Monday, November 27, 2006

Image everything?

Wisdom tells us

Do not judge a book by its cover
And closer home

Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza
I have no idea who said those words and i just don't feel like google it.

Daunted by the fact that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it came another wise man who said

Image is Everything
And since then, Nobody thinks so much of the first two, the latter though is immortalized.

Disclaimer 1; Shabbiness cannot replace dandyism and elegance.

So we find;
fine Graphics on the cover of a book that doesn' t say much. Because the writer was told; Image is everything.Get a fine cover and laugh all the way to the bank.

Videos with scantily dressed women on the beach yo' with little or absent lyrical content. Think Ja Rule, Ashanti, PDiddy.

The society judges us too harshly based on the image we cut. Such that a blogger declared people treat her differently with(out) glasses.

To be judged successful
You better drive the important car (Read BMW,Mercedes et al), the epitome of vanity i tell you.
You better have clothes tailored by the Italian immigrant who entered America via his knitting skills only
I have known one person to say that someone should be ignored for living in a poor estate instead of the plush Muthaiga.

Your success or failures especially in Third World Kenya gots to do with the image you cut.

What do you get?
The crisply dressed minister with a reputation worse than the K-street regular.Behind the cloth, the man is devoids of any moral uprightness.
Only after his demise do you hear of his penchant for his subordinates' "whats under the cloth" and a string of out of wedlock children.
The same minister cannot uphold the integrity of resisting from public property but because his suit is Italian made and drives the large car with genious guzzling abilities the man to many's eyes is perfect.
What say you? But image is everything.

The young lad with the brain of a thousand computers will not get the job because the man's shoes look like they have been passed down from his grandfather. The man dejected turns highway robber. Yo' all know highway robbers have genious brains, ooh ok most robbers. The lad cannot even afford the "Camera" suits from Gikomba ingalau to look like he would form part of the corporate image.

So the brainless git with a finess taste and class always get the job. Not to say all the persons with taste and class are brainless.

To get that contract you better be flashing the E key once in a while, never mind it would be car hire.

OK if image was not everything, why do people spend fortunes on WEDDINGS? Why do people live with debt just to have Glamorous weddings which they can ill afford?

Why do you have Members of Parliament who have no idea what "To serve" means. If you think i am wrong then read Mzalendo reports. Because all they have to do is build tall buildings in the town and look the part that they are damn rich. Nobody NOBODY will give the poor youth a chance if he shows he has no cash because it is widely and wrongly believed that the youth will go there and start to enrichen himself. History has shown otherwise.

You even remember the movie all star studded but as shallow as the stream in my backyard (if there is one lol).

I am coming to believe that Image has taken over Quality.

So what if the company can deliver but has no glossy brochures?

Cometh beauty

There is this Brazilian girl who has recently met her death via anorexia. She wasn't contented with her already wafer thin body. and not even her mother could make her feed. And she died of Anorexia

So you are told if you are not beautiful, come here we can make you beautiful. I know not everyone will agree with me here.
The most disgusting of shows for me has been The Swan. All the women come out feeling so beautiful and you hear them crying and exclaiming
"I have never felt so beautiful"
How disgusting?

Who sets the parameters of beauty.

Next cometh the make-up. A normal woman today must have layers and layers of chemicals on her face all designed to stop the natural process of sweating and make one look young. Just look at Madonna to know what i am saying. They make old people look bad which is not the case. Our good ol Mandela is fabulous wit all his grey hairs.

I think everyone should be allowed to stay the way they were created because we are beautiful no matter what they say.

For me the most important things in a person are

Level of Intelligence
Being real

Soif you look like Bruce W. on a Sunday morning but possess little or no morality should the world adore you. I am apalled by how many men & women think they can get away for their looks sake.

Image vs Quality; whither?


  1. Hi shiro,
    How is your monday?

    I do confess to alittle bit of vanity. I would buy a car for its aesthetic value.

    But I do agree with you, there are many many men who would not go out with a "fat" chick, and vice versa. I personally wouldn't go out with a man who has a port belly even if he was was the cleverest.

  2. @half n half, My monday is ok, albeit feeling sleepy.
    There is nothing absolutely wrong with buying a nice car. But its wrong to judge people by what they have.And buying a good car is not vanity, sometimes its even frugal to do so coz of its lasting effects. But don't judge my success based on the car.

    Dating is a personal choice. I don't exactly think having a potbelly is very flattering because it borders on taking care of oneself.

  3. ....And the big 4 ring loud Intelligence,Honesty,Integrity n Bein Real.
    ....I have storis to corroborate this image thing that well I'd just rather not share....."Take me as I am...Even wen my clothes b Gikomba-aaaa..."
    Am with you on the videos....K-Swiss(Mashifta)sed smthn like watu wa ku-expose part ya juu ya mguu?? Ebu kwanza I crown Wenyeji's video "Jasho za Dando"
    Robbers have genious brains indeed...Have you wondered why bank robberies have b-come so hectic 4 the Freesks to figure out of late....
    Ai nikiendelea itakuwa post...No niwaria uria kuri!!

  4. Lol,

    Man don't I know all about that image thing.. wacha tu; me I have taken too much of my fair amount of that because i inclined to shabiness.

