Thursday, January 04, 2007

200 post , New Year, yeah and husband crisis

Its January and its been raining the whole day. Something is not right in Kenya.

Anyway Happy New Year my good readers (assuming there is some left with all this long hiatuses). Thank you for reading for the past two years and yes this is my 200th post. So i am glad to still be blogging as a lot of them already bit the dust.

So holiday is over, and some of you are back to work but people not gainfully engaged like yours truly are learning how to be good housekeepers.
I wake up at 9 only to find out everyone else has left and there are dishes piled up in the sink which hitherto i thought washed themselves and realize they are actually mine for the washing!
Thats a story though for another day.

Husband crisis
I just met two girls discussing the husband crisis. On Christmas day, Kenya woke up to a very shocking and yet disturbing news that most girls of marriageable age (25 and over) i suppose would going to their mother's homes for xmas as opposed to their husbands. Haiyaaii now that i will be 25 this year i have actually added to their statistics Ngai fafa,

Maybe someone should actually define what this crisis mean :whither
No men to marry at all
The ones who are available are not yet ready to marry
All the marriageable ones are already married
There are no enough men justifying the 6:1 ratio which could have increased

However my theory is and still will be

  1. A lot of our men are in prisons & others have died in the hands of police. Crime in kenya is mainly a preserve of men though i dont say women commit crimes but count those out. Thats if they hadnt married before their confinement or death
  2. Brain drain=Men drain: single women are not very eligible for visas unfortunately. Count those men out if they go and marry the women they find elsewhere
  3. Infant mortality: so many young boys die in their infancy. Count those out
  4. The ever elusive Y chromosome

So now apart from that there is the high expectations posed by our women. They are singing everywhere

I love you for your pink cadillac and no romance without finance.

So for that i recommend immediate banning of mexican, spanish soaps and others like that.

But anywho who is worried. Si we are looking forward to reducing our population, the lesser marriages the lesser the population. No i didnt say that.

New year resolutions

So far i have two

  1. Learn to make chapattis
  2. Quit that drink

So peace be with you and Keep your noses clean 2007

Happy blogging


  1. I agree particularly with your last point about lofty expectations on finances. I don’t mean that ladies should not care about that aspect, but rather should exercise a touch of realism.
    Say for example you “significant other to be” are your age or thereabouts:
    Given that he/she did not have inherit a fortune, isn’t the requirement for “significant financial stability” a tad unfair, perhaps even fantastical?
    Is this the REAL reason why ladies in general go for older jamaas? Chicks always say that jamaas mature pole pole and that say a 27 year old chick will match with at least a 30 year old guy, not 25 or 26. I really have trouble believing this …
    But anywayz, that’s just my 20 cents …
    Good luck with the chapoz (kkkk…beat you 2 that) …
    As for the drink, I await your progress with abated breath …

  2. HNY gal Congrats for starting it on 200.

    Am rolling on elusive Y chromosome and the marrigable men being in prison totally agree.
    I agree less population be only kutaing vitu sawasawa.
    Will pray hard that you quit that drink and make chapos like those of Mke Nyumbani.

  3. Happy 2007!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism ladies! For those of you who have embraced the no romance without finance philosophy and liberal relationship values, this is the result.
    Also your theory is very flawed!
    1.For Kenya's prisons to be full means that our legal system is working and most perpatrators are being locked up. You and I know this is not the case with the crime rates we have. There are many marryable criminals running around.Plus those innocents killed by police arent significant enough to make a big dent in the numbers.
    Also this affects more lower class women then middle class women and higher. I am sure your potential husband was not a petty criminal rotting away in remand somewhere.
    2. Single women do get visas, in fact out here there are more single Kenyan women then Kenyan men.
    3. This has been the state of affairs since time immemorial, why is it impacting now when health standards have gotten better over the years? This theory is null.
    But you did hit the nail on the head with the unrealistic expectations.
    Add to the fact that many men can get the milk without buying the cow.
    Anyhow, marriage is far far over rated; it's time you ladies learned the values of shopping and cats.

  4. Happy New Year. Unfortunately i beg to differ, there are men depends on how you define marriageable ,then again this is me. Anyway good tidings and yes quit that drink.

  5. HNY. you are right on point on the marriage stuff. Stackofstiffys is having a heated debate on the same topic on his blog. still, i think it is high time the women started marrying the men, as in propose and everything since the world is changing and more women earn more money hence they can keep a man. just my opinion.

  6. Happy New year gal, haitus is sometimes granted 200 posts wow congrats. With the chaops GOOD luck. And on marrige there are so many facts out there that its confusing to decide which ones to go with.

  7. "So now apart from that there is the high expectations posed by our women." That from a chick is profound. Congrats on 200 posts and all the best with your resolutions. Happy new year!

  8. 200 posts..that is awesome!! Happy New Year!!

  9. FUCK SO THIS wot u snigdes n scrounges blog about ha?...thaz a whole ball of shit for anyone to be doin 4 their 200th post, gosh, kwani u got no brains lady?huh. am sad if this is the kenyan webring is all about.quite sad now that am the new genius in the block.
    fuck all that u peeps blog about, talk sense!!!!!!!!!

  10. shiroh, happy new year. about marriage ladies have to bridge the gap of expectations and accept there aren't as many princes out there as self proclaimed cindarellas would like to think
    and finances, well you all went to beijing so Kenyan men of the new millenium expect shared responsibility...
    congrats on your 200th post.

  11. happy new year shiroh..
    by the way...
    kuna shortage ya mabibi..
    as in with better economic situations with regards to women!
    some men are simply getting scared!
    sijui tufanye?

  12. happy new year shiroh, talk to me nicely i will teach you a thing or two about chapz. yes, quit that smirnoff black, start something else :-)

  13. What......sometimes its a good time to go and have xmass at your families place...i mean the real family not just the adopted ones...

  14. New years resolution...learn to make chappattis...wooaw...but let me make it the Ugandan way..learn to make Rolex....A rolex is Uganda`s version of American Burger..that is a chappatti rolled in with an egg plus other ingredients like cabbage,tomato sauce or chilli....and a host of other fresh goodies...

    i bet the time i come to Kenya, i should carry for you one,....shd i?

  15. @Edie, please do carry one for me when you come.

  16. Happi belated new year Miss Shiro...Ehe marriage is a reserve for the few brave...I'd rather stick to listening to peeps opinions, my 2 cents wunt count...
    @Ifelix: You're are either gravely troubled or gravely troubled...anyway HNY 2 u too...
    200'th Yeiiih!!!

  17. Learning to make chapatis is probably the best resolution i have heard this year, go sister go. Oh and about drinking, dont stop. Thats the only legal high there is, don't let it go....aaah u gonna be cooking chaps? are you coming to the States? :-)