Friday, November 03, 2006


What is the origin of the words



Is Isiolo in Eastern or North Eastern Province?


I'm so Hungry
And i can't hide it
I know i know i know
I want Food


I have been dreaming many things this week.

One day i was an achiever; i am not sure what University did to me. Is that why they quit university to succeed. I might just enroll for Masters then quit....


  1. If drug abuse hasn't rendered my memory obsolete, I believe my geography teacher Mrs Njoroge - way back in Primo (coulda been Mrs Kimani) ... taught us about "the first man to see Mt. Kirinyaga" (only later did it strike us - to our chagrin- that our ancestors who had lived for eons around this mountain were by definition "not people". Anyway,I digress ... legend goes that the jungus were not able to say Kerinyaga hence settled on a rude compromise - Kenya.
    Frankly, I think that this is true, because I have witnessed firsthand the atrocities that these people can commit with African names. For example, my family name is mbitu. I can't recall how many times it has been pronounced as mobutu by jungus!! aaarrrrggg !!!

    As for Kenyatta, really have never heard of anything bout his name but my best guess is that the dude suffered from egocentric myopia and actually considered himself "the light of kenya" as in " kenya taa" he prolly figured when people said "kenyatta" it'd come out roughly the same as "kenya taa" ... hence feeding his insatiable

    Isiolo. Whaaat???

  2. Can see how people are dreaming in hunger pole some chicken curry somewhere.

    Isiolo is in Eastern Province a for the origin of Kenya and Kenyatta me dont know.

  3. Ditto Nakeel on Isiolo.

    Kenyatta: he took the name from a Maasai beaded belt he used to wear: the kinyata. (I'm sure it didn't hurt that this sounded like Kenya!)

  4. Gal, you better get you some food. Interesting musings though :)

  5. clue!! sad though and very bad! im finding uni slowly taking away my zeal and passion for life and all those great things that I thought i would and had to do....this beta blogger thing man!!!!the problems signing in!! sheesh! all i want to do is leave a comment.

  6. I was here!On hiatus mode will comment later!