Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Bugger....................

I woke up today feeling good;

1. I had already ironed my clothes for the day

2. My shoes were shining

3. I actually knew what i was to wear today

Usually i don't.

So today was a perfect day.

4. I woke up on time

5. I managed to cook and eat breakfast

It was the perfect day

6. Traffic on Thika Road was perfect

7. I was feeling fresh

And it looked like it was a perfect day

8. It wasn't raining

9. It was not all that cold

10. I was generally happy in the morning. It is not quite normal


I got to the office.Still in the reverie of happiness.

I think i must have been dreaming.

The Bugger fucked up my day. The bugger bloody fucked up my day. The Bugger, The bugger Fucked up my day. Pumbaff yeye!!!!!

It is good enough i was having a nice day. And you bugger fucked it up!!!

I advise you to stay away from me as much as you can or i will bloody fuck up your day!!!!

Ooh i need a beer!!!