Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A quick one and rumour has it

Yesterday i saw two things that make me thank Wangari Maathai for her bravery.

I passed through Kiambu road where you see all these BEAUTIFUL INDIGENOUS trees.

Usually i pass through Uhuru park and saw the beautified park. It is looking so serene.

Now i do now for sure she deserved every minute of the Nobel Prize. One of the guys i was with in the car remarked the way the likes of William Ruto had carved part of the Karura forest for their greedy selves. Wonder why they want to president now, so they can have all the country to themselves. Shame!!!

Part of it is because just like most people i connect to nature. A beautiful garden/roundabout is bound to make my day. One day i had an assignment that took me to Industrial Area which i hated to death, but there is this roundabout beautified by BAT and that made my day.

Death of Mos Mos

Mos Mos in dholuo means slowly i hope. Now there is this mabatini structure in town which feeds large sums of people in Nairobi.
It has since been destroyed by the city fathers. I have no reason why they did it but yeah Mos Mos is no more. At least not in the location.
I remember my friend one day commenting
"the only time i get full is when i go to Mos Mos"

Mos Mos was the poor man's equivalent of K'Osewe's on Moi Avenue except of course they didnt serve the popular Osuga and Odhola (sp).

I really wonder why it was demolished. Word has it that they had grabbed that part of land as its owner seemed to be Joe Aketch the former mayor.

In other News
Econet Wireless might not be awarded the licence after all. There is a rumour doing rounds that the Govt is not impressed with one of the people in there who claim that the Government is really corrupt.

And with Odinga supposedly washing our dirty linen in public

Who says those people abroad are not going to vote? I guess the only way to counter his so called speech is to come and "hubiri" to the people abroad that your Govt is par excellence. I am not the greatest fan of the Odinga man but i think that attack is unnecessary.

And who is coming to my constituency?
I hear since the people of Rarieda have rejected their present MP for not singing Agwambo's tunes and he is changing constituencies which i think is a good move. The man is Raphael Tuju and the constituency is Kasarani. Well i would not have any qualms voting for the rejected man. After all in the bible it is said "the stone rejected by the builders became the corner stone"
Obviously the present Mp has no any chance of ever making it again to Bunge.

Just who is Mungiki and Kamjesh?

The difference between Lawyers and Real Estate Agents is that lawyers can speak English and Real Estate agents in Kenya speak Conllese says Bikozulu
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  1. Yipeee am here first.

    Kudos and many thanks to Mama Enviroment. Have you checked the Kivutha Kibwana pyjamas place its looking serene also. Yeah love the BAT roundabout too. The flowers cute.

    Gal I watched that day from the aerial view as the city fathers took down the renovated place. Word has it that Kosewe chomelead coz people had started to shun his expensive oil washing food.
    I discovered another place will take you there.
    Its Athola gal.

    Mungiki we can corner Ndura Waruinge to get the answer lets go for kesha today at his church.

    Si Kamjesh ask someone from Embakas.

  2. nakeel you are first everywhere today. eish mama.

    uhuru park does indeed look serene...usiku pia ni serene ukishikwa shingo. but i'm loving the greenness all around me. if only i could plant a tree in the office.

    tuju aishie. i'm praying he get an arse-whooping like crazy. he started well then ukumbaffu ingiad him.

    all i know is, mungiki isn't me.

  3. Conservation is an issue that Kenyans hv started taking seriously. Nowadays u c more n more planting trees esp corporates.....CSR? Am loving the new look in Nairobi. Flowers, trees, beautiful flower pots....its bcmin beautiful by the day n green.

    I heard rumuors that Njoki Ndung'u might be vying for MP Kabete constituency seat. Is that true?

  4. Nature is great. And it is good that plants and trees are flourishing. Can't wait to come and admire the beauty.

    Mos Mos, never heard of it. Sounds like a place I'd have enjoyed getting my stomach filled.

    Failure to get a license because of someone's negative opinion of the government? What wanaraytay!

  5. Don't even remind me about inda. That place is hell! You can roast to death there on a sunny day!
    I do think that many of those jua kali eateries serve a purpose, now if only there was a way of making them be able to fit into the gvt's plan for the city coz you have to admit most of them have no licences and poor sanitation.
    Poor Tuju, he played his cards way too early. But I do think there is a lot of compe in Kasarani unless I am wrong.
    I think Mungiki and Kamjesh are a pan the neck for many Kenyans.
    Real estate agents in Kenya are far worse than lawyers!

  6. Its nice to hear that nai is gween and looking lovely, after going to inda me and vasine have become the best of friends. Kenyan politicians are like the sand dunes of the desert always shifting, alligence are formed and broken same way people change their undies.