Saturday, December 30, 2006

Village folktales & other stories

I have travelled to 3 villages over the last 5 days and so i speak with authority.

In the village, darkness falls.

In the village, when it rains, it pours

The jogoos of the village crow at 6 while those of the city crow at 4. Ubaguzi hapo

Anyway i wish i could give you all the tales.

I hope you all had a jolly Merry Xmas, thanks for your kind messages.

So i have realized Ali Makwere and his folks at the traffic department should all be fired.

It seems that the drivers of the matatus have just discovered the meaning of the word "Speed Thrills". I swear only the God can protect our poor souls at their hands.

Well, just to wish a Happy Productive New Year. I will pray for you all.


  1. Happy Holidays and a happy 2007 to you too! Dont over do it!

  2. Happy new year to you too. Enjoy your holidays? And huku mtaani, you keep nguks?

  3. kairetu...uve reminded e of that post i did about uherding cows...hahaha

    have a happy new year and many cold ones to quench you

  4. Chill - you have jogoos that crow at 4am?? Ama you meant 4pm?


  5. Happy New Year to you too Shiroh! Didn't know you decided to diversify your ranching activities to Nairobi, starting with the chicken...! Si you sell me that jogoo that wikas at 4 AM?

    And also in the village, you must shake everyone's hand and give them a detailed account of your life as they hold your hand firmly.....

  6. Hey Shiro, great that you had a holiday that you enjoyed. Good tidings for the new year. and yeah work on that job thingie.. work is a four letter word and some of us never seem to find it.. but if you can make money somehow, it is worth trying!

  7. I swear i heard a cock crow at 4 p.m. huku mtaa but you know our mtaa is a shagz. Couch, like i will ever forgive you for the diss.

    I am still looking for a job yes

  8. Oh damn, this new blogger thing always gets me miffed. The (a) above is me. Good luck shiro.