Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy holidays

Its been a bit friggn long since i blogged. I haven't lost any mojo but yours truly has no connection of any kind even a Safcom one ingalau to blog as i sleep. Anyway as Nyota Ndogo would say "Mambo yanavyokwenda kombo"or something sorta.

I am fabulous, free, brighter and broke!

Obviously not as fu**ed up as a High School teenager who is not only is pregnant but the mother is the chairlady of Mothers Union or the Guild and the father the chairman of Chama cha Wanaume kanisani. I guess thats worse so i am brilliant.

The only thing though is i feel like an empty brain, do they call them derelicts. Like i only respond to
1.There is a bash ats......

2. We be hooking up at ....

3. It coulda been shopping at but refer to bright and broke comment above

And nothing beats a Free December ever!!! Not in Kenya or rather in Nairobi. Wachana with all those clowns wearing some funny santa...kofias at Kenchic to emphasize its Xmas. I so friggin know its Xmas. What?

If i could i could quit every December i could but none the only wiser. Like saving 6 months expenses as Manyara Kirago says every Saturday. If you don't know who that is consult your Saturday nation. Like who doesnt know they should save their 6 months expenses. Look my expenses are all my salary. So like how? No!! i am kidding.

Like Infidelity in Nairobi

I guess it is official. The Nairobian men/women are like the Hollywood Wives & Husbands as described by Jackie Collins. I mean you know she says "show me a married man and i will show you a man whos willy looks everywhere but to the wives"

So there is this buzzted talks, some sort of public investigator stuff. Ingalau private investigator only announces that your ass is being cheated on in private, this one does it on Radio and in the morning. It is not funny hearing a man over 25 years of age saying "Its over" after hearing a chic sayin the boyfy is called "Steve" and the girl saying "ooh Steve is my ex" He he he. Thats the stuff Nairoberry is made of Unfaithful men & Women.

Apart from that i have been told that Shiku of Easy FM is no presenter. And that Sanaipei Tande should concentrate her efforts in singing and leave Radio to the Connoiseurs.

Project Fame
I had thought of writing something like "Negativity for hire, contact Ian Mbugua"

I am still not convinced that Valerie Kimani won the Tusker Project Fame Award. Lemme tell you ati because it was so widely thought that Alvan is gay, he couldn't win it.
So whats the fuckinfriggin problem with some people. So if Alvan is gay, he can sing. He was better that Valerie bite me!

Celtel Vs Safaricom

I remember doing something on this two. This time Celtel does it with 16/= per minute to any network.
If Safaricom is not going to do something, it might as well kiss the words 12 billion goodbye. The fact that it made so much cash has caused so many a bad blood while sucking us to an early poverty grave with its exorbitant charges.

A sprinkle of politics
Like politics in Kenya and maybe else where is preserved for the very worst. If you don't believe me
Ndura Waruinge
Paul Pattni
Are all persons who should be barred from holding any public office whatsoever. Reliable sources say once Mungiki always Mungiki.


Merry Christmas. Buy me that Pink Cadillac.

Ooh Happy holidays.


  1. it's been a minute tangu you posted. good to know you're still there... wishing you and yours a great Christmas and happy new year.

  2. Welcome back gal!

    And happy holidays despite the array of masahibus.

  3. Nice having you posting again. Will come read thru post again as soon as am done with this little something. It's one of them midweeks if you know what I mean:)

  4. Good to hear that you are in good health. Even if you are broke doors will open somewhere.
    I say enjoy the hols, go for bashes and hang out with your peeps!
    I guess nai peeps have always been unfaithful only now that it is coming into the light and it seems both sides have been having a ball!
    As for Ian Mbugua even before Project Fame he was always an insufferable prick, he thinks Phoenix is the beginning and end of all.
    Safcom has been jacking peeps for far too long, it is time that stopped once and for all.
    As for those peeps you named, Kenyan politics is a mess!
    Happy hols to you too!

  5. hey gal, u hv been away 4 2 long. Welcome back.

    Ian....i had to deal with this guy kidogo last yr n wulala!!!

    Well, have a merry christmas and a happy new year.
    God bless.

  6. That fine Sanaipei is on radio? What's the point? You can't see her on radio.

  7. happy holidays and have fun. It's odd how so many fun activities become available when I am too broke to afford them.

    safcom gives you 10/= call now till new years - there's a gift!

    - how about this ( - much better than a pink cadillac!

    Ooh Happy holidays.

    posted by Shiroh @ 4:56:00 PM

  8. happy holidays and have fun. It's odd how so many fun activities become available when I am too broke to afford them.

    safcom gives you 10/= call now till new years - there's a gift!

    - how about this ( - much better than a pink cadillac!

  9. Good to have you back to blogging! have yourself a merrry christmas and a wonderful new year!

  10. Happy hols gal. Go out, hang with your pals, exhale and give thanks that you made it through yet another year. :-)