Friday, March 16, 2007

The tourist Guide for Martians

The story continues from here Put Zero Get Zero

Before us there was a man known as Christopher Columbus who really loved taking voyages.

So these are some of the rules you might learn from Chris and others on the voyeur

  1. Ask & listen for any instructions.
  2. Just like any journey you might need water and other things on the way so have them ready by your bedside. You don't want to leave essentials in the car or bathroom. To say first be Ready
  3. It is good to know any good spots that may be found on your way there. If you can't find them ask where they are.
  4. If you find any good spots devour them literally i mean. Many people like to spend days on good spots so......
  5. Unlike the first explorers to Africa, most of the times the bush has been cleared for you so there is no reason why not to..................
  6. In case you get lost as most tourists will ask Men or if you still cant find your way Ask Men here
  7. Some journeys are longer than others. The thing is no matter how long the journey is hold until you get there. It would be useless to end the journey prematurely
  8. It is important that if you enjoyed the touring, send Thank you Notes.
  9. You might want to take pictures,especially moving ones just so we know you ain't lying when you say you been there?? (Mwangi)
  10. 9. There will be a suggestion box where you can drop your comments about the service along the journey, and all your suggestions will be looked into without bias or malice.(Sammie)
  11. If you are not sure about where you drop your waste along the journey , please use the trust-branded rubbish bins! (Sammie)

Any i have left?

Write and i will add it to the Tourist Guide.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lingua Ala Ubako

Rucy on the Roose

Useless Bastards

Wewe pumbavu unaenda wapi

Pare pare

Hapo hapo

Na si mukae tu

Munaregarega kwa nini?

Na sisi tukae hapa hapa

Useless fellows

Hata mukienda kuhubiri

Mnahubiri mnatusaidia na nini?

Na wewe kazi yako tu ni kurara, amka ufanye kazi

Unafikiria utasaidiwa na nani? (who do you think will help you?)

Infact (2003-2006) i am more enlightened.

Long live