Monday, November 06, 2006


KASNEB is intent on having me as a life member of the body. That is why it has no desire that I pass my FA IV. Does anyone know any magic of passing the damn paper?

I still don’t comprehend the subject and I hoped that I would escape through just like I did with the other FA papers.

My head is cracking just trying to understand the concepts of consolidation of groups and groups of companies. That’s why I have been indoors the whole weekend Working with figures is stressing enough. Who even said lawyers should bother their heads with them anyway.

Don’t tempt my head with alcohol please; I need all my mitochondria’s intact.

AWOL till the said paper is done to my satisfaction and to KASNEB!!!!


  1. so why didnt you decide to do CPA or ACCA. I want to start accountancy classes as i need to change my profession but I can't decide which of the professional qualifications to take!! Well anyway, I hope your studies go well and good luck with the exam!

  2. Tehehehe, As a former failure of CPA, I say unto thee, KASNEB are uppity, they suck ass.
    Yaani, me I fikad section 5, got referred in Finacial managemnet mara only like 3, so they made me rewind thrice, then the third time, they made me redo the whole fucking section!!! I did it, got referred again, and told them to lick my but crack!!
    Yeah, Maybe one day I will redo the paper (no, wait, they must've kicked me out of their 'fancy system for losers') and get to sec 6. mwehehhe, I havent got an accounting bone in me why lie!!!
    It did not help that my brother aced everything, yeah, he is a lawyer too, by name,he does not practice though. why do lawyers like that CPA/CFA maneno?
    Hlafu, yeah, me I gave up. My father was very disappointed that I chose a 'cool, non-geeky profession'. mwehehehhe, Yeah, I is cool like that.

    I hate feelig I did not finish that shiet, but it did not help that in Stathmore, I could not wear jeans or short skirts, mass was compulsory, as were ethics classes with Dr. Paul....STICK A FUCKING KNIFE IN MY BACK OK?! I was a teenager! I was supposed to be having fun!!! Belch! you'd think I care.

    Soryy, I came to say all the best kamum. really.

  3. @Kgal, i am taking CPA Part III which the said KASNEB offers. All the best in accountancy btw. Thanks.

    @KM,i laughed a bit there. Jana my dad asked me "how many more chances do you have?" I said "Two". He said you had better get to class back. So today me and my handbag will go AGAIN to class. Ngai fafa (pfft!!).
    Aki see me for Financial Management, but i think it must have been Management Accounting which i miraculously blissed through, never mind i only knew one question in the exam.

    Financial Accounting IV is my last paper, that must be why they are frustrating my damn ass. I passed all the other FA's (somehow) i wuldn't want to ask them the marks i got. Its not important.

    Alafu Strathmore, me and my riotous self (read Riot Act) would never step there. Accounting is bad enough; strathmore makes it worse.

    Lakini, gather yourself, GO TO CLASS (mwehehe)

    Your bro, can he kopesha some part of the brain. Have been thinking of doing CFA's (but why Lord?)

  4. Good luck, good luck. KASNEB = prissy stuffed a$$es. Used to say that, still do. I quit after passing sec 5.Ok, I lie, am on a 'break'...(read: would rather do anything else that I or my boss is willing to pay for, so I've been going off on all these tangents, I've even done a HR-related course...) LOL.

    @ Kenyangal....tafadhali just enrol in ACCA....That's what I'da done if I knew what I was gettin meself into.

  5. @jadekitten,doing CPA with a job on your head is not the most interesting thing on earth. Had taken a break too, now see what it is costing me, you forget (grudgingly) the concepts of accounting.
    @KGal, ditto Jade, just do ACCA, it is a recognized qualification worldwide and i am sure it doesnt suck ass. My friend got a scholarship for finishing ACCA.

  6. muahahahahaaaaa!!!! evil laughter!! welcome to my all started with good old financial accounting, then went on to management accounting, the bitch of all bitches was financial statement analysis!!! financial courses make my eyes go squint, my breath gets shallow, walls started spinning and I feel the sudden need to hurl! good luck shiroh! lots of flutter dust!! woiye! i can't stop shaking my head reminiscing the pain of finance!

  7. i guess i am dealing with smart bloggers. I went to Strath for Sec 1 (missed half the daros). Day for exam, I was with my boys catching pint at Wambugus. Lets just say the examiners are still waiting for me to show up to take the exam.

  8. All the best with passing the paper. Btw, I like the new blog design.

  9. All the best gal and will try to burry the sengenge for the time being but sidhani if it will work sana..

  10. @Nakeel, thanks. Please we will try.Smoothies,teas, icecream, krest will do,just not sengenge

    @GND,thanks gal

    @udi, smarta bloggers lol..So they are still waiting for you. Every time i take the KASNEB exam i feel like boycotting.Ooh btw i used to live just next to Wambugus.

    @Kips, cheka tu. Finance, i am through.Thanks.

  11. Books???? God I hate them...but all you do is go by past papers..coz nothing much changes and get to cram (dont look questioningly..I do that all the time and gets me thru')the most common and ones with mob marks.
    Girl dont give up. We've been there, done that....

  12. There is only one trick to passing it and that is really studying the content, understanding the logic and abit of cramming. How do I know? Experience. All the best.