    As for smart thugs.. lmao... that is way up my alley. That is the peeps I know. I have no intent to support criminal behaviour or rationalise it, but i know peeps who are gangster because they got to tired of waiting for NARC to create 500,000 jobs that didn't have "an experience in the pre- independence civil service' as a prerequisite.
    Yeah, so after school, my man johnnie got hisself a gun; and he is living it up now!

  5. Ish.. cannot use this beta blogger thingie.. always forget to sign my comments. The one above is mine.. well, naturally!

  6. I do agree that people in the world are too big on image at the expense of other things.
    Much as I enjoy looking at women I do think that these music videos have over did it.The next stage will be full fledged nudity!
    I recall CK talking smack about living in places like Buru.
    Peeps are told to break the bank for an interview suit, image is everything!
    As for weddings dont get me started on those!I dont even do preweddings!
    If you want to see vanity just fika hapa stato where peeps even bleach their teeth!
    Your true set of values makes sense but sadly not everyone adheres to them!
    Nice post

  7. Love your list of 4

    Sadly, image IS everything... Reality is simply and purely a figment of perception

  8. As much as i agree with you image counts. Seen one of those adverts where you have to send oyur vitae plus picture its ludicrous but its the way things are. Maybe someday it will change now we have to figure a way out...

  9. Hmmm, nice post Kamum.

    Nice list of 4, but yes, image is everything. Its one of those things we would rather not have, but sadly, they matter.
    The good thing of course is while your beauty may get you in the door, only brains and integrity will keep you there. That is a lesson best learnt early.
    Image, is everything.

  10. Given a choice of only one, i'd definitely roll with quality coz image ceases to be important once familiarity sets in ... then the true colors come to the fore ...
    But i also don't think the two are necessarily mutually exclusive. It is possible (perhaps even desirable) to have both.
    What's more? I think we humans are wired via the sensory channels to react first to image:

    Ditto:"Reality is simply and purely a figment of perception"

    Like you said, a good cover will attract my attention to a book even if the contents are sh**T

    Some ladies will have niggaz breaking their necks and mumbling fantastical statements just from appearance

    An agreeable odor will have you longing for a dish, even though it might turn out 2 be a crap meal

    Even touching stuff attracts or is repulsive depending on what's initially agreeable with you.

    Point is: Image is important and perhaps inescapable as an intro tool.

    Problem is: We live in a world where we are content with "if it appears good, den it must be good"
    and dats why we end up getting screwed time after time : in relationships, employees, even simple commodities dat we buy ...

    I think the over-emphasis on image over quality has evolved into a norm and is thus the effects are extremely difficult to ameliorate. It's only a cultural transformation that can cause an about-turn in the norm ... it won't be forthcoming in our generation though, maybe never - because it requires a critical mass of people to be conscious of the fallacy of image -
    In light of this, I think it's better to let your image and quality complement each other, dat way no one can knock u off @ a glance ... ??

    Just my thoughts. Sorry for "posting" on your blog.

  11. In today's world, image IS absolutely everything...that is why you find people upto their necks in debt while driving them big cars, that is why someone dies of anorexia, that is why you find a 15year old girl bugging her parents coz she wants breast implants coz she doesnt like her flat chest! fifteen years old. i dont know what this world is coming to :-(

  12. I love this post...yes Image is not everything bt in this world we live in who ever hears that! Tell me?

  13. Like Chattley & Klara said, Image has become everything & people are going to such lengths juz to look cool!

  14. people, between image and confidence , which one rules? how do you explain the fact that most rough hewn , not so good looking men always get the cutest of chicks and why is it that very sharp looking guys easily get hooked up with chubby, ebulient and loud girls. pray tell me. if you ask me, image cannot be compared to confidence and presentation. pple love those who are sure of themselves, who will smile even in the face of disaster and laugh at themselves create a good situation out of a bad one etc. people like those who know why they are doing what they are doing. so if you drive a jalopy but are confident about it and are not afraid to show it to your friends. they love you for that. if you sukuma a brand new BMW but are as weakneed as an amphibian then you lose fair and square. i have seen many men who go to great lenghts to get that great look but still fail to even get a glance from the fairer sex same for the chicks. did you ever see some funny looking guy walk into a room, head straight to the chick he wants, pick lines and as the eve wears off casually take her home. leaving all the posh guys agape?

  15. I hate the whole image thing...but it does kinda work some magic...

  16. makes me wonder if i wear my contacts more than my glasses cos i prescribe to the whole image is everything vibe.

    image does matter, but when it comes to dating or whatever, the four things you mentioned should trump the rest. there has to be more in the interraction than "god, you are hot" going on.

  17. Image is what attracts people: whether it's the expensive car, clothes, or good looks. Everyone wants to identify with the ballers. Many will do anything just to look a certain way or own stuff at other people's expense. As you said, content and quality are thrown out the window.

    Too many extremes in the name of beauty, and the unrealistic goal to look forever young.

  18. I have done a post on image/outer beauty previously and find that you took a good angle to it and nailed it! Great post. Vanity is the downfall of many who would rather go hungry but live in the right address, drive a bavarian etc. Even go into deep debt to present a facade, all for what?

    Would also not go out with a big boned mama, this not sure its based on prejudice but a matter of taste.