour has it

Yesterday i saw two things that make me thank Wangari Maathai for her bravery.

I passed through Kiambu road where you see all these BEAUTIFUL INDIGENOUS trees.

Usually i pass through Uhuru park and saw the beautified park. It is looking so serene.

Now i do now for sure she deserved every minute of the Nobel Prize. One of the guys i was with in the car remarked the way the likes of William Ruto had carved part of the Karura forest for their greedy selves. Wonder why they want to president now, so they can have all the country to themselves. Shame!!!

Part of it is because just like most people i connect to nature. A beautiful garden/roundabout is bound to make my day. One day i had an assignment that took me to Industrial Area which i hated to death, but there is this roundabout beautified by BAT and that made my day.

Death of Mos Mos

Mos Mos in dholuo means slowly i hope. Now there is this mabatini structure in town which feeds large sums of people in Nairobi.
It has since been destroyed by the city fathers. I have no reason why they did it but yeah Mos Mos is no more. At least not in the location.
I remember my friend one day commenting
"the only time i get full is when i go to Mos Mos"

Mos Mos was the poor man's equivalent of K'Osewe's on Moi Avenue except of course they didnt serve the popular Osuga and Odhola (sp).

I really wonder why it was demolished. Word has it that they had grabbed that part of land as its owner seemed to be Joe Aketch the former mayor.

In other News
Econet Wireless might not be awarded the licence after all. There is a rumour doing rounds that the Govt is not impressed with one of the people in there who claim that the Government is really corrupt.

And with Odinga supposedly washing our dirty linen in public

Who says those people abroad are not going to vote? I guess the only way to counter his so called speech is to come and "hubiri" to the people abroad that your Govt is par excellence. I am not the greatest fan of the Odinga man but i think that attack is unnecessary.

And who is coming to my constituency?
I hear since the people of Rarieda have rejected their present MP for not singing Agwambo's tunes and he is changing constituencies which i think is a good move. The man is Raphael Tuju and the constituency is Kasarani. Well i would not have any qualms voting for the rejected man. After all in the bible it is said "the stone rejected by the builders became the corner stone"
Obviously the present Mp has no any chance of ever making it again to Bunge.

Just who is Mungiki and Kamjesh?

The difference between Lawyers and Real Estate Agents is that lawyers can speak English and Real Estate agents in Kenya speak Conllese says Bikozulu
Back to Books

Monday, November 06, 2006


KASNEB is intent on having me as a life member of the body. That is why it has no desire that I pass my FA IV. Does anyone know any magic of passing the damn paper?

I still don’t comprehend the subject and I hoped that I would escape through just like I did with the other FA papers.

My head is cracking just trying to understand the concepts of consolidation of groups and groups of companies. That’s why I have been indoors the whole weekend Working with figures is stressing enough. Who even said lawyers should bother their heads with them anyway.

Don’t tempt my head with alcohol please; I need all my mitochondria’s intact.

AWOL till the said paper is done to my satisfaction and to KASNEB!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


What is the origin of the words



Is Isiolo in Eastern or North Eastern Province?


I'm so Hungry
And i can't hide it
I know i know i know
I want Food


I have been dreaming many things this week.

One day i was an achiever; i am not sure what University did to me. Is that why they quit university to succeed. I might just enroll for Masters then quit....