Thursday, November 16, 2006


I had the misfortune of viewing my blog on IE. I use Mozilla the perfect browser, IE simply sucks. So i decided to update to beta blogger and see if that will change. For those of you whose source of internet is provided by the employer and the threat to take the said internet from you is almost becoming real if caught again, use Ghostzilla

Curse Words
Do people still think that the following are curse words

What the Fuck!-

Its time the three were relegated to normal words.

Nairobi Lingua

Mi nimetoka Jobbo
Jobbo= job
Works =work

Like its hard to say

Mi nimetoka work.

Its easy to say
Mi nimetoka Jobbo ama works

I am javin this week.

Meaning the poor guy is using public transport. Never ask me again whats javin. I mean ni kukanyanga mguu

I am going to campo next month

whats this adding/substituting English words with" O" to swahilise it.

Ati me naitwa Phaxo, that time the dude is called Alphaxard.

City Locations
I heard Kawangware is called Ungwaro

Wachana na Langa'ta ati LA Puhhleaze

Kangemi- Ungem

Try conversing with the peeps in Eastlando(He hehe) you will think now its a different new language. The last time i heard they were calling Mlango- Mngola. Aaiih lakini i refuse to be converted to that language.

I stick to my corrupted KiswaEngo.


  1. Alphawho? The lingo is crazier everyday especially with the touts me thinks there is a new word everyday
    rhumba e.g we rhumbad jana=we went clubbing yeaterday
    was makaratasi=too drunk also papers also watered

  2. I heard of two new words for drinking while home that cracked me up. The first was pumping. The action of raising the bottle to the mouth resembles that of someone curling dumbells in a gym. The other one was formatting. As in formatting a disk. In the sense that when you drink, your brain is pretty much useless for normal functioning, just like an empty formatted disk.

    Thanks for the ghostzilla link. Have to play around with it some.

  3. @egm,I will confess i have never heard of plumbing or formatting, i guess i will update my lingo

    That ghostzilla thing is da bomb yaani. Where was it?
    Its like a true ghost yaani it disappears on sensing your boss. I am loving it kabisa (greatest invention of the century)Surfing uniterrupted

    Yeah there is janta. Kanges simply manufacture theirs on a daily basis.
    Si now i thought rhumba was a genre
    Aii makaratasi, i thought again was being useless aii changin.

  4. Alphaxard????? seriously?? I can understand why the phaxo! lol, that just made my day!! yeah kenyan street lingo is totally amazing...when u think of how words came about!! man!

  5. LOL the lingo kenyans speak is almost extraodinanry, seeing as what we do is steal mix and match, aki the post made my day, i tried to keep up with it, but at the rate new words come about, aiii you get lost. Last i heard some one say a tusker is called a tanye and i said NO, that is just plain wrong!!!!

  6. @ Kipepeo,Phaxo, taken from the phaxard.If you are not acquainted with the lingo you can end up floating all the time

    @Don, yaani if we had french influence it would be so easy to create new words.
    Tanye is wrong for tusker aiiih.

  7. Roho safi sheng imekwachu!
    Works is an old one, I knew it even when I was back home.It is also called jobiso in some circles.
    there is also shika chuma for javing coz of the steel pole in the mat.
    I kumbuka all those city location names, another one that always jazzed me was Jeri for Jericho.
    But peeps for eastlando do have their own sheng as do other parts of nai so it is fun hanging with raia ili kumesa. I strive to be quad lingual!

  8. I update my sheng more frequently than I update my anti-virus software. Coz i can go home and say one thing and that would just fungua the floodgates of the perception of the babi from stato. LA LA. I miss LA. Ungem. Only a mato ungem will tell you when you are in town, "Ungem mwisho". Wah, Dunia nzima hakuna lugha kama ya Nairobi. Eastlando will always be the sheng base for Nai. But Buru lost its lustre. Watu wa Phase 1,2 na 3. Wadhii, ni aje?

  9. When I left home a Tusker was a Talu. Most recently I was introduced to the 'poom' and 'am' lingo. As in, "meet me at 3 poom". I love it.

  10. Manze hii njeve imebamba jo! Jaribu huu ukurasa wa kuficha kwamba uko kwa mtandao: It works for macintosh and windows. hilarious!