Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Young Urban Failure

I think Potash would be proud to know that the meaning of Young Urban Loser has just been given an overhauled sense. Young Urban Failure that is me.

I swear “kafa KM” aki she fails at pretty hair. Me I fail at everything. Like getting a good job, with, good bosses and holiday and travel all over the world (aaih somebody wake me up). Kenya 2006.

Pretty hair, wacha the way I have been rained on for the past few days and my hair is looking like a crossbreed between pretty and horse hair.

Meaning of Young Urban Loser expounded

She quits. Yeah joblessness has hit again. I am 24 and jobless twice I swurr the gods are pushing it.

Proud karikor (caricor) or whatever! She laughs like a caricor I think.

Dunno who’s ever worked with retards. Of course if you have worked with me and found that I am retard then this post is not for you. I have been working with retards. I mean like this bugger. Ooh holy shit! It gives me stomach bubbles to see some buggers! The reason I oversleep everyday trying to figure out how to evade such buggers.

My thinking is too way ahead of Retards. I figure out; you get whatchu deserve.

Anonymous Bugger

I dug out anonymous. Its possible the anonymous bugger is wella a "friend" of mine. All i say is Kumbaff and go to hell and you will die with a thousand and two cats. I really hope i am wrong.

If you wonder what i am saying a Kumbaff left a comment on my blog reading


Ooh like i care. Why torment your medula to random thoughts by a random blogger. Of all unreasonableness persisting on mother earth, you choose my blog to put your verbiage on. You can start your blog and attack everyone who you feel like attacking and trust me you might win "The Next Kaybee". haki!!!


  1. Wooiye Shiroh
    Pole sana- for the joblessness. I will say a prayer for you tonite.

    As for that anonymous bugger, washana naye to remain anonymous, remember only cowards are afraid to stand by what they believe. And we who read your thoughts DO CARE what you feel.

    Cheer up girl

  2. Anonymous commenters are non-entities, so sahau them. Pole for the jobless train boarding.

  3. stay strong ... you will find solace soon ... your attitude is refreshing, not nonchalant, not worried ... best of luck.

  4. it's a state of mortal confusion crossed with the devils work to bring to the world such amazingly horrid behaviour and then sign off as anonymous because their normal spirit is still somewhere inside them and can't let them not sign off as themselves...coward!!! Anyway, watever to them. joblessness, if you're not happy, hey, there are greater things in store and its simply a step towards the greater things...hang in their, muchos love and good wishes coming your way...

  5. be strong. you survived before and you can do it again

  6. You'll surely get another job, a better one. Na huyo anonymous kwani hana blog yake mwenyewe so he can pile his upuzi there? eish pple!

  7. Shiro, good luck as you look for a better job...
    as for the anonymous matusi blogger, just lenga him/her/it they do not have the balls to call out anyone and show face

  8. Shiroh,
    Pole for the job loss. Take your time and find a good fit. But don't label yourself, or let anyone else label you, a failure.
    Stay positive and good luck!

  9. For each door that may be closed more shall be opened.

    As for anon, ashindwe! Rubbish! Ignore them and continue blogging. If you pay attention to them, you them affirmation so ignore them. A coward who cant stand up to defend their position with their presence.

  10. Aiya so it happened again. Pole sana kamum and you know what the door is opening again.
    As for the Anon you dont like my shit hit the road dont open my page.

    Come tujienjoy as we figure out what next. Maybe an European pensioner will be our way.. LMAO..

  11. shiroh
    you are truly one strong lady...
    lakini kazi iko pare pare tu
    who's anon?
    watu kama hao ni bure kabisa..
    utapata kile unatafuta..for sure
    everything happens for a reason?
    probably but...
    (somewhow am a bit skeptical)
    lakini wacha tu
    cheers lady

  12. Pole sana msichana. I am sure you have a good jobo and a great hairdresser coming in your future!As for anon commentors, I never let them win the war.Wacha waseme kisha watalala!

  13. Dont worry about the jobo you will find another alafu wachana with anons.
    By the way that Xmas bash for bloggers si we go cook for those children of st. francis and share the meal with them . If not possible si we start a fund to make those children an Xmas party ama?

  14. Shi


    Take your time to get into what is best for you love. Don't rush.

    Riiiiri, lakini you are stubborn.
    Drnk, you and I soon. let me know.

  15. Hi there failure is when you fall and do not get up ever. I think you got up so there's still room for improvement and...time is on your side OK?

    Keep well.

  16. Hang in there. Life can be very f**ked up but it's a cycle of yin and yang so something great is headed your way!

  17. When I was your age, shiro, i used to sit on a stone in the hood- smoke and drink and tell my boys how all i ever wanted to do was write.
    Then I started writing, like really writing... and then i started to push all that stuff.. to the media houses, but they wouldn't even suffer me a rejection slip.
    When I think about it now, I realise that they weren't my forum. i was knocking on all the wrong doors.
    But I was frustrated, all the same so I set up a blog and let all that stuff go. I let my baby fly... and it flew to the right places. I got discovered by the best names in Kenyan writing; jet set brand name writers... that was my forum.
    And now... now someone will write me a cheque next week for stuff I wrote on my blog. Stuff I had given up on, but I kept on doing because It was what i really wanted.

    Maybe, the point will be lost but that is the story of the Young urban Poser- a story of resilience and believing in ones self.
    You too will find your level shiro. I do wish you well, while at it.

  18. Chick, just saw this - you were recently admitted, no?

    There's an opening at a bank - legal officer for advocate. Biased towards Conveyancing with some of litigation. If you are interested let me know ASAP because it's going and fast.

    Enjoy your weekend